Monday, April 30, 2007

F R e e D O M ?

Darladiva and Cricket asked how it feels to be free/have nights free. It feels scary. Now I have time to think about my life. Who wants to do that? Honestly, these past two projects have kept my mind completely off of (throws up) healing from Carter. Blah. I just want to go on pretending it didn’t even exist. I don’t know. Sometimes I long to see him on a street corner so I can smile and say hello. I don’t hate him and I hate that he probably hates me. Ugh.

What’s next? I’m going to work on a voiceover demo. I have my evaluation this week. I’m really interested to see what they think of my crazy voice and what direction they think I should go. I’m also going to work on writing the next Parodivas show. Not sure when we’ll DO it, but if it’s written, that’s at least a starting point. We shall see.

Noodle will be back in town tomorrow (I think), so we need to find her a sublet and a temp job or something.

Beyond that, who knows? I’d like to go on a date. I haven’t done that in lord knows how long.

Thanks again to everyone for coming to the show. It meant the world to me.

And thanks to my two favorite geminis for helping me pick up the cute boy in the green shirt. That went well.

And thanks for my feathers Mr. Man, I love them.

And just for good measure: dead babies


Saturday, April 28, 2007

I can cook too

I made myself this spicy cheesy jalapeno omelet with a side of roasted peppers. Isn't it pretty?

Tonight's the night! Cloud 9 closes and most of the posse will be there to see it. Holla! See ya'll tonight.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Cricket! I heart you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Middle of the week...

Last night I went to New Dance Group for an artists gathering, where new works and such are read (I’m told). Well, it turned out that all the usual attendees were otherwise engaged. You know how busy everyone is RIGHT NOW. It’s crazy. So it ended up being just Farrah, a lovely girl (and cheese) Brie, and doodle's truly. We read The Dead Guy by Eric Coble. It was quite a lot of fun. I got to play the main guy Eldon, who is a dead beat John Cusack type. I said shit a lot. It was hott. The play is about this fellow (me) who gets propositioned by a TV exec (Brie). She says she will give him 1 million dollars, to spend in 7 days, as he chooses. It all has to be filmed by Dougie (Farrah). And he has to die on the 7th day. The audience is going to vote on how. It’s a funny little play and an enjoyable commentary on reality television (which I never watch every day). Anyhoo, it’s worth a read, and I have a copy if you had be is want to read it.

Idol was okay last night. They kicked it into mega-cheese mode and turned it into a children’s charity. Whatever. Yay kids. Woo. My favorite is Jordin. The quality of the stupid tape wasn’t great, but she sang You’ll Never Walk Alone from Carousel and it was great. She or Melinda should win. DO IT RIGHT AMERICA.

Anything else? I have an audition for the host of a cooking competition show today. The character is a bitchy butler/assistant to a billionaire and his Chihuahua Pico. Yes, and yes please. I just hope my facial acrobatics don’t explode the camera lens. Woops! Think good thoughts.

Cloud 9 closes this weekend. Wow. Then what?


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I bought this post at

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.
Mae West

Heroes was good last night. I'm glad it's back in my life. I'm also glad that American Idol is back in my life. I have to run home and put a tape in because I am going to a reading of a new play tonight at Farrah's NDG. Holla Farrah, holla. I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, April 23, 2007


On Friday I ran home and rested briefly before heading to the show. The show went very well. Actually the audience on Thursday night was the laughiest (at me) of all so I hearted them. We had good audiences all weekend thanks to Kaitlyn. She always has at least 5 people in the audience. Holla! Her mom came down from Montreal. She’s adorable. The show on Saturday night was SO WARM because of the sudden weather change. I thought I might melt and die, but I made it. THANK GAWD.

