Thursday, May 31, 2007

I want to fast forward my life

I want to zoom ahead past this hurdle.

I want the money-flow to feel less tainted.

I want to hop out of bed with pep not droop in my step.

I want to hone in on voiceover potential.

I want to say goodbye to paying interest on purchases long forgotten.

I want Corporation Corporate to KISS MY TALENTED ASS!

I want to take pride in my crispy red skin achieved after a week in the sun.

I want to listen to music outdoors sans walls sans limitations sans burden.

I want to hear my voice on an mp3.

I want to sing for Scar and be taken seriously.

I want to feel elated when someone takes my hand unexpectedly (and I'd like him to be hot).

I want to fast forward my life.

Get me out of now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where IS that Doodle from? Wasp-town. I KNEW it.

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What American accent do you have?
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hooray for Tuesday! (or something like that)

Friday night Darladiva and I had a lovely date. We went for sushi at a cute little place called Aoki. For some reason they kept taking the drink menu from us. So I had to keep asking, “Could I see the drink menu?” It was funny at the time. Let’s just pretend I didn’t bring it up. After our lovely dinner by a fountain, we walked next door to the Longacre Theatre where Talk Radio is playing. Oooh Daddy, Liev Schreiber is hot and good and hot. And good. (and hot). It’s a really great play and I really enjoyed the voices. I enjoyed Liev’s “radio” voice and I also really enjoyed all of the voices of the people who would call into his talk show. I’m a fan of the vo, as you know. There was a talk back afterwards that we had no idea was happening, so we decided to stay. There was a guest who was an actual talk radio host who talked about that bigot guy in NJ, etc. The most interesting thing he said is that talk radio is going to get bigger and bigger in the age of iPods when you can get any song you want when you want it, you don’t need a dj and commercials getting in your way. So radio of the future will be all talk. Innnteresting. Also, Liev was hot. Hott.

Saturday, Noodle and I decided to see a movie. Pirates of Doodle? Nope. Shrek the Doodle? Nope. Doodleman 3? Nope. We saw Bug. Oh my lordy. I still don’t really know what happened or why. Apparently the play that it is based on is very good and had a very successful run Off-Broadway a few years ago. I’m going to have to do some research and get the damned play, because the movie was baffling. It wasn’t good. Please don’t see it. BLAH. After that we went for dinner at a cute Mexican place in the West Village called Maracas. They have Mexican brunch, so we should check that out SOON. Maybe not this weekend since everyone and their dog has something going on this weekend, except me, I just have to attend everyone’s dog’s events. Holla! After dinner we went to Marie’s. Noodle’s new roomie ended up meeting us there and we sang our faces off all night. So much so that my voice was totally shot Sunday morning and Noodle’s diaphragm was sore. For some reason when I’m at a divey piano bar I think I’m a baritenor. I ain’t. Sigh.

Sunday, we went out to Queens for Niwa’s birthday. It was a hoot as always. Such a fun crowd to sit around and make fun of Czechs with. Czech please! Then Sunday night I met Cricket for sangria at Maryann’s before we went to Mr. Black. It was a fun night, but at some point I fell down a flight of stairs, rolled my ankle, busted my head on something and made out with a cute young Dominican. I then got paranoid that he was going to steal my wallet, so I just left (Cricket had already left as he had a full day of yoga and grocery selling ahead).

Monday, I did my best to hide from the world. I ended up watching all of Angels in America, which I had not seen yet. I want to marry it. I wept, I laughed, I had dread, I had hope. It’s a masterpiece.

And here I sit at The Office, wondering if I really want to check my bank account to see how much money I really spent this weekend. Woops.


Thursday, May 24, 2007


It’s quiet here on set at The Office, which kind of makes me a bit on edge that at any give moment some e-fire is going to e-rupt and I’ll e-die. But maybe that’s just my paranoia. MAYBE! Tonight Noodle and I are going to see Show Business, which the lovely Miss Gmeyster has chatted about over on her blog. Check it out or die. I’m excited to see the film. Of the four shows discussed (Avenue Q, Caroline or Change, Wicked, and Taboo) I just missed Caroline. I was p-iz-oor back then, so it’s a wonder I got to see any shows at all. I remember Darladiva and I having a very entertaining time at Taboo, but also knowing it would be closing moments from opening. Sadly. I enjoy both the London cast recording as well as the Broadway. But I’m a fan of camp which this show epitomizes. Darladiva (and Smoosh?), Noodle, and maybe Cricket(?), and I were at the Tony party for Avenue Q so I’m hoping that maybe if we look closely, we’ll see one of our ears or something, as we reluctantly made friends with Jai Rodriguez, my self-proclaimed nemesis. I'll get you Culture Guy! Anyhoodle, that’s tonight.

