Monday, November 26, 2007

August Rush

Go see it. Haven't been moved like that in years.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Against my Will

900 years ago, as a tiny gay tot in Denver, CO I ventured out (as usual) to the local daycare center (read: gay bar) that allowed underage gays (twinks in rainbow diapers) to partake in the fun sans BOOZE. It was a difficult time for me, as you can imagine, the sans BOOZE thang, but I was thin, so it worked. I sauntered in to Roadz (the allowance-fueled "gay" club) with my 32 inch boots on, wearing something daring. Something current. I mean, it was 1997. What COULD any hip (almost) gay wear, other than a TICKLE ME ELMO SHIRT (with overalls)? In my memory, the overalls are piles of cash, smartly invested in the hedge funds I would (eventually) work for/be fired from. Anyhoo, I'm beside myself. "Hey self, move over, I have to publish a blog!" I sauntered into Roadz, donning my Tickleme Homo schirt, and wearing the o'alls with only one thingy fastened. It was cute? My tiny (then) belly protruding (tinily then) slightly. Nowadays I would call that fago paunch a six pack with an eight pack that just drank a keg, but when you're a teenager...WHAT DO YOU KNOW?...besides the square root of ANYTHING is ___ and the ability to charm an AP teacher into recommending you to STANFORD (which ya ain't gud fer) is, well... Neet!

So's I'm in da joint, Roadz. Across da way I see the hottest, thinnest, thinnest, thin G'Asian/thin person I have ever seen (in public or on WWW.THINASIANSLIKE WHITIES.COM). "MY GOD, ARE THOSE WHITE PANTS LINED WITH RAINBOWS???" No asian, g'a(sian) or otherwise, would ever wear such a thing unless they were paid LESS than (insert any dollar amount you deem fit for an (A)sian).

Anyhoo, at some point (18.7 drinks later), I became enamored with ol' I. Slanty. It's not hard when you're 3 and workin' it. It turns out Slanty Hot Stripes had not been born yet, but his delightful mother Cheeky La Dimples was out searching for a once and future ex-husband. Or as she said it, "Cum of Som Yun G.I."

Needless to say, I was in love...with his balls...and the fact that he was daring enough to go into public considering the fact that he was a.) a.sian b.) b.eautiful AND c.) kute!

Well, I've dreamt about shim often. Shoften wodering shwhere will I meet shhim again? Butt, I know that some shwheday, shwhee shwh'ill appear and my elmo dreams will be, well, re-d(r)eamed. sp-1.

+2points for makin' it to the end. I think I'm shwhrunk.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

That's Amore!

Curtains is cute-ish...too Hyde Pierce...but glad we went.

Law and Order SVU tonight was GOOD.

First time I've been asked out in...ever. Have a date with Gus tomorrow. :)

Divas asked to do another likey.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Somethin's better than nothin'

Go see Romance and Cigarettes.

I met a cute Swede named Gus.

MRK and I are seeing Curtains tomorrow.

Parodivas are diva'ing in Brooklyn on Halloween.

I am eating (my) habanero hummus and homemade pita chips. The corn and tomato chowder is next.

Watching Heroes.

Some guy SWEARS that I am in Naked Boys Singing, but he's always so drunk he thinks each time we meet it's for the first time. I just go with it. I am SO good in the show. Apparently.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Doodle Chef

I made peppery pork chops, cheesy smashed cauliflower, and braised radishes for dinner. Yum-0.

Oh, I also logged on to my computer at home for the first time in over a week. Woot!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad blogger

I keep meaning to update, but just haven't had the time to put my thoughts down. Stupid Corporate America won't let me put my thoughts down at work or enjoy other's thoughts because blogspot is BLOCKED. Anyhoo, sorry I've been away. I'll try to make it back very soon.


Thursday, August 30, 2007


Headin' off to Boise for Drea's wedding tomorrow. Very excited. I'm all packed AND I get to sleep in tomorrow. YAY FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Congratulations Drea, if you're reading this, GO FOR IT! Ya'll love each other and have been together forever AND you know he's crazy sexy cool.