After the show on Friday I zoomed over to the Duplex to meet Darladiva who was finishing up her quickie show. Apparently she ROCKED THE CAZBAUGH. I polled audience members to confirm. We all headed over to get some Mexican McDrinks and Chips which was quite lovely. Sir Willio joined for that. He’s in tax hell, so we didn’t stay too long. We popped back up to midtown and had a final drink at 10th Avenue Something or Other. Woo. I slept in as long as possible before getting up and getting ready, getting my gym stuff (for between shows) and headed off to the matinee. Another good show. Yay! I haven’t done a matinee in AGES. I’m not a fan. I tried out the gym in Soho. It was lovely (surprise surprise) and empty (yay!). I did some circuit training (because Men’s Health Online told me to). I am determined to be hot(er?) this summer. My first summer single in two years is CRAZY. Watch out boys he’ll chew you up. Umm. Ow.

Shows shows shows hooray. After the show on Saturday night I went out with the peas and crew to Lucky Strike. They basically have two for one martinis so I f’ing love them. As we were finishing up one of the peas Quats (sp?) invited me to go with her to Lasagna in Chelsea. “There’ll be lots of mos there. You’ll be my wing man.” “Okay.” It was interesting and quite fun at Lasagna. Quats is a celebrity to the crowd there, so that made me a pseudo-celeb. There was a very cute but VERY wasted (and for me to say so means he was WWYWYWYWSSAASSSTIIIID) boy who took an instant liking to me. He asked one of the girls I was with my name so that when he walked up he approached and said "Hi Jason." Crazy. At 4am when we were leaving the bar I opted to walk Drunky to the train. 4am?? Yes. I didn’t get home until after 5 because Drunky had become extremely enamored with me. He couldn’t tell how, but he knew that he knew me from somewhere. That’s the second time this has happened in a few weeks. Am I on some billboard somewhere and I’m not getting residuals?? Ain’t right. Anyhoo, he decided that I was a “normal” guy and that I didn’t have “issues” and that we should go on a date. Sure Drunky. Sure. We exchanged numbers and after some smooching I sent him on his way. Oh, he wanted me to come home with him, but he lives in Jersey. Uh uh. I hopped in a cab and went home.

I was supposed to meet this lesbian clown Sunday at 12, so I went to sleep as fast as possible. Oy. Ten seconds went by and it was time to get up. I called the LC and reconfirmed that we were to meet (desperately hoping she’d say nevermind). She didn’t say nevermind. Oh well. I made it to the village somehow and met with this crazy crazy woman. We went over the stuff that she wanted me to do. I’ll have to tell you in an email the details (if I can piece them together) because I’m sure that she googles “lesbian clown.” Love you LC, LOVE YOU. (Un)fortunately I have to call her tonight and tell her I now have to be out of town the weekend of the performance because of a personal matter (Darladiva’s show). I just CANNOT do it. That’s the way it goes.

After that I popped over to Barbecue to make sure that no one showed up unexpectedly for brunch. They didn’t, so I decided I would walk around and do some shopping, etc. Yay. I bought Old Navy. Then I walked over to View Bar to have some cheap brunchy drinks=food. This little fellow ended up chatting at (with) me for a while. Then he invited himself to come with me. I told him I wasn’t going anywhere and he said he didn’t care, he still wanted to tag along. Weird. It became very awkward at this point. He was WASTISITED. As we got closer to my apartment I told him I was just going to head home, but that it was lovely becoming new friends. He used the loo, we exchanged numbers with his promise of attractive single friends, and then went on his way. Bye weird new friend (who lives in Jersey…weird).

Then I walked up to the outdoor market and looked at schmidt. I continued on up 9th avenue and went into That Bar for a drink. I ended up chatting with yet ANOTHER fellow who is a teacher on the UES. He teaches 4th grade. Wow. He asked if we could get a drink or dinner sometime and I agreed. His favorite bar is the piano bar Brandys (you had me at piano). Then I did some grocery shopping and went home. I made some spicy Mexican-y goodness while watching tv and then went to sleep by 11. Even still, I woke up SO TIRED. Mondays are so blech. BUT, THIS MONDAY IS ALMOST OVER. That’s all for now. Heroes is back on tonight! Holla!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One Year Blog-iversary Post 4 (SCROLL DOWN AND READ IN ORDER please?)

I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH (yes, even you Sir Willio. Now get back to those taxes). Aren’t you all excited for the Spring weather that will soon be upon us? I can smell the pedicures. What? I think ew. But stars always get pedicures, and so must I. It just better not rain on my newly clipped and polished toes because that will make me MAD (scientist).

