Thursday, December 28, 2006



Darladiva, it was great exchanging gifts and drinking a million drinks while eating chips with assorted topings last night. Thanks for the chatting. We should do that schmidt much much more.

Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, here I sit at work. Woot woodle. I mean it got so bad this morning that I signed on to Friendster. FRIENDSTER. Oy. What to do with my life? We have a few shows and we've talked about ways of advancing our "acting" careers and stuff and stuff. I just sort of feel bored with life and not sure what to doodle. Darla's New Year's Resolution is not to have one and I think that's a good idea. Although, like 92.7% of all people I would like to look better in a bathing suit come summer time (and the livin' is easy). Sooooooooooo, I guess I might possibly could join a real gym instead of my rec center in chelsea where I never go. Hmmmmmm. Maybe. Being indecisive is well, eh I can't decide what it is. Oh well. Today during "lunch" I'm going to Bed Bath and Boodle to exchange my lovely knife block and knives because the block is missing a foot. Remember that episode of Six Feet Under where Claire steals a foot and puts it in her kind of boyfriend's locker because he told everyone and their dogs that she sucked his toes? Funny. I want to be Claire...sometimes. Other times I want to be a glam rock star aka nephew to Ziggy...Jazen Stardust. Is that bad? I could do covers of jazz standards but in a glam rock style. Yes? No. Okay then, maybe I could be a Lion Tamer. Eh. Julie Taymore took care of that schmidt. Oh well. Office drone it is. For today at least. Until I get home and I become a celebrity chef making spicy spicy food...for...myself. Alas. Le sigh.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Doodle

Chrismoodle is over. Yay. Boo. Cry. Smile. Doodle.

So I am very excited about being able to pay off some credit card debt in the near future! Freedom...almost!

Chrismoodle went well. I got a very nice knife set with block from The BF that I am very excited to begin using. Unfortunately I cannot begin using it because it is missing a piece so I have to go to Bed Bath and Boodle to get a new one that is not missing a piece. He also gave me a lovely grill pan. Funny, sort of, because I got him a grill pan which was to live at my apartment because we cook there on the weekends. So, we both have grill pans now. Gay. I also got some lovely kitchen utensils. I guess I am becoming a foodie or foodle as I call them. Whatevs. Domestic goddess that I'm not. What else? I got some cash from my Daddy which is nice. "For a night out in NYC." Yay! Not so indirectly I am getting to see Company because I got a pair of tickets for The BF and I for January 2nd. Woodle Hoodle! What did ya'll get???

The "shows" I saw:

Esoterica: Although I was tiiiiiiiiired from shopping and running around and stuff and stuff, this show was very very entertaining. He did a lot of "the oldest tricks in the book" and his patter was very well done. I would describe this as a very well crafted cabaret that uses standard magic tricks instead of songs, woven together by story-telling and such. He's a hottie.

Jerry Scott's Christmas Sing a Long: Danny's was completely packed to the hilt which is great. He asked Parker and I to perform You're a Mean One Mister Grinch and it went over very very well. Yay!

Butley: What a great play this is. I can't wait to pop over to Drama Book Shop to pick this one up. Nathan Lane did quite a good job, especially in the first act, to not be himself and to actually perform the role. Bravo Mr. Ham. I think he is a good contender for Best Actor, but not sure if he will actually get it. We'll see...

Vertical Hour: Also a good play, very verbose, and I definitely need to read this one before I can formulate my real opinion. All in all a seemingly smart piece, that needs some editing. Julianne Moore will not be walking away with the Tony even though she is a brilliant film actress. She is less than brilliant on the stage, I must say. Bill Nighy was quite good. Very odd. Very creepy. Will probably get nominated, but end up living on a comet or something. What?

White Christmas: We watched this movie Sunday night and finished it Monday morning. My goodness I love love love this film. It's magical to me. I still laugh at every joke and silly Danny Kaye nuance. I still get misty when General Waverly walks into the performance hall and sees all of his soldiers from days gone by. Single Tear. Love it! Want to live it.

Wizard of Oz: We watched this during breakfast. I'm torn between being the Scarecrow or the Tinman. What do you think?

Sound of Music: This we watched while cooking Christmas dinner and during the beginning of dinner. Good. Gay.

The Oblongs: I got this series on dvd for Sir Willio. What a f*cked up show. Funnny. Will Ferrel and Jean Smart are the main voices. Fun times/wrong laughter was had/heard by all. Woot.

That's all for now. Sitting at work waiting for the day to end so I can get home and grill something...anything...everything...doodle!