PS. Haven't seen Drea's Mom since high school graduation which was almost 10 years ago. WOW.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sucky Monday/Crying on the bus

I hate Mondays. I decided to cheer myself up by listening to the Sondheim concert at Carnegie Hall. And this lady made me cry. SO GOOD.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nice weekend

Friday night I met up with the Queens for dinner and a Fringe show. The dinner was great, at Chickie Pigs, and the show was okay. Eh. After, I went over to Cricket's for a bottle of Argentinian wine and a Hedwig documentary. Then it was a quick cab home, to change for drinks with Sir Willio and his Beau (for now) at That Bar. It was a really productive and date-filled evening. I awoke around 11 and waited as long as I could before calling Ad-orable to see what we were going to do on our date. We decided to see Super Bad in his hood. The movie was really cute & funny alot like my date. After, he showed me his apartment and then I went on my way as he had to get ready to hang out with his parents. I walked down from the UES to H&M and then caught the bus to go and meet Cricket for dinner at Chipotle. YUM-0. Then we met up with Sir W and Beau to see The Simpsons Movie. It was great fun. Then we ended up back at That Bar for more drinks. Today, I got groceries and picked up my laundry. Then had a great conversation with Sister Chad while doing my best to straighten up Noodle's room (the living room) as she'll be back for a bit and on the futon. I watched Serendipity and cried my face off, and thought, I might as well blog about this delightful little weekend. Next, I'll be making philly cheese steaks while watching Big Brother. HOLLA!
I forgot...I GOT MY DEMO ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Doodle dates his friends/Whoretastic '07

Friday Darladiva and I thought it would be a GREAT idea to get wasted on the UES. Why? Why not? Mad River has a $7 cover and then $1 drinks. Yes, $1 drinks. That's $1. We had some appetizers at Arriba Arriba (who knew they had one in suburbia?), and then headed over to Nerdy Scientist Frat Fest '07. "Can we open a tab?" "Sure, but it's a $20 minimum." Um, it takes 20 drinks to get to that min. Well, we did it, somehow. Then headed over to the piano bar Brandy's. We had a gay old time. Then we poured each other into cabs to head home. On the way home, my taxi took me right by THAT BAR and so I had him drop me off there. I ended up chatting with this one guy who knew The BF back when he was Tommy. It was the first time I had spoken to him post-BF and it was quite interesting. Then I fell asleep for a moment. When I awoke there was an Adorable boy next to me. As I recall, we instantly starting making out and then I...whore. I might actually like someone that I've...whore. I'll let ya'll know.

Saturday was spent with Adorable in my bat cave, with anticipations of meeting Cricket for Sicko and convermesations. Adorable went on his way and I got ready for my second date of the weekend. Cricket and I met in Union Square and headed over to the movie. It was fantastic. It was maddening. It was eye-opening. Go see it. As someone who doesn't have health insurance right now, it made my stomach churn to know that in Canada, or the UK or (gasp!) France, people just go to the doctor when they need to. There is NO bill at the end. There is no, "how much am I going to have to put on my credit card this time." That doesn't exist. YIKES SIGH KILL ME. After the movie, we had drinks at that cute little outdoor place in Union Square. We shared some watery sangria, but it was lovely. Cricket had to run off to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to teach the masses how to bend it like Gumby. I decided to walk from Union Square through Chelsea and maybe have a drink at Splash or the like. Splash was terrifying so I kept walking. After being heckled by some stupid LI teens (been a LONG time since I've been heckled, I must say), I ended up at View. It was pretty fun. I met Big Eyes Big Lips and made out with him for a while and then walked him to the train. Headed toward home I saw a particular kind of club that I had been before with The BF. "Hmm, might be fun by myself." It was terrifying, but Cutie McCoif showed up and it got better...until I left at 6:30am (erohw) WHAT?

Sunday FINALLY means brunch again. I met Madame Renea Knight at our old haunting ground (that's fun to say) FC Cafe. The conversation was great, the service, not so much. But, as always, great to hang out with the MRK. Girl, you got such a f'ing great head on your shoulders and you're not afraid to fill it with booze. LOVE YOU.

And that was my weekend of dating my friends/((you))know))))

More gay cartoons to come.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rick and Steve Episode 1 Part 1