Last night, after 195 minutes of build up, Jordin won American Idol. I’m glad. Good work. Now record an album (whatever that is) so I can buy it, thanks. Kelly Clarkson sang her new single Never Again. It was hott (she was nott so much…who’s her stylist?). I always pine for my one true love Clay Aiken to make an appearance on such fluffy filler-y finale shows, but alas, he did not. Probably because he was attending some sort of Un-gay event. Sigh. Someday Clay, someday. On your own terms. In my room. Thanks.

The weather in NYC has been lovely/bearable. Tomorrow the angry humidity begins and I have to figure a way of doodling to work without becoming a heaping mess of sweat. Fun times. I need an air conditioned bubble, like the ones hamsters hang out in. You know. You know.

I want to tell you what’s up this weekend, but then I’ll have nothing to post tomorrow. So, you’ll just have to wait. I’m seeing another straight play. Guess which one.

O o d l d e

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Return of the Jedi (I mean Doodle-i), I mean Popeye, I mean SHUT UP AND GET TO WRITING DOODLE.


Macoosh wants to know 5 reasons why I blog. 1. Because I want to write everyday. I don’t do that, but I want to and that's what this little site allows. It’s as simple as that. 2. The stories that make up my life and those of other bloggers out there are perfect material for sketch comedy shows, for Parodivas Variey Hours, for audition monologues that casting directors really HAVEN’T heard, etc. 3. That’s why I’m here 4. I’m queer get used to 5. doodle.

Kevin Spacey was absolutely amazing in A Moon for the Misbegotten. Eve Best was also great, but I found myself so drawn to the tiny nuances he gave to this very interesting drunkard. Lovely. Lovely.

I went with one of my mostest favoritest people to see Deuce. Granted, I was not feeling well, but it was boring. It was great to see them in person on stage doing stuff, but my goodness I don’t care about tennis. I don’t know if you know that. I mean, do you know that? Anyhoo, lovely to see Cricket.

The Office is sort of weird at the moment. While playing my role, I’ve also been going on for the role that I understudy this week. I guess that’s fun. I guess I really don’t care.

I’ve scheduled all of my voiceover coachings, demo prep, and demo recording. As of July 25th all of those sessions will be complete. It’s very exciting, but I wish it didn’t seem so far away.


Thursday, May 17, 2007


I got nothin’ new. I think my cold turned into a flu type thing because after the gym, I didn’t change out of my sweatiness and doodled home in the rain. Woops! Now I’m all feverish. Ain’t right. I need to get me a vitamin (or 90).

I am surprised that Melinda Doolittle (of course I love this name) was voted off American Idol. I really thought she would win, though all along I have been rooting for Jordin. I love her voice and her look and I think she will record a very interesting album. The guy Blake, is kinda cute and I kinda like his style, but I think Jordin has much much more appeal. Anyhoo, I look forward to downloading their songs once their albums come out. WOOOT.

Tomorrow night Madame Renea Knight and I are seeing A Moon for the Misbegotten starring Kevin Spacey and recently Tony nominated Eve Best. According to GME it’s wonderful. I can’t wait! Then on Saturday Cricket and I are going to see Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes in Terrence McNally’s new play Deuce. Rock on! And I’ll leave it up to Noodle and Sir Willio to fill in the blanks of the rest of the weekend. Holla! I think maybe a new brunch spot is in order, or maybe force Sir W to make us brunch at his place. That might be great. It’s only Thursday and I’m already dreaming about the weekend. Sigh.

What are YOU doodling this weekend?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sick/weekend recap

Stupid cold.

Anyhoo, the Dayquil is kind of working, but it’s also kind of making me sleepy. A nap under the desk is justified if you’re sick? I say so. Alas.