Thanksgiving is all about the big turkey (Carter).

I’m glad that my new role in The Office is permitting me to write the LONGEST BLOG POST IN THE HISTORY OF BLOGGING! Thanks office, thanks. And thanks for also paying me enough so that I can do occasional showcases for free. That’s good.

Man am I a whore.

But back to The Office for a second. That’s it. One second.

My dear readers/friends, the end of this long long long…long post is almost here. I just want you all to know that you’re the one(s) that I want to suck my youngblood. What? What does that mean? You can’t end like that!

One Year Blog-iversary Post 3

Oh Noodle, you are almost finished with tour, I can’t believe it. What will you blog about this summer?? I don’t recommend blogging about Kenny Melmann’s singing abilities. If worded improperly, it can turn into something it oughtn’t. However, if The Parodivas, get their schmidt together and put up their new cabaret this summer, you will actually GET TO SEE IT.

This always gives me perspective. Perspective? That’s my mantra for year 27, but you already knew that. Remember when that plane crashed into that building on the UES? That was crazy. And now these days there is something just as crazy plastered all over the TV. Crazy that we spent so much time on and around that campus when we were in Virginia. Crazy that I performed on that campus in Singin’ in the Rain. It all seems so distant from us, but really we’re all connected to it. Whoa serious.

He writes
He sings,
He pauses
He is DOODLE!!

If you were bird-like, which kind of bird would you be? I’m going to say I’m an emu.

Someday we’re going to have a theatre company and we’re going to push each other to create wonderful theatre that provokes thought. Soon.

Second to purple, what is Doodle’s favorite color?
Post 4...

One Year Blog-iversary Post 2(dle)

FIRE! Just kidding. Ha. I haven’t gotten a chance to see Friday Night Lights as of late because of all the rehearsals and such, but maybe I’ll try to watch it when it comes on next week. I don’t think my Grandma Schmidt would have liked a “program” about football in Texas, but maybe. She might have enjoyed a musical about recluses on Long Island though. That’s a little more certain. Gwenners, when are we going to see Grey Gardens? Let’s go soon. You have to watch the documentary first. Dooo iiiiit. Oh, and Gwenners, am I going to be your new gym date on Tuesdays now that Darladiva is never free and now I AM? Let’s work that out (ha). If we stick to it, perhaps we can fit into those cat suits we plan on wearing this Halloween. Perhaps. It’s a goal, anyway. And if we DON’T fit into the cat suits, we can just go as characters from Heroes (cuz that won’t be passé by October). Pshaw! Do you know what the stars say for me today? DO YOU? I’m speaking to all of you now, not just Gwenners.

“Things could be up and down for you today, dear Libra. You might experience some confusion as a result of communications snafus or computer glitches that affect financial issues you are trying to solve. Persevere and you will succeed. Don't be surprised if you are recruited to join a project that is totally new to you. You may be apprehensive at first, but you will do just fine. Go ahead and say yes.”

I hope this means I’m going to be in a threeway or fourgie soon. Do you think that’s what it means? It could also mean that I look like a kangaroo. One never really knows. Do kangaroos have strong livers, because that would be f’ing cool? Macoosh (who first inspired me to be a blogger) don’t you think that would be cool? You know who’s cool? Madame Renea Knight. And why? Because thanks to Macoosh inspiring me, and me inspiring her (she was also inspired by others, but I am taking the credit HERE) MRK now has her own blog. YAYYYYYY.

The last time I went to Marie’s was a lovely time indeed. It provided for a very eventful Sunday morning that was well spent. I don’t think that Joseph Gordon Levitt is Mr. Moodle, but he was a decent Mr. Moodle for right noodle (not Noodle, she will be mentioned in a bit). Also, not Mr. Moodle, it would seem, is Myster Ian. What up with that? Oh well. Can’t say I didn’t try, sort of. Well, I just have to hope that Mr. Moodle is here in the best city in the world, New York City. I think that is feasible. Niwa, do you think that is feasible? I mean, you met your Mr. Moodle here. He’s freaking hott. So hott I have to end this post for now...