Rick and Steve Episode 1 Part 2

Rick and Steve Episode 1 Part 3

My Mom’s 50th Birthday or D10 LaGuardia’s first Gay Bar

So I left work around 11:50 am on Friday and it was POURING. I managed to get to JFK by about 1:15 pm or so. I checked the board and everything looked okay, except that the flight before mine had been canceled. So I went and had a drink. Then I got a message on my phone from American with flight status, saying that it would be departing at 4:50 instead of 3:15. YIKES! I got about 10 more calls that kept changing the departure time, 4:50, 3:30, 4:30, on time, nope 4:50. So I finally went and spoke to someone and they said the flight had not taken off from where it was coming from; it had been on the runway since 1:20. Ugh. So it turns out that if the plane ever actually did show up I would definitely miss my connection to Austin and be stuck in Raleigh-Durham N.C. (ew). So they rerouted me to LGA, so I could connect through Dallas (at least I'd be in the right state if I was stuck). So I hopped on the shuttle and made my way to LGA. This flight was supposed to leave at 6 but was delayed to 6:30. It was then delayed to 7:25 and then delayed to 7:40. So I was stuck in LGA with a million other people with nothing to do but wait. I went over to this drink cart, not a bar, a cart, but they were serving booze. On my way over I see this very cute boy sitting on the ground, we smile. I get a drink and then ask him if I can sit with him. His name is JR. He's waiting for a flight to Chicago because he's going to Market Days (which is like gay-palooza Chicago style or something). He wanted me to come with him, but I told him I couldn't ditch my mom. Then after a while two other gays were near us, and I invited them to come and chat with us. I made a gay bar on the floor of LGA at Gate D10. What can I say? Anyhoo, they hung out with me, and insisted that we all call my mother to wish her happy birthday, until I FINALLY got on the plane which left a little after 8pm. There was very little chance that I was going to make my connection in Dallas which was to leave at 10:45. It turns out that my connection was delayed to 11:08 and I made it about 2 minutes before boarding. I got in at midnight. Lord.

So Friday night my mom, grandma and I stayed up ‘til about 2 talking, then went to bed. Woke up and got ready and tried to help my brother with the digital picture frame he got my mom. We could not make it work. Then Shane and I took Madison over to Nathan's where everyone was gathering before heading to the catering location wedding place where the party was. There were 900 children and they were all blonde. Umm, the party was really fun. It was so hot outside and humid and I was basically soaking wet the whole time, but yeah, my mom had a great time. And as a surprise my best friend from my childhood, Ronda Ray was there. Neither of us knew the other was coming so it was really fun to see her and hang out with her. And nice to have someone not related to me to chat with. There were so many relatives. Then yesterday I got up and had breakfast and then my mom brought me to the airport. All these flights went perfectly. AND on each flight the attendant bought me a drink. Weird. I actually got in early. I was on the shuttle back to Manhattan around 7:25. and now I'm ready for a weekend.

I have two weekends free and then I am off to reunite with my best friend from high school for her wedding!!! And then I’m not traveling for a while, unless the Parodivas get asked to guest star on some Hollywood show, then I might be up on a plane again.

“Planet Unicorn, Heyyy!”

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back from Austin

I will try to put together a recap tomorrow at work. Eating dinner, trying to finish watching Shop Girl (which I started on the plane) before going to bed. LOVE YA'LL (Oh god, the Texan-talk has stuck). Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bloggety blog

I haven’t blogged in a hundred years. Oy. I can’t log in or view blogs when filming episodes of The Temp and by the time I get home from work and the gym, I just…can’t. So I’m writing this at work, going to email it to myself at home so that I can just cut and paste into a new post. We shall see. Tonight Darladiva and I are seeing Hairspray. I’m very excited. I hope John Travolta doesn’t annoy the crap out of me so I can enjoy it. I’ve heard good things about the movie. Anyhoo, yay for diva dates. We had such a wonderful time performing together again for Tip My Cup. It was a nice reminder of how well we really do work together. We made some new friend/fans, handed out cards and promised a full Parodivas show in the Fall. That’s right ya’ll. We’ve been working on the script and it’s coming together. We’re starting to talk about venues, etc. So stay tuned.

On Friday, I am flying to Austin for my mother’s 50’th birthday. Her present to herself was getting me a plane ticket. So I requested off work and they said fine, so I am going. It will be a crazy whirlwind trip of less than three days, but at least I get to see her and every other Texan I never knew I was related to. I haven’t seen her for a year and haven’t seen my brother in I don’t know how long. Crazy.

Other than that, not much else is going on. It seems they are interested in changing The Temp into a spin-off called The Perm. I’m going to see what the ($) offer is and really consider it. I really like this role. I hope I continue to. The thing is they are courting me, so it’s a welcomed change from my last sitcom. What a disaster that was. So glad to be out of there.

Guess that’s all for now. Noodle is back on tour so she may be blogging again. Check her out.

Peace McDoodle

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Doot do do

SO, I recorded my voiceover demo on Thursday. I am so excited about it. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I just wish I could fast forward three weeks, so that I could forward it to everyone I know ever. Congrats to Darladiva on getting hers as well. It sounds fantastic. The divas are gonna ROCK the voiceover world.