Friday, December 22, 2006


In this episode of The Office, Mr. Doodle got a substantial bonus!! Wooo hooo! What a great episode. Mr. Doodle took his list that his friend Marla Mae Meller More had told him to make but he didn't even need it. It was a very very fast meeting that Mr. Doodle had with the owner of the company MinuteFront Poodle. Although I did hear a preview of upcoming episodes this morning and I think there is still a distinct possibility that Mr. Doodle will be asked to leave, so I hope that his correspondence with Ms. Head does in fact provide Mr. Doodle with another viable option. I read in an online chat room for The Office that Ms. Head could possibly find Mr. Doodle a position at Goldman Sachs. Hmmm. I hope those chatters are correct. Anyhoodle, enough about TV. I am leaving work early today. I'm not sure when, but early. I'm going to finish up my shopping. Thanks to Darladiva I was able to buy something for each member of my family on amazon and get it shipped. Some of it will arrive on Tuesday which is good. Who knows when the rest will be there, but I will give them a call and let them know that some stuff had be coming even if it is after Santa's Birthday. I am seeing a magic-y show tonight called Esoterica. When I was in Back to the Fabulous, the 80's pop version of 12th Night, our Malvolio was this hottie with a shaved head. He's apparently a magician as well, because Esoterica stars him! Woot woot woodle. After that I'll be headed to Jerry Scott's Christmas Sing a Long at Dannys. I've been going over the words to Your're a Mean One Mister Grinch so I can sing it. Tomorrow matinee I am seeing Butley starring Nathan Lane. I hope he acts. I mean during the holidoodles, I enjoy a good ham. I'm not gonna lie. But come on Nathan, you should at least earn your Tony for Best Actor in a Play. We shall see. Tomorrow night, I think, I'll be headed across the street from Butley to see Julianne Moore who will probably be earning her Tony for Best Actress in a Play in The Vertical Hour. Then there'll be brunch on Sunday and then another sing a long at The BF's apartment for Christmas Eve. Then we are opening presents at his place, mostly because he has a fireplace for Xmas Eve which will be romantic a;sou0q203n, sorry I just threw up a little in my mouth. Breakfast and gifts on Monday morning then off to my apartment to make Christmas dinner. I got a turkey and a ham from my company so we're going to eat those and make some stuffing and maybe Gwen's corn-y goodness. I think The BF's Crazy Libra Friend will be joining for the sing a long and for the dinner because he is in NY all by his lonesome because his boyfriend is off visiting his family (who have no idea Crazy Libra Friend is even his boyfriend). Oy.

Have a Mary ChrismaHannuKwanzica! Doodle!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Up-doodle (not the hair style)

Hello all (three) of you. Update mcupdatetron. Ummmm:
I’m tired.
Okay bye.
Just kidding.
Last night I went to the Handel’s Messiah Sing A Long at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center. It was okay. I wish I had my own copy of the music because sharing did not work out. I couldn’t see the conductors. I also am not familiar enough with the bass part to be able to sight read well enough to not sound like a low-voiced drowned cat. There was a blind lady sitting in front of me and I felt bad for her overly sensitive ears. She had a very cute doggie though. He only howled a few times during the Hallelujah chorus, as should be expected. All in all, I wish I had had a voice lesson before going which doesn’t make it seem like a very entertaining evening. Anyhoo, it was a fun idea at least. Tonight I am seeing Kiki & Herb’s Christmas show at the Bowery Ballroom. I’ve never been there. Woo. It should be quite a different experience. In keeping with the holidoodle theme, I also saw the Grinch on Thursday. It was very cute and fun and cute. Did I say cute? I want to be the Grinch. They should hire me next year. I’ll work for scale. I WILL. I’m looking forward to the long weekends ahead. I am taking off January 2nd and 3rd, so I will only have to work 2 days that week. That had be is goodly. In this week’s episode of The Office, Mr. Doodle has “reached out” to his head hunter for some help for the new year. We shall had be see. Hopefully Ms. Head can help Mr. Doodle find some sort of bearable joy in a work place. Who knows? Also in this episode of The Office, the owners of the company where Mr. Doodle works, MinuteFront Poodle, have been calling people into their office one by one for the year end review/bonus talks. Mr. Doodle is nervous, but thanks to advice from his friend Marlene Mae Meller More he has assembled a list to help him with the chat. Wish Mr. Doodle luck. He is expecting a decrease in pay and to owe them some sort of fee for allowing him to work at MinuteFront Poodle. Hopefully, he’ll be wrong. One never knows. Enough about television. Tomorrow night I don’t have plans and I am quite excited about that. I can just go home after work and boil myself in a tub and go to bed at 8pm. Woot woot. Well, my faithful (three) readers, I hope you are pleased to have this update mcupdatetron. I shall try to be better about such things but honestly, my search for that ever elusive Will to Live keeps me quite bus-ay.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Sick sick sick sick sickety sick. Oy freakin’ vey. Since Thursday I have had a flu-like something or other and it has been attacking me. STOP IT FLU-LIKE THING! With the current situation at work I haven’t felt totally comfortable taking a sick day. On Friday, for example, I knew Executive Assistant wouldn’t be in, so Assistant Assistant would be doing EA’s job which meant AA wouldn’t be available to help My Boss if I took the day off. So, feverish as all hell, I trudged into work, hoping that if My Boss took one look at me she would send me straight back home. Not so much. So, I asked her if we could try to get everything done by 12 or 1 so I could take a half sick day. We finished everything promptly by the time she always leaves, 4:00. So, after a trip to Duane Reade for some Nyquil and other such hopeful remedies, I trudged back home. The BF came over and made me some chicken soup and we just stayed in…basically the whole weekend. It came to Monday morning and I was still not better. Again, I considered not coming in, but knew that My Boss was taking a vacation day and that Assistant Assistant would be out because she had “an event” (she runs a theatre company on Long Island, woo). So I trudged my more feverished ass to work, again. Now I had made an appointment with my new doctor for Monday for 2pm so I decided I would ask if I could just leave after that. Apparently, I looked worse than I even imagined. They all agreed wholeheartedly. I went to my new doctor, Dr. Hot Salt N Pepper. He gave me a little test that came back negative for the flu. He said it was apparent I did have something (DUH! swoon), so he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics, and suggested I get some blood work done, and sent me on my way. Now it is Tuesday and thanks to the first dosage of pills I am feeling better. I really should have taken today off, but alas the guilt o’erwhelmed me and I do feel better than I have. Anyhoo, hopefully the drugs will continue to batter Mr. Evil Flu-Like Thing and I will be tip top by Saturday for Darladiva’s party. Woot. Anyhooo, that’s the update for now. Thrilling, I know. So, doodle your best to doodle in this sickness filled wintery wonder doodle. Doodle!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy happy happy happy talk. Talk about things you like to doodle.