One Year Blog-iversary- Post 1

One year ago, I decided it would be a good idea to create a blog. I don’t really remember why exactly. I know that I was really enjoying Macoosh’s blog. I know that I wanted to commit to writing a lot more. But I think all of that was secondary to just thinking it was a cute idea. Woodle.

Okay, I thought that reviewing my early posts would inspire me, but IT DIDN’T. So, I found inspiration elsewhere. In my LABELS. Many many many of them have only been mentioned once. So, I am going to CHANGE THAT RIGHT NOW.

Once up a time:
Though, she’s never been to brunch with us, nor had the opportunity to see one of our cabarets, she knows that both are as dear to me as Christmas (in Oregon with her). I’m in a little play called Cloud 9. My nsbf Cricket will be attending it on or around his upcoming birthday on Friday the 27th. My dear friend Darladiva reviewed it over on her site…check it.

Hang on one second, I need to write a letter. Brb. Here’s the letter I wrote:

Dear Doodle’s Diary,

I am writing to let you know that while your frequent mention of dead babies is funny, it is also quite…hilarious. Occasionally, dd, the mention of dead babies makes me REALLY EXCITED, SO EXCITED THAT IT FEELS LIKE IT’S FRIDAY AND I’M ON CRACK, but I’m not. I’m not on crack. Does smack count as crack? DD, I wanted to let you know that I am going to follow the advice of the ever-so-wise Darladiva and begin to gently search for my new beau. She’s a great life coach, dd, I highly recommend her. When I think of how much she’s helped me, I can’t help but sing,

“Every man has his own special dream, and your dreams' just about to come true.
Life's not as bad as it may seem if you
open your eyes to what's in front of you.”

That’s all for now, dd, I must go. Someone in a powder blue jumpsuit just walked by and I must go and arrest them.

Ttfn DD,

Okay, glad that letter is finished; now I can continue with this post (in the next post)...

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm just a Broadway Baby

I was sitting in a dive bar in Hell's Kitchen on Friday night, after the show and a familiar face walked in. I knew him from Martin Short Fame Becomes Me, and Songs for a New World. I really wanted to connect with this fellow because we share something quite unique in common. So I leaned over and said "Excuse me, is Brooks your real first name?" "Yes, yes it is. Why?" "Well it's my middle name and I was just wondering if your parents named you that or if you or an agent chose it. I'm glad it's your name. My father says I was named after the baseball player Brooks Robinson and my mom says I was named after a character on Young and the Restless." "I'm Brooks Ashmankas." "I know. Nice to meet you."

I also chatted with a very handsome fellow who is currently in Chicago with Bebe. It was amazing. I'll tell you in person since apparently people read this here blog. He was the most positive person I have met in a long long time.

Moments later, I was at another bar and Billy Porter was there. I didn't talk to him, but found it interesting I had such a Broadway-y night.
Then, I think the very straight-seeming bartender hit on me. I'm not sure. I'm really not. But, he said he's going to try to come and see Cloud 9. He also told me he smoked up earlier and watched Blades of Glory. What? Me too.

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You've Experienced 68% of Life

You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get.
And unless you're already in your 40s, you're probably wise beyond your years.

Friday, April 13, 2007

For Auntie: A Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. died on Wednesday. He was very important to Auntie Sash and so I am posting this for her. She forwarded a little excerpt from his book Cat’s Cradle that goes so well with my little blog:

(Bokonon is the religion discussed in Cat's Cradle. I haven’t read it, but will be doing so ASAP)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doubting Doodle is WET

Last night was….okay. No real issues with costumes or anything, but it seems with the addition of all this new stuff, my characters have suffered. I suppose it makes sense and it’s okay, but by the time notes were finished after 11 last night, I was feeling obliterated. I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the train ride home. I’m honestly not sure how good this show is. I can’t tell. I know that the actors are all very good and I know the play is good, but I don’t know…

Just being doubt-y I guess. Hopefully in 12 hours when it’s all said and done and I’m sipping champagne with the cast, all of these doubts will be distant distant after-thoughts.

