Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ain't right

Well, I really don't want this blog to turn into a rant about my job, but it seems that it is. I haven't written in a while because for the past twodle days I've had to wake up at butt crack of dawn to get to The New York Palace Hotel for our Turkish Conference 2006. Oy. I busily signed people in, told them where their meetings were and when and where lunch would occur. Monday, I did that from 7-3 and then had to come back to the office from 3-6! Then, Monday night I went with a group of people to see Evil Dead the Musical. It was a fun crazy weird show. I've never seen the movies, so I missed a lot of inside stuff, but didn't care. Fun times. I'd love for my job to be playing a singing zombie instead of pretending that office work doesn't turn me into a non-singing zombie corporate droid sell out. Oooh, angry doodle. Today, I awoke again at negative am and hopped in a cab to the NYPH. Woo. I was finished earlier today, back at the office around 11 to do all the work that my boss and I have been neglecting do to said conference. I got a request from Darladiva to make a return to my blog and so here we are. I didn't get a chance to see Heroes last night because of the show, but I taped it and watched about 30 seconds of it before passing out. Tonight, The BF and I are going to the parade dressed as the real life characters from the documentary Grey Gardens, now a broadway show. I'm too tired to imagine how tired I'll be after tonight, I'm in denial. Anyhoo, I'm REALLY looking forward to tomorrow night because I DON'T HAVE PLANS and I will have (hopefully) slept until at least 8am. We shall see. Daylight Stupid Savings Time RUINED. RUINED I SAY!!!!

Angry McDoodle

Friday, October 27, 2006

Doodle Light Savings Time

If e'er there w'ere a doodle who would like an hour more of rest on Mondoodle it's MOODLE! Well, it turns out that I have been volunteered to work our Turkish Conference at the Palace Hotel on Mondoodle and Tuesdle. Guess what time I have to be there? 7am. in a suit.

Hey BuddhaJesusKwanzaMadonna, can I catch a break? Can I catch one? Oy freakin' vey people. Oy freakin' doodle vey.

I just don't have doodles to describe how this makes me feel. To quote the movie (and musical) Wedding Singer, "I'm on my knees, pretty pretty please KILL ME! I WANT TO DIE. PUT A BULLET IN MY HE-EH-EH-EH-AD!"
Think The BF will mind going to bed at 8pm on Sunday?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Past Posting Thursday

So new blogger Gwen blogged a bit about Bebe and I commented about the time I met Chita Rivera. Well, I found an old post on an old blog about that night, so I thought I'd post it.

Okay. I saw Chita Rivera, The Dancer's Life last night. This was my second time seeing this legend in her autobiographical Broadway show. Why, you ask, would I need to see this show for a second time? Well, the answer is Dick van Dyke. I got to see two legends on a Broadway stage, together. It was amazing to say the least. Chita and Dick worked together on Broadway in the musical, Bye Bye Birdie. Dick came out onto the stage and was given the entrance applause he truly deserved. He then danced and sang the well-known song from Bye Bye Birdie, Put on a Happy Face. He was adorable, and he's 82! Then the two danced and sang Rosie. Adorable. Dick van Dyke received an amazing standing ovation that swept through the theatre. One lady in the front row stood and it was like when a crowd at a sports arena does the wave. We all leapt to our feet. We waited outside at the stage door, hoping Dick and Chita would sign our playbills. We waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, Dick van Dyke came out, smiled, waved, posed for a few pictures and got into his car. No autographs. Sad, but understandable. Luckily, when Chita came out, she was very attentive to the fans (still) waiting. She came up to sign my playbill and I remarked, "You look hot." Her reply was, "Oooh, I like that." Then as she was signing she said, "soo cute." So, that's that. I saw an American icon, Dick van Dyke sing and dance with a Broadway legend Chita Rivera, who thinks I'm "soo cute." I'd say that's one for the books.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesdoodle Octoodle Twenty Foodle, Twoodle Thousand Six

Dear me,
"She works hard for the money, so hard for the money, she works hard for the money so you'd better trear her right." I know that's right. You better treat me right cuz I am WORKIN'. dammnit. I believe I actually have a break. I mean I know I have a whole bunch of stuff to do in about 20 minutes, but for right now, right now, this instance, I AM FREE. Well as free as one can be when below his desk is an iron anklet. I'm such a victim, I know. We have a group of people from Kazakstan meeting in our Board Room upstairs, but unfortunately none of them is Borat. I looked. He's not here.