After that horrendously angry ranty thing, I figure I should post something a little more positive. Top 10 “Things” I cannot live without in some particular order:

1. Vodka
2. Salsa, spicy enough to kill children in India by the fumes from here
3. Chips to go with said salsa
4. Friendship, friendship, such a perfect…you get it
5. The Parodivas
6. Manhattan
7. Broadway musicals
8. Perspective
9. Doodle
10. Vodka

What are 10 “things” you cannot live without? Food, water, and religion don’t count.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Curse, a rant

Fuck me on all four-letter words come screeching out of tight-white lips pursed in angry hatred for your quiet comments combatted by those little words held down deep inside my core, the pit of hell holding the soul searching burns like the wind, crisp like the air I refuse to exhale because the boiling bile bubbles into nothingness where the loneliness aches for something more and more I find you find yourself much stronger than you aren't. Take a step back because these tiny tiny words of ire will ignite a fire that scorches like acid rain drops on roses that melt like my now stifled anger.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Newdle post

Alas alack I have gotten some requests to update this muthafuckah and so here we go, yo. The show was a smashing success. We had some Brits and Lezbos in who didn't know any of us and I had a great time chatting with them. It gives you perspective which seems to be Jason's mantra of the year 27. It's all about perspective. The Brits seemed to think that this was the begining of a new comedy show that would be running at the Duplex. I wish. The lesbians thought it was the funniest thing they'd EVER seen and wanted to bring back their parents. What? I mean they were probably 35ish which means their parents are in their 60's. Hmm. My grandmother (no one tell her I said this) just turned 70. Now 70 is the new 60 and I know she would love a Parodivas show. Anyhoo. "When is the next one?" seemed to be the comment of the night. I don't know. It dawned on me today that Darlene and I should host a Parodivas Christmas sing a long open mic thing. Charge a nominal cover to pay for the room and then donate the rest to charity. Whachu think? The BF has agreed to play since he loves Christmas music, etc. I wouldn't normally want to work with him because mixing business with pleasure isn't wise, but since it's music he already knows and he wouldn't want to step in as a music director, I think it might work. I was thinking the performance space at New Dance Group might be a nice place for this...I think Gwen should do Have yourself a merry little Christmas and then I do not remember Christmas. Darlene and I would act as hosts and do some parodies and then we could all do some big group numbers with lyrics printed out for everyone, blah blah. Just a thought while we get to work on Ono or Hollywood or whatever.

Work is a nightmare. It's just really bad right now. I got a talking to from the co-owner of the company about my "performance" on Friday and it really made it a challenge to get focused and put on a good show. I'm a perfectionist. I don't like doing things I'm not good at. I know this. It's why I quit baseball. And soccer. And football. And tennis. And karate. And gymnastics. I loved basketball and was quite good at that, I just grew out of that and into choir. I'm glad. I digress. Yes, I've made mistakes in my job. Who hasn't? I feel that I am expected to job-share with my boss as opposed to being her assistant which is my title. Then, I am expected to provide the same quality of work that she does, even though she has 6 years of experience versus my 6 months. I mean, I am a smart and capable person. I am. This job is challenging and difficult and I dare them to find someone who can do it better. Whatever. I've basically been asked to kick it up a notch. The trouble and the reason I am worried and paranoid is that an hour after the talk, the one person at my office that I am "friends" with (the only person I invited to the show) came up to me to say goodbye...forever. She was fired. She had no idea. My company is clearly cleaning house before bonus time and I've been warned. Corporate America. I talked to my mom about it and I feel better. (in her charming southern ass way) "Honey, you can kick it up a notch. You are a fantastic actor, and I know you can do it." Alright mom. I'll try this out. I never thought I'd be hoping for a children's theatre tour or for the freedom that temping offers. I need to get in shape. I need to take some dance classes. I need to get my debt paid off. Because: While having sold my soul to corporate america to get my finances in order is okay. IT IS NOT PERMANENT!