Noodle and I saw Radio Golf on Friday night. The seat to my right was empty at the beginning of the show. About 5 or ten minutes into the show a girl came in and took the seat. In her purse was a brown paper bag. She reached into the brown paper bag rustling it for all the world to hear and took out a container of guacamole. She then opened the container of guacamole and the aroma of spicy avocadoes invaded the noses of all ‘round her. She then reached back into the loudest paper bag on earth and grabbed a crunchy tortilla chip to dip into the aforementioned guacamole. She began eating. Loudly. Mind you, the play had begun. Actors were acting. I have no idea what they were saying because I was busy watching this ridiculous spectacle. Finally I leaned over to Guacamole Susan and said, “You’re not really going to eat that right now, right?” She wiped a green blob from her rude ass face and sassily nodded yes. “You know this isn’t a movie, right?” Another sassy nod and she reached her nasty claw back into the bag of loudness as an angry angry woman in front of her hurled her head around with the “look of shush.” Guacamole Susan got the hint and put her bombastic appetizer away. Cunt. Anyhoo, the play was pretty good, but unfortunately the lead man wasn’t great. Here’s what Brantley had to say:
But the tickets were free, so who cares? Yay free! After that we met Sir Willio somewhere and did something, but who remembers?

Saturday I woke up sick so I stayed in bed as long as possible. Then I got up and cleaned and made the apartment look decent. Then we got ready to go out to Brooklyn to see Darladiva in Orphans at the Impact Theatre. She delivered a thoughtful performance. Each gesture embodied the character of a woman who defines herself first as a mother. That was amazing. You could see the woman’s connection to her children, adopted or natural. The other actresses did an okay job with the material given. I can’t believe there is a little black box in Prospect Heights. It doesn’t seem to fit into the neighborhood at all, but it’s there. Interesting. Anyhoo, good work Darladiva. Now, let’s do some comedy…damnit!

Sunday was brunch. The Fred, Madame Renea Knight, and Noodle and I met at the BBQ place to celebrate in our mother’s honors. A highlight was chatting with my mother who said, “Have a bloody mary for me. Take a drink of it while I’m on the phone.” I of course obliged. She hadn’t yet received the gift I had sent, so I was a bit upset, but it turns out that it had been delivered and my step dad was brining it to her. She called back crying from the card I wrote. SCORE! After, we went back to the apartment and sunbathed on the roof. I fell soundly asleep for quite some time. Madame RK had to head up to the UWS for some somethin’ somethin’. So, Noodle and spiffed up and went to Therapy Lounge to hang out with The Fred some more. He’s the bouncer there. We had a nice time. Yay for free drinks. Holla.

Then I woke up yesterday and the cold had fully attacked my chest. Coughing like a mo fo mo, I called in. I couldn’t make it to work. I rested all day and then Noodle and I went to the gym for over 2 hours and then made a really fun dinner which we ate during the second to last episode of Heroes.

All right. All caught up. Doodle.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I had a great weekend, but I came down with a nasty chest cold. I promise to post tomorrow about everything.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blah blah blah blah blah

I have nothing better to say. I've been a regular gym bunny these past two weeks. That's good. RIGHT? Meeting Gwenners tonight at her fancy gym on Park Avenue. Fancy fancy fancy. And after that? Nuthin'. Home to watch whatever it is that comes on TV on Thursdays. I never got into Grey's Anatomy so that limits my choices, but I'm sure some something will be on to occupy my evening. Again Blah blah blah blah blah.

Tomorrow Noodle and I are seeing Radio Golf, the new (and final) play by August Wilson. I've heard some good things and I'm really looking forward to it. Then on Saturday we're seeing Darladiva in Orphans out in Brooklyn. I'm really really looking forward to seeing her serious side. Ooooh. Aaaahhhh. And then, on Sunday is brunch (which may end up being a boozefest on the sidewalk if we can't wrestle a table away from the mommies). We shall see.



Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Steadily doodling forward

Heyyyyy. So I met with The Agent yesterday and we chatted for quite a while about what I do and what she thinks I’m right for and what I should do over the summer to get ready for the fall, etc. She was very informative and excited to begin helping me move forward with my career. WHICH F’ING ROCKS! We should talk further in person. Does anyone want to have brunch on Mom’s Day? Let’s do it.