Tonight I'm seeing Suburbia at my old workplace 2econd 2tage Theatre. WOOOOO. I have no idea what it is about, but I'm pretty sure there's a Culkin in it somewhere. Better than having a gerkin in somewhere else, or is it? Coincidentally Darladiva and Smoosh (no I'm not allowed to call him this, but I did it anyway, ha!) are seeing the show as well. They also used to be indentured to 2econd 2tage. Luckily we've all moved on to much more fulfilling jobs...Okay I'm back from the bathroom. I hope the show is good, but mostly I hope it is 90 minutes without an intermission. Is that bad? Eh, I don't care. The tickets were free. Yay!

You'll all be happy to know that my plant Chen is doing quite well. I bought him that week that I cared about feng shui. He's really all that remains of that fad. Yes, I am a silly faddot. I hope that the blogging is not one of these fads, but we'll see, right?

Macoosh is running for Blog Class President or something, so check out her blog and then vote for her. Yay!

Heroes was great this week. I don't have much to add, but I'm sufficiently addicted.

My dear friend Cricket will be moving back to New York very soon. Check out his blog for the full story.

Literally yours,

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesdles are for Doodles

Doodle everyone, doodle.

Let's see, whence shall I start? Okay, on Friday night I saw the Tribute to Jerome Kern (yawn). It was quite boring. The creator, cabaret reviewer extraordinaire Scott Seigel, has an interesting concept, I must say. That is, he has created a cabaret of sorts in which he does all the patter and Broadway and Cabaret stars do all the numbers. While the concept is interesting, the patter was not. Well, not to say that the little tidbits of history, etc weren't interesting, and they are definitely necessary in cabaret patter, but his delivery was so drab. I mean, how hard is it to get Charles Busch to come out (he he) for one night to host a cabaret show thing? Anyhoo, I'd also like to hear some patter about Jerome Kern that isn't simply timelines and such. Who was he in love with? Why did he write such beautiful melodies? Who was his muse? Did he have sex with the Gershwins? You know. Anyhoo, when the Parodivas rule the world...

Saturday was spent brunching with The BF, BF's Friend from Ohio, BF's Crazy Libra Friend, and Doodle's truly at the FCC. It was a lovely brunch indeed, but I kept thinking it was Sunday because, honestly, who brunches on Saturdays? Then, The BF and I were supposed to go to a Haunted House, but it was sold out. So we proceded to Sandi's going away shin dig. She's off to do Singin' in the Rain (again). She and I became friends (and pretend spouses) the first time she (and I) did Singin'. She played the female diction coach, and I the male. As we were supposed to meet back up with BF's Crazy Libra Friend, we just popped in, hugged, bought her a drink, did a few shots, and went on our merry way. She looks great and showed us the choreography she was made to do at the dance call for The Little Mermaid. High-larious. Love you Sandi, and I look forward to your stories of Singin' Round 2. Send 'em to me and I'll post them here. Drinks with BF's CLF were great. We went to Danny's and Jerry asked me to sing. I obliged, and for once The BF didn't say something rude or critical. He just said "That was nice." This is probably the best compliment he has ever given me after singing at Danny's, and honestly I think BF's CLF told him what to say so that I wouldn't get upset. Whatever. I don't need his praise, I just feel I deserve it. Does that make sense?

On Sunday, we had tickets to Spamalot. We brunched at FCC (again) before heading over to the show. We sat at the bar and met a lovely lovely lesbian named Elizabeth. While no one could ever replace our Veluptuous Vanessa, this chick did a pretty good job keeping the booze flowing, and maybe Noodle can have a threesome with her and her girlfriend Janet. Yay! Spamalot was okay. It would have been a riot with the original cast. It was decent with this cast. I haven't seen the Monty Python movies, really, so I think I missed a lot of inside jokes. Anyhoo, it was fun.

After Spamalot, The BF and I went to the haunted house that was sold out the previous night. It was just okay. It honestly does't even need reviewing. Eh.

In other news, my dear friend Gwen has started a blog. Gwen is hot! Check her out. You know you want it.

Thanks to Noodle for my lovely birthday gift. It is a leather flask, that came with four little shot glasses. It's wonderful. Thanks Noodle!

I will talk about Heroes in the next post. I'm just glad to have gotten to say a little something before getting to work. Boo-dle. Boo-dle, I say!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


No, I don't watch it, but Julie, Macoosh, and Noodle doodle, so I'dle did the doodle. I identify most with Jack. Yes, I am a hunky leading man. I am never getting written off the show!! I know that much! Paycheck! This is all heresay, by the way. Lost chicas, does this make sense with my personality?