Speaking of divas, we are performing this week. We were asked to perform in Tip My Cup Productions fund raiser on Thursday at Don't Tell Mama. FUN TIMES. We are singing two numbers and have no idea who else is in the show or even what the format is, but we thrive when we're faking it, so BRING IT ON.

Last week was spent filming new episodes of The Temp. It's going quite well. So far, it's a much easier role than my role on The Office. MUCH EASIER. And the environment is very quiet, chill, cool. It's in the West Village, which is a nice change from Midtown. I'm still getting used to the commute and the earlier hours, but I'll be glad when that first paycheck hits my account on Friday. All will feel a little bit better when August rent is paid.

My mom is turning 50 on August 6th. They are having a surprise party for her that she knows about. I can't afford to go because I just spent money and will have to spend some more to go to Boise for my best friend from high school, Andrea's wedding. YAYYYYY. Congratulations Drea, I'm so excited to see you and perhaps meet an Idaho gay. Do they have those? Shirley they must.

Tonight I'm going to attempt to make Thai Green Curry Chicken. I just got back from the grocerey store and am looking at recipes. We shall see.

Bye Noodle, good luck hangin' with your Dad and break a leg in rehearsal.


PS. No response to my proposal to Mika. Guess I'm going to have to come up with a better tactic. Hmm. He MUST read blogs though, right? RIGHT? Gawd.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mr. Mika Moodle

Dear Mika,
I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak, I lose all control. Then somethin' takes over me in a daze, your love's so amazing. It's not a phase. I want you to stay with me, by my side. I swallow my pride. Your love is so sweet, it knocks me right off of my feet. Can't explain why your lovin' makes me weak.

Consider this the first proposal. I'm hilarious and you are crazy sexy cool. Let's get hitched.


Sunday, July 22, 2007


LOVED IT. She got 19 curtain calls and all were well deserved. So glad that Darladiva, Cricket, and I got to see this amazing performance.

So, new episodes of The Temp will start on Tuesday. Tomorrow I have to go get my fingerprinting, etc. SOOOOOO CORPORATE. We'll see. Tune in.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Urban Family

Yesterday was well spent. Gwenners threw a fabulous party in a mansion in Tribeca. It was fantastic. The food was good, the wine was great, the conversation was top notch. A whole bunch a funny people drinking too strong daiquiries is a GOOD TIME. And the Guess that TV Show Theme Song was a highlight. Some of the gays went out for drinks after. It was very dramatical, spilled drinks, ass contests, you know typical. But it worked out well in the end. :)


Monday, July 02, 2007

Voiceover STAR!

I had my second voiceover coaching today. It went really well. She gave me a lot of tasks, techniques, etc to work on. I expel too much air when I'm reading the copy. I'm using breath techniques for singing or speaking on stage and I don't need to. Just have to retrain myself on a few little things that I've learned theatrically. But it's really fun. She was very impressed with my work, which made me really happy.

I'm feeling antsy about what's going to happen when vacation is over and I have to really figure out money stuff. I am someone who always worries about money, whether I'm making a ridiculously large salary or ushering for $18/show and sleeping on Gwenner's floor. I am just always consumed with it. Thanks to Darladiva I did get all the unemployment paperwork submitted. I just don't know how I can make my budget work with that very little amount of money. I don't really want to take another full time position, unless it's at the same place as Darladiva. I want to get temp work and do some auditions in the fall, but the uncertainty of that terrifies me. Anyhoo. Looking forward to the 4th at Gwenner's temporary mansion. HOLLA.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekly blogging...bad Doodle

Well, I haven't been up to much, but what I have been up to ain't so bad. Beach House companion? Perhaps.

I wanted to post this comment on Gwenner's blog but it just ain't workin', so click the link, watch her clips and then read the following: Don't read it until you visit her blog GAWD.

What's a Tim Conway? Oh about 145.

Um, Ratatouille is f'ing brilliant. I haven't laughed that hard since I read the most recent sketch that Darladiva wrote. It's so so so so so so good. Go now. Go at 11pm so that you can enjoy it, but go. Yet another dream role:
Click on him. You know you want to.

