Friday, July 21, 2006

9oodle: Past post pinings

Friday, November 26, 2004

Once upon a time there was a lonely ticketing service representative who sat sadly and silently at his window waiting for the world to bring him something sweet and savory. Silently, sadly, and stoically he sat and sat and sat. He glanced away from the window for a minute moment and when his gaze returned back to the gleaming glass, just beyond it stood a vision of sheer delight. Two brightly beautiful blue eyes stared back at the lonely ticketing service representative and a smile spread across his face and his eyes widened with glee as his pupils ebbed and flowed while taking in the aforementioned vision of delight. The interaction that followed to most would seem banal, boring, b-list, but to the ticketing service representative it seemed celestial and surreal. Words traveled between them through the glass about tickets or seats or theatre, but the ticketing service representative wouldn't remember the words they exchanged. He would only remember the beautifully bright blue eyes of the vision of sheer delight. He wanted to dive into those beautifully bright blue eyes and discover delight delicately deliciously and divinely. He went swimming in the eyes of the vision of delight and touched the hand of elation, inhaled the breath of Eros, and danced the light fantastic of eminence. The moment was fleeting, yet endless, beginning and ending in a brief bolt of time. The moment was fleeting, but the feeling, the journey, and the memory of it would linger with the ticketing services representative throughout the rest of his dreary day. He would think back on his brief encounter with the beautifully bright blue eyes of the vision of sheer delight and a spark of romance would twinge inside his belly. A twinge to taste sheer delight.

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