Exhaustoodled, Indoodle.

Wow, it has just been one heck of a week. I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday, even though Fridays are my busiest days, at least if I can get through it, it will be the weekend. Tomorrow night I am seeing:

"Kern composed hundreds of songs; melodious, poignant, wistful, tender and utterly enchanting. He brought to the treasury of American Song the wealth of his own great talent, and enriched the American scene for his being part of it." - Judy Garland
Three-time Grammy winner Lari White, Tony winner Cady Huffman, Tony nominees Michel Bell and Stephen Bogardus, Drama Desk nominees Nancy Anderson Leslie Kritzer, Julia Murney, Theatre World Award winner Deven May and Michael Winther, Broadway stars Ron Bohmer, Joyce Chittick, Sean Martin Hingston, Noah Racey, Nightlife Award winners Julie Reyburn and Carolyn Montgomery pay tribute to the composer that wrote over 1,000 songs and 100 complete scores. Some of his best known works are Showboat, Sweet Adeline, Roberta, Music Is In The Air, Leave It To Jane and more.

I'm excited about it. I think it should prove to be a lovely evening. And what a way to forget a long and arduous week.

On Saturday, I will most likely have brunch with The BF and his friend who will be in town visiting. Then, The BF wants to go to a haunted house. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like something I'd want to do, but it could be fun, right? I hope it doesn't suck. My friend Sandi from Singin' in the Rain is leaving town to go and do Singin' in the Rain (again) and so she is having a going away for a little while party at which I hope to make an appearance. Then, I am seeing Spamalot on Sunday. Woo hoo! There are lots of great shows about to open on Broadway this season, so it's good that I'm getting to catch this show that I missed. I am most excited about Grey Gardens, Company (which I saw in Cincinatti), The Grinch, The Violet Hour, Mary Poppins, basically everything. I sure am gay.

On that note I bid you a fabulous ciao dahling, I mean, doodling.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tag-oodled by Macoosh-le, AGAIN!

Nine weird things about me, then I'm supposed to tag nine people. Macoosh, I don't know nine people, but I'll make Noodle do it, and can we share Darladiva and Julie?

  1. I sleep in corpse position. I cross my arms over my chest and don't move all night.

  2. I used to have a Southern accent. I mean serious serious acksynt.

  3. I use the word doodle and it's derivatives the way the Smurfs use the word smurf. "I'm going to put the doodle on the diddle, Okay'dle? You're a doll-dle.

  4. When I was a kid I wanted to be a lawyer because I LOVED Matlock. My family was (my Grandoodle still is) disappointed to find out I didn't want to BE a lawyer, I wanted to PLAY one. Someday.

  5. My father is a chainsaw artist. He makes bears and things out of trees with a chainsaw.

  6. I sometimes shave in bed because I'm too tired to get my ass to the bathroom.

  7. I was a math whiz in high school. I went through College Calculus 3 and Physics. I aced the AP Calc exam for what? why? I quit as soon as I started college and never used that side of my brain again.

  8. I think crying from eating spicy food is a great thing.

  9. I meant to become an opera singer, but got distracted. Woops! Cabaret it is!

Noodle, Cricket, and William you're tagged. You can do so as a comment if you don't have a blog (William).

Jason is too busy to DOODLE?? Ain't right.

Wow. The past two-dle days have been the busiest days EVER at work. So busy, in fact, that I haven't had time to doodle on my blog, read my personal email, chat with my fellow Parodiva, Darladiva (who now has her own blog that I haven't had time to read), brainstorm ideas for the THREE NEW SHOWS she has suggested!!, basically I've had to WORK at my JOB!! Oy. So instead of waiting until the afternoon, when I used to have oodles of time to doodle, I've decided to write something first thing and ignore the pile of stuff sitting over there <--- that I didn't finish yesterday. DAMN THE MAN, or whatever. So, here's what I've been meaning to say:
  • Yay! Darladiva has a blog now: To the Left of Right
  • Macoosh is a blogging rockstar and always deserves a looksie, and yes she answered MY question on Ask Macoosh this week, so I want you to find out the answer: What are the pros/cons of the Irish hair and skin tones that hath been bestowed upon thee?
  • Heroes was great this week! Claire, the cheerleader, is hands down my favorite character. I find her power of rapid cell regeneration (i.e. can heal super fast from any injury) really cool. She did in fact exact her revenge upon Attempted Rape Guy and it rocked! The other story-lines are progressing nicely as well. Woo hoo! What shows are you obsessed with? Which character's storyline is most fascinating?
  • Continuing with the TV talk, Friday Night Lights is also a great show. It's funny because when you look at me, talk to me, are friends with me, see me on the street, you think I'm a Noel Coward type and so I would have no interest in a show about football, but surprisingly because of my former life as a Texan I can really relate to this show. It's crazy! I don't want to go back there, but I know these characters, I've met them and interacted with them, and often hated them, but find them fascinating nonetheless.
  • Noodle is still on tour. Check her out. She has to invite you to view the blog, but if you ask nicely I'm sure she'll let you. You may have to ask me to ask her, but I'm sure if you ask nicely I'll do that for you.
  • My dear friend Cricket is a hottie Jack of All Trades these days, check out his site and see if he can clear your mind and teach you the art of yoga, star in your musical revue-dle, build you a house, or babysit your children.