Saturday, June 23, 2007



Tomorrow will mark the 10 year anniversary of my very first gay pride parade. I can't believe it. My best friend and I had come out to each other and so decided to go to the parade. My parents were out of town so I didn't have to come up with any story; I could just go to the parade. What a wonderfully exciting time. I remember crusing boys in my too tight tank top and shorts. We met a group of really cute gays. But they were older (in their 20's OMG). One of them really took a liking to my friend and I really took a liking to the "intellectual" of the group, imagine. Anyhoo, it's fun to remember those times, but I would never go back. I don't remember how I explained to my mom about my sun burn. Hangin' out in the park with friends, or something. Not very long after that she and I had the talk. She was so wonderful. We went for a long walk around the neighborhood and talked everything out. As a kid we would always go for walks together or go bike riding. I cherish those times and it just made sense that that would be the way I would come out to her. She joined PFLAG and really wanted to be as supportive as possible, and she truly was and still is. She recently gave my email address to a "very cute" guy who came into her bar in Austin. He hasn't contacted me, but I love that she's setting me up all the way from Texas. Oh Mother. Anyhoo, tomorrow is the gayest of days. I'm going to try to have my 10 years of perspective in the back of my brain. Fun to look back and then imagine what the future holds. I think I would make a great to find the guy. Maybe I'll meet a new group of really cute gays who are older (in their 30's OMG).

Doodle Gay Doodle

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm BUSY being jobless

Last Friday Noodle and I saw Xanadu. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. It was hilarious. We were laughing the whole time. Douglas Carter Beane bascially took the idea of the movie and then created his own wonderful campy delightfulness. James Carpinello broke his foot and so one of his understudies went on. He was okay, but you could tell he was struggling, but he was on freaking skates. Anyhoo, turns out that Noodle knows the choreographer, Dan Knechtges, so we chatted with him a bit after. His choreography really was a highlight. SO MUCH FUN. Anyhoo, I would be interested to see Cheyenne Jackson's take on the lead. I believe he goes in this week and will play the role until James Carpinello comes back. This could totally take off with a cult following, if only people would go and see it. I wonder if they actually will. Kerry Butler rocked my world and Mary Testa made me pee myself and Noodle a couple times. I want to be Mary Testa. Sometimes, I think I am. I plan on going 9 more times if anyone is interested.

The Office is over. I was informed on Friday that I was being killed off the show. How did my character die? An angry executive was so livid that his sandwich arrived 20 minutes late that he spontaneously combusted. One of his angry executive arms torpedoed from his body directly into my jugular and I died immediately. Such drama. Now I have to find a new role. I'm considering this new episodic entitled, "Over-paid temp." I'll let ya'll know.

My first voiceover coaching was such fun. I really had a great time and learned so much in my jam-packed hour. It turns out that I am "very high energy." Which makes me well-suited to "kids stuff." I worked on a really fun spot for Discovery Kids which was all about fungi and toe cheese, etc. Ew. And my challenge as the vo talent was to make sure that "Ew" was in my voice. FUN TIMES. I can't wait until my next session. Holla!

That's that for now. Have to get back to my rigorous schedule of watching daytime television.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Coming Soon:

-The end of THE OFFICE
-My first voiceover coaching...SO MUCH FUN.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Copy Doodle

I see him 2-3 times a week. We chat briefly and that's it. I mean I'm not going to pursue. The ball is in his court, if you will. Why doesn't he do something about it??? Frustrating.

Seeing Xanadu tomorrow night with Noodle. Oh the horror. SO EXCITED. "Have to believe we are magic..."

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Superbowl: The Tony's

I must say I enjoyed last night's Tony's more than I have in years. It was a great show, with many surprise, great performances, and wonderfully gay acceptance speeches. Out of the 25 awards, I guessed 15 correctly. I've listed them below.

Doodle's guess
Was he right?

Jerry Mitchell, Legally Blonde The Musical
Bill T. Norris, Spring Awakening

Duncan Sheik, Spring Awakening

Book of a Musical
Steven Sater, Spring Awakening

Duncan Sheik & Steven Sater, Spring Awakening

Scenic Design (Play)
Bob Crowley & Scott Pask, The Coast of Utopia

Scenic Design (Musical)
Christine Jones, Spring Awakening
Bob Crowley, Mary Poppins (ooh)

Costume Design (Play)
Catherine Zuber, The Coast of Utopia

Costume Design (Musical)
William Ivey Long, Grey Gardens
Mm hmm.

Special Theatrical Event
Kiki & Herb Alive on Broadway
Jay Johnson: The Two and Only (dis!)