I hate the rain. I hate it mostly because I prefer to walk to work because it is faster than taking the bus. By the time I got to work I was completely soaked. My socks, shoes, and pants are still wet and I’ve been here for two hours now. What am I to do? I guess I have to get my ass out of bed early enough to take the bus. It seems silly. Would that I could use the car service I book for everyone else here. Would that I could. Would that I could.

What are YOUR thoughts on the rain?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1 week since last post= bad blogger

Okay, okay, I’m back. I’ve been so tired and busy and busy making up tired excuses as to why I haven’t blogged.

The morning of Eyster deserves to make it to blog-land. Don’t you think Joseph Gordon Levitt is hott? Me too.

Eyster brunch and festivities beyond were WONDERFUL.

Monday, I took a half day because I was exhausted. I’m glad I did because our first night of tech was challenging. We made it about ¾ of the way through the first act. We picked up from there and finished teching the show last night. I found that now that I’ve got my Act 2 character down, it’s a breeze. So, that’s nice. Annnnd, I don’t end up sweating buckets (in the 2nd act). YAY. Tonight we have an invited dress which I am quite excited about. I’m honestly so tired I don’t know how I’ll do it, but adrenaline is a wonderful thing. I’m ready to get this show opened and on it’s way. I really can’t believe that it’s here and will be gone in a little over two weeks. That had be is crazy. I’m very excited that the summer time slowy-ness of corporate America is on it’s way. Leaving around 5 every day sounds like a dream. HOLLA!!! Ms. Noodle is coming back as of May 1st, so if you know anyone who needs a sublettor, let me know. She is not opposed to boroughs as she wants to live cheaply for the next three months before she heads out on ANOTHER tour. Good for her. I don’t know how she does it.

Well, that’s that for now. I shall return to my normal sleeping patterns for a few days a week, starting next week, which will be nice. Annd I can cook again! Yay!

Exclamation point.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My homo-logical clock is ticking and other schmidt

Maybe it’s this play. Maybe. Maybe it’s that my lease is up for renewal, and I may have missed the opportunity. Maybe my girlish figure is pumping too much estrogen these days, but Doodle wants to find Mr. Moodle and move into a giant one bedroom and make babies. Well, maybe martinis instead of babies. I don’t know. I’m feeling the need for (ew!) romance. Ugh. All this sexual politics and blah blah blah that I’m around every night in rehearsal is getting to me? Somehow a play written by a feminist regarding women’s roles has put a domestic bug in my ear. How is this possible? Get out of there you silly domestic gay bug! I’ll cut you buggy. OW! I’M DEAF I’M DEAF! What? I have no idea, I’m deaf.

Today is my one year anniversary of being cast in my first role in The Office. I don’t know what that means. It’s amazing considering the ups and downs of performing this role. Sometimes I feel like I should just give up all this acting and work in an office. Like an Equity children’s theatre tour. UGH.

Where is Moodle?

When’s it going to happen?

Can I get some booze poured in my face? GAWD.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just write something down, anything at all.

I haven’t felt the urge to bloggety blog so I’m simply forcing myself. I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I look over my calendar for April I see several nights OFF. Once the show is up and running I will have Sunday-Wednesday nights off. That is wonderful. AND I get Friday off because it’s Good Friday. I still have rehearsal that night, but THAT IS OKAY WITH ME. I just want to sleep in. I’m ready for true Spring weather and the first pedicure of the year and wearing lots and lots of flip flops. I’m ready for that. Bring it. What else is going on? Cloud Nine is ever-challenging, but good. We’re all off book and really working on our characters and their relationships, and now adding musical elements into the show. WOO HOO. We’ve moved into the rehearsal space next to the theatre. The theatre is very cute. It’s a small black box, seating 70 people. It should be fun to work in that space. I’m anxious to begin adding the other elements, like sets, costumes, wigs, lights, etc. Nothing else too exciting, other than Eyster Brunch on Sunday at our favorite barbecue place. Holla!!!

Next time I’ll write something better, until then, D O O D L E.