That's it for now. Doodle doodle doodle doodle doodle doodle. Daily usage of the word doodle for toodle-day:

"What's the name of the guy that fronts that band, um... you know the one?" Dr. Doodle McDiddle? "Yes."

Friday, October 13, 2006

Noodle's Tour problems, Doodle's Advice

So Noodle has been touring the country for what seems like ages on like 5 different tours. The current one is issue-based theatre in which she plays a bully in one play and then gets bullied in another. Well, offstage it seems there is some emotional bullying going on. I encouraged her when she said she wanted to create a blog for the tour, to keep her family and friends updated, and to do some venting. Informational and therapeutic all at the same time. Not to mention I've become Crazy Blog Doodle this week. Hooray. So in a recent post on her blog she talked of several issues. I will lay them out for you:
  • #1 problem is a lack of proper communication
  • She is 26, the other actors are younger (22, 23, 23).
  • Girl has done this schmidt before, A LOT (They ain't done too much).
  • She has a BIG personality, that she has to keep in check in this situation
  • The company KEEPS messing up their checks. Every Week!!
  • Let's faceit, they live, work, breathe, eat, & sleep basically attached to each other's hips 24/7, it's a potentially stressful situation
  • Moody mood mood moodley moody! It seems like someone is always in a bad mood or pouting or not talking to someone or some other such nonsense

Anyhoodle, you get the idea. Here's what I posted on her site as a bit of advice. She wrote back saying it was good advice and I sounded like an adult and that made me feel good, so I'm posting it here:

Dearest Noodle:

I think your suggestion to simply say "Hey everyone, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, stand back." is a great one. Unfortunately, I think the age difference is what is showing here. When one is not mature enough to address his feelings they just get muddled and come out as frustrated shrugging and such. I find that someone pouting in a corner is waiting desperately for you to come by and tap them on the shoulder. Then when the response is a shrug, it's a cry to ask again. I say leave 'em in the corner. He put himself there, he can bring himself out, and if he can't it's not your responsibility. As for the paychecks, you absolutely did the right thing by demanding they fix the problem immediately and give you ALL the money owed, and the kids who didn't request being compensated should have for the principle if not for the need of the actual money. You know how I am with my money. You can touch my best friend, but you better not touch my money! Hang in there. I find that performers who have not gone through experiences like this don't appreciate it when they get a really good gig with really great and professional people. You'll appreciate it so much more because you will have perspective and that rocks.

When it all boils down to it though, Doodle,
Jason B

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Doodle Twenty Twoodle: Bedtime Bear(s)

For some reason I am thinking about Bedtime Bear right now. I love Bedtime Bear. Of all the Care Bears, he has always been my favorite. Don't get me wrong, Tenderheart Bear and of course the Care Bear Cousin Lotsa Heart Elephant come close to being my favorite, but Bedtime Bear wins. I told this story in my second solo cabaret, Jason B. Schmidt the 'B' Stands for BULL, so why not tell it here in the 'B' Stands for BLOG. Older Brother's favorite Care Bear was also Bedtime Bear. Do you think we could share a Bedtime Bear? Ohhh no. We both had our own Bedtime Bears. Now they were quite different of course. His Bedtime Bear loved adventure and exploring and being outdoors. While my Bedtime Bear preferred afternoon tea parties. One time Older Brother attached Bedtime Bear to a parachute. He then climbed up onto our fence. He thrust Bedtime Bear into the air and as resounded through our house, "Bedtime Bear flew! He really flew!" When this news made it to my room where my Bedtime Bear was having a spot of earl grey, he simply turned to Barbie and Jem, rolled his eyes, and went back to discussing the inadequacies of Ken. Older Brother really does, to this day, believe that Bedtime Bear flew. I guess he and his Bedtime Bear are the only ones who know the truth. Back when I did The 'B' Stands for BULL, I had Moo-Moodle go through her garage to find the two Bedtime Bears. Luckily she found them, so I go to show the audience the real life double Bedtime Bears. Fun stuff. I loved having stuffed animals as a kid. That's where my love for acting truly began. Each one had it's own voice, it's own character, it's own storyline. The Care Bears would often be enlisted to help The Popples on some adventure, or The Wuzzles would be asked to help conquer Skeletor. They were my best friends. It's funny to think back to those times.