The voiceover evaluation went well, they definitely think I should train a little and then record a demo. Just need to assess how much money I have right now to put toward that. Holla!
How are YOU doing?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Tra la la la Weekend

Hey blog hey. Hmm. Okay, so Noodle is back in town. Yay! We had a good weekend. On Friday we went out with Madame Renea Knight. It was pretty fun. On Saturday we went out with Roommate K and shopped at the Manhattan Mall and the area. I got a very cute shirt at Jimmyz. I’d never been there before. It’s cute. Then, I met charming for coffee and walking. It was fun. He’s adorable and quite smart and I look forward to our next thingy. Noodle was having drinks with some former tour people and I went and met up with them. One of her friends who directed one of her tours had auditioned for Cloud 9, so I mentioned to her that I had seen her at the auditions. She asked if I got cast and I told her yes. “Oh, then you know my brother.” Her brother played Harry Bagley. Annnd, he also performed in a production of Aunt Dan and Lemon at University of Denver that both Noodle and I saw. CRAZY! The world is so small. THEN, yesterday morning, Noodle and I got up to go see a sublet for her up in Washington Heights. We got there and she told the guy, “This is my friend he’s just tagging along.” He looked at me like I was the weirdest homosexual alien he had ever seen. He kept looking at me so strangely that Noodle and I got really uncomfortable. Finally he spoke up, “were you in Cloud 9? I love that play and saw you in it.” CRAZY! We were on our way after that to the Cloud 9 barbecue in Brooklyn. It had be is a crazy small world, ya’ll. We had a great time with the Whirled Peas. They’re a really fun bunch, and so is the cast. It turned out to be a great great experience. YAY! Today at lunch, I am meeting with someone who might be able to get my career kicked into high gear, and I may get seen for that production of Superman with her help. Wish me luck!!
AND at some point Noodle and I found ourselve standing outside the loading area at Trader Joe's calling out to our favorite Trader Cricket. It was lovely to see him. Hey Cricket hey!

Alrighty, the Office calls. TTFN and don’t forget DOODLE!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Equity: To be or NON to be

I am NON. I tried three times throughout the course of the day yesterday to get seen for the York Theatre Company’s production of It’s a Bird It’s a Plane It’s Superman. It was my first time “crashing” an Equity Principal audition. It wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the stories I’ve heard of open calls at the AEA audition place (where I’ve never dared go being a NON). Anyhoo, the monitor took all the NON’s headshots/resumes into the director who then typed us out by our pictures. I brought in a photo of me as Dr. Sedg (thanks Darladiva for the advice). I sent that in with my headshot and I was one of the few NONs that the director was interested in seeing…time permitting. Well, from 12-1 time did not permit, I was instructed to come back around 3-3:30 because there were some open slot then. I ran ran RAN back to The Office and asked if it would be okay if I went back out for a bit around 3. Luckily they said yes. Unluckily, when I got back to the audition spot all the space that was originally available had been taken by EQUITY people not on the list. Oy. I asked if it would behoove me to come back at 5 and the monitor said yes. I ran ran RAN back to The Office. Worked a little longer, left work early, and then ran ran RAN back to the audition. The monitor had just released all the NONs because they were not going to get seen. I sat there, trying to cool off from all the running and listened to the last people audition. Some were good, some were bad, but no one was phenomenal. The VERY last EQUITY guy sang my song. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t moving; it just was. Anyhoo, the director has my headshot and a picture of me doing acrobatics with my face. Is this what we call the WORK part of trying to be a working actor? I left disappointed and TIRED. I trudged off to the gym to let out some aggression. However, as I trod to the dressing room, a charming smile greeted me from the depths of a contraption that makes your delts deltier or your lats latier or your quads quadra-please stop me. (My aggression quickly flitted by the crunching meatheads and out the steamy windows across the way). We chatted about possibly seeing Coram Boy because he heard it was the worst thing ever and we both enjoy a good flop. Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to hanging out with him on Saturday. We shall call him Charming.

Tonight is my voiceover evaluation. Wish me luck. I’m really looking forward to getting behind a mic with some copy. Woo hoo.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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Finally the gym pays off!

Well, I have lost about 12 pounds since embarking on this whole gym thing. I no longer cringe when I pass the mirror. I still throw up, but I don't cringe.

But seriously, I re-met a very charming fellow at the gym yesterday. We've seen each other around (at Marie's the first time), a random party in Brooklyn that Cricket took me to, etc. Well, it turns out he lives down the block at that fancy pants building on the corner (you know).

(hums Some Enchanted Evening to self)


d o o d l e eeeeeeeeee.