Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Gypsy in the Times

It opens tonight! I really like Laura Benanti and now after reading this article, I like her more.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Bunnay

Sooooooo, Friday Cricket and I caught the Fabulous Entourage, who were indeed fabulous. I heart them.

Saturday was spent doing nothingish until Willio came over and we chatted about the tiny tiny tiny one bedroom and studio apartments that are in our (his) price range. Sad. He may have to move to the UES and I may have to miss him. Then we saw Jumper, which we both thought was going to be the hottest comic-bookiest movie we'd ever seen. It wasn't. It was bad. And Hayden Christiansen wasn't EVER naked. GAWD!

Sunday was brunch with a crew of NYC orphans and then post-brunch drinks/convo about comedy, politics and ______. Then I passed out on my face at 8pm on the couch. When I awoke to get ready for work, my jaw felt like I'd been giving..."speeches" for hours. Luckily today, it is much better and I don't want to die.

TONIGHT IS Idol. Something to live for. w00t.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tired. Ready for 5pm.

Last night The Parodivas had done our best. I am hoping the new parodies/jokes hit the audience at On The Rocks a bit better. That's my hope. I'm pretty sure they will.

I just received from Amazon: August Rush (my favorite movie of last year that pretty much EVERYONE hated) and Enchanted. I am excited to watch them this weekend. I ain't got no plans. I guess take it easy, since we will have had two gigs this week.

Several peeps from A Whole New Job attended last night. It was a very nice gesture, but...I don't know what the but is, but there definitely is a butt.

Speaking of butts, are sex jokes REALLY the only things comedy audiences want to hear? Yes.

I think I am seeing the Fabulous Entourage's reunion/maybe last show on Friday. That's plans. That's fun. YAY.

Peace. I got nuthin' else.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hmmm. Happy Weekend.

There's a bunch of peeps on the East side of Manhattan not having a happy weekend due to the craxy crane collapse. Whoa. Scary. There is a giant highrise going up next to my apartment (hooray for loud construction) and so this scariness could happen to anyone.

Tonight is hangin' with the Darladiva and Niwa to see The Odd Couple at The Secret Theatre out in Long Island City (tres chic). w00t.

I'm honestly looking forward to a lovely Sunday spent on the couch watching some sorta movie. Yay! Sometimes doing "nothing" is just the best "something," right?

LuPone (gypsy) was pretty darned amazing. YOU GO Grilll.

I REALLY want to see A Catered Affair. I LOVE Bucchino's music and of course worship Harvey Fierstein. I also think that Leslie Kritzer has the potential to follow in Carol Burnett's shoes as a brilliant young actress, adept at comedy. I am excited to see her tackle something not so over the top. And Faith Prince is in it too! Okay. I need to get tickets. Watch out Xanadu!


Friday, March 07, 2008

Because I am a stealer and I like pics

Darladiva listed her currents over on To the Left of Right, so I guess I will copy her because we are TWINS.

I am currently reading: The TNT Diet. It's good, but I just don't know if I can commit. I have gotten back on track with my online virtual trainer though. So that is good. Three months til BEACH TIME. As soon as/if I ever finish the diet book, I am going back to reading Dry. It is very good, but honestly, once he got to rehab, I kind of freaked out and put the book down. Ummmmm own demons much? Yeah. But I'll get back to it...sometime. Madame RK recommends it, but also has me nervous about some upcoming scenes. Anyhooooooo. I need to read these books so I can get started on the book I REALLY want to read which is Wicked Gentlemen. w00t? w00t.

Current music: Parodivas' new set for On the Rocks in TWO WEEKS:

We simply ADORE Danny Leary and his fantastic comedy show: He is our new BFF. Hey Danny Heeyyyyy.

My current guilty pleasure which has now been thwarted, is rooting and voting for another Danny. Danny Noriega on American Idol who was sadly booted from the show last night. But, I've decided he will front a glam rock band and I will become his biggest/oldest fan. YOU GO DANNY.

My current show I'm about to see is LUPONE gypsy. I am very excited. My new work friend Albie is going with me. w00000000000.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Todays obsession: FILLER

Watch out Peggle, FILLER'S IN TOWN.

Instructions from auntiesash:

The directions are minimal. The little balls bouncing around are bad. You click (and hold down) somewhere and start to inflate a ball. If one of the bad balls hit it while you are still inflating, it pops and you lose a life. If you stop, the ball stops growing and can't be popped. You can make a bunch of balls. Some will be big and many will be little. There is a counter telling you how much time, how many balls, and how many lives remain. You have to claim a certain percentage. That should get you started. Truly addicting.