What were some of your favorite toys growing up?
Obvious Answer for Jason B: Magna-Doodle!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Twenty First-oodle: A building on fire in NYC

Hey doodles. I just got a call from The BF asking if I had heard about this plane that flew into a building on the Upper East Side. No, no I hadn't. It's all very breaking news at this point, but what I have gathered from various news sites, a small aircraft, most likely a helicopter crashed into a high rise on 72nd Street and York. It caused a loud boom and burning debris rained down from the building. On the lower floors of the building is a hospital and the top floors are apartments. So far nothing has been reported regarding injuries. The BF, who works on 57th and 5th, not too far from there, in a very tall building, was very very nervous and wondering why everyone else in his office was so calm. I think it's an interesting thing that even after 911 New Yorkers still act as New York-y as ever. I know this is a blanket statement and a generalization and I should be drowned, but give me a second. You hear so many stories of people who get mugged on the subway platform and dozens of people stand idly by without lending a hand or seeking help. I know that when I had a similar experience to that no one, even the MTA attendant batted an eyelash. "You have to live your life." "You can't live in fear." etc. And while I believe this, The BF has a point. "The reason a lot of the people died in 911 was because they stayed too calm, and stayed where they were instead of evacuating." Anyhoodle it's a bit scary. Scary that planes can crash into buildings, scary that the people around you on the subway platform would rather look the other way than be bothered by a mere mugging, scary that I don't know if I'm any different from those people. Most likely not. Here's hoping everything turns out okay for the people involved in this accident.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Twent-oodle-ieth Post: Heroes

In an effort to be more "bloggy" as Macoosh said, I have returned to post one day after my last post, which if you scroll through the Doodle A Day history, you will see is a rarity and I daresay a n'erity. In today's post I will chat about Heroes last night .

It was a very good episode. I think Claire the cheerleader is my favorite, and due to the ending I think her story line is about to get crazy interesting. She's the one who if injured, heals really really fast. i.e. Wolverine in the X-Men. She, of course, just yearns to be "normal," and wants nothing to do with her special gift. In an attempt to do so, she winds up at a bonfire where all the football jocks and cheerleading chicas are hanging out drinking beer, as TV high school kids are want to do. I don't remember ever chilling with a kegger in high school, but maybe that's just me. I was too busy learning to use spirit gum to fasten a fake beard to my face for Fiddler on the Roof. Anyhoo, the very cute quarterback lures the drooling Claire to a secluded set of bleachers. They start making out, but the naughty quarterback of course wants more. He begins to force himself onto her and she tries to fight him off. He ends up pushing her off the bleachers and she falls backward onto a log and impales her neck. She doesn't heal from this, as she has previously healed from her other injuries. It seems like she's dead! Oh no, my favorite character, written off the show so soon? Noooooooooooooo! Well, thankfully, in a cliffhanger ending, the final shot is Claire is on an operating table, in a dark basement-like place, her chest has been sliced completely open, and all her ribs are showing! WTF? Can't wait until next week to find out when, where, why and who.

As for the other characters, their stories are now bringing them closer and closer to each other. Annoying Asian Teleportation Man calls Heroin Addicted Clairvoyant Artist, because said Artist is the author of the comic book that is predicting AATM's life. Wow, that sentence is confusing. Then, HACA's girlfriend has left him and now she's canoodling with Hottie McFlying Guy. It seems that Hottie McIndian Fellow (who doesn't seem to have any power, just the hunger to prove his Dead Daddy the Professor right, and find these special people, namely the elusive psychotic killer Sylar) will soon be interacting with Mind Reading Guy who is now working with the FBI to find Sylar. Sylar has crazy telekinetic power, enough to make FBI Chica put her own gun to her head! After being shot, Sylar, much like Claire, is basically unaffected by the bullet wounds, and heals instantly. No wonder I like this show. It's like Young and the Restless for the 16 year old Dungeons and Dragons Player in my mind! Anyhoo, if this sounds at all interesting to you, watch the first three episodes online. And if you're really feeling geeky, as I did today, you can check out the special online only comic books, that delve further into the story. Okay, that's that for now.

Tonight is Friday Night Lights. Woo hoo.

And as always, when watching TV or otherwise, remember...Doodle.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Doodle, my 19th doodle

Hello all you lovely doodles and doodlettes. Todoodle is Columbus Doodle in the United States. It is a doodle to celebrate the first doodle Christopher Columbus reached America back in 1492-00dle after having sailed the ocean blue-dle. I heard some grumbling from theatre lady who sits near my cubicle that we should in fact be celebrating Leif Erikson Doodle. You know, Darladiva and I wrote an entire cabaret about unknown and underappreciated holidoodles, and ne'er once did either of us come across this doodle. I find that odd. I guess we failed, but have you ever heard of Leif Erikson? I'm trying desperately to access the files of my mind that contain all the schmidt I had to memorize in AP American History, but alas, no Leif Erikson. He led the first Europeans here. I'm mostly German so I'd like to thank him for that. Thanks Leif, thanks.

I'd much rather be at home "celebrating" today by watching Oprah because you see, I'm a hypochondriac and they have a kind-of-cutie doctor answering questions on today. Oh well. Instead I am here at work not "celebrating" because my office does not observe Columbus Day, Leif Erikson Day, or Canadian Thanksgiving Day (which is also today incidentally). We are an international firm so we don't celebrate United States specific holidays. So we're all here type type typing away. But, I only have to work for about 2 more hours and then I can GO HOME!!!

Tonight I am going to watch Heroes which is quickly becoming my new favorite show. The other new one that I secretly (until now) enjoy is Friday Night Lights. These two shows are both wonderful new additions to my television enjoying time. I like Heroes because I've always wanted to be a super hero or villain. My super villain name, and I'm seriously considering writing a show or something around this character, maybe with Darladiva as the super hero, ready for it...The Randy Dandy! I picture him very Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jason B. Schmidt-esque. I like Friday Night Lights because it reminds me of my former life as a southerner, and it has hotness all over the screen, both male and female. Yum-o. Hmm, nothing else to talk about as of now. Waiting for Darladiva to get back from her honeymoon so we can start working on either developing the poetry play we put up last winter, or the new cabaret. We shall see.

Going back to "pretend" work while "celebrating" history...


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I don't quite know what it means, but I've been tagged by Macoosh, which I have surmised means she is forcing me to blog with a topic that was posed to her by some other bloggerific chica. I am attempting to master the art of putting links into my doodles. That sounds naughty. Here's the meme. I have no idea what that memes, I mean means.

What are the top five songs you want played at your funeral?

1. Simply the Best by Tina Turner because when I hear this song I feel like a rockstar.
2. River Deep Mountain High by Celine Dion because when I hear this song I feel like a drag queen.
3. Feeling Good most recently by Michael Buble, but really from the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint the Smell of the Crowd because when I sing this song I feel like a Broadway belting crooner machine.
4. In the Garden because though I don't believe in God, my Moodle and Granonanoodle do, and we love to sing this song in harmony when we get a little drunk at family gatherings. I'm assuming my funeral will be a general booze fest.
5. Suddenly Jason a parody that Noodle will have to write and perform because that's what friends are for which is a song that will not be played.

Should I have everyone doodle on my coffin? Eww, am I going to have a coffin? Grind up my ashes and infuse them into a bottle of Grey Goose and put me on the shelf with the other alcohol(ics).

May I rest in a piece (of ass). Doodle.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Birth-doodles complete

Happy Birthday to all the fabulous Libras and almost-Libras out there in the world!
9/21 - Chad Alan
9/26 - Doodle's truly
9/28 - Mark
9/29 - Josh
9/29 - Aunt Tammy

These are the libras in my life. Truly marvelous human beings whose mission in life is to keep things balanced. Hollah!

I saw A Chorus Line for my birthday. It was a really great evening. I've never seen it before and was very very entertained. There are wonderful stories told beautifully through movement, song, and speech. I definitely had one of those "man, I wish I could be up there" moments. I love those. Even though I clearly know I'm a Dance 2, Looks 5, and I'd have to take dance from dusk til dawn for 5 years, I still couldn't help thinking, "I can do that, I can do that!"

Well, I'm 27 now. Officially late 20's. FUN TIMES!!??