Lighting Design (Play)
Jason Taylor, Journey’s End
Brian MacDevitt, Kenneth Posner & Natasha Katz, The Coast of Utopia (I didn’t SEE it)

Lighting Design (Musical)
Kevin Adams, Spring Awakening

Direction (Play)
Michael Grandage, Frost/Nixon
Jack O’Brien, The Coast of Utopia

Direction (Musical)
Michael Mayer, Spring Awakening
Trends emerging

Featured Actor (Play)
Anthony Chisholm, Radio Golf
Billy Crudup, The Coast of Utopia

Featured Actress (Play)
Jennifer Ehle, The Coast of Utopia
Martha Plimpton, The Coast of Utopia (so close!)

Featured Actor (Musical)
John Gallagher, Jr., Spring Awakening
Oh yes.

Featured Actress (Musical)
Mary Louise Wilson, Grey Gardens
Oh yeah.

Actor (Play)
Live Schreiber, Talk Radio
Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon

Actress (Play)
*Eve Best, A Moon for the Misbegotten
Julie White, The Little Dog Laughed (Upset! She was great though)

*Carly, I voted for who I thought would win. Don’t get mad.

Actor (Musical)
Raul Esparza, Company
David Hyde Pierce, Curtains

Actress (Musical)
Christine Ebersole, Grey Gardens

Play Revival
Journey’s End
Soo good.

Musical Revival

The Coast of Utopia
Of course.

Spring Awakening
Mmm mm good.

Highlights for me: Raul Esparza's Being Alive, Fantasia Fantasia Fantasia, David Hyde Pierce's wonderful acceptance speech.

What were YOUR favorite parts?

Friday, June 08, 2007


Dear Doodle’s Diary,

I haven’t written in a while...well I’ve only written twice. NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE THIRD. Something is up in the world DD. One of the most talented, funny, put-together people I know is SOMEHOW not being appreciated at work. I DON’T understand this…really. Except I kinda do. Remember a while back, and sort of continuing to today, how I was not appreciated? Well it’s kind of like that. The difference is that I give about 60%. This person gives much more. MUCH. MUCHO. MAS. How did this, nay, how COULD this happen DD? I suppose that it means that God or Garland or whomever just has something bigger better and uncut in store for her. That’s just what I have to believe. I believe it for myself as well. Until then, we’ll just have to laugh all the way to the bank, I suppose.

DD, have you ever heard of the magazine Dwell? I want to live in it. They sent me a mailer because they think I should love them. And they were right. CHECK IT OUT dd.

Hey DD, guess what? Tonight I’m seeing Journey’s End with Gwenners. I know how you love her. You’re always gushing about her curly hair and quick wit. “THAT GIRL BE IS HAD IS HAD HAD IS FUNNY.” Isn’t that what you’re always saying? Yes, yes it is. Well, anywhore, I am very excited to see the play. I’ve heard it is really great. Also, DD, ahead for the weekend, is spending time with Sir Willio cuz it’s NOT his birthday. And then there’s brunch and of course THE TONY’S. Though I have not seen Audra in 110 in the Shade (I’m going on the 22nd), I think it will be a travesty if Christine Ebersole does not win the Tony. She will though. She has to. I also want Spring Awakening to win 25 or so. Blah de blue. I’ll update you DD on what has have had happened on Monday (or realistically Tuesday).

I guess that’s all for now DD. Wish me luck this weekend in getting to post on Monday my favorite label: You’re the one that I want…(just kidding: whore)!
Bye DD,

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Darladiva is famous- GO GIRL!

'We know the future is in good hands'

MEDFORD — It was a night to celebrate excellence, specifically the excellence of 34 astounding area teens.

In a festive dinner at Braddock's Tavern on Main Street, the winners of the 13th annual Teen Excellence program were honored for their diverse talents and their contributions to the community.

Major sponsors of the program, launched in 1995 by the Burlington County Times, include Commerce Bank, Burlington County College, Braddock's Tavern, and this year the YMCA of Burlington County.

“This night reminds us that the vast majority of teens are doing great work,” said Stanley Ellis, publisher of the Burlington County Times and the emcee. “We know the future is in good hands.”
Among those being honored were student government leaders, musicians, artists, young scientists and selfless volunteers.

For example, Sanjay Bhatt, a senior at Moorestown Friends School, has volunteered at orphanages for neediest children in India and also presides over the model United Nations Club at Friends. He is student council president and a National Merit Commended Scholar who is heading for Brown University.

But like many of the other honorees, Sanjay worries about a future that sometimes seems ominous. “I think a lot about world violence and our inability to solve large-scale problems through diplomacy. I hope my generation does better,” said the young man who is looking to a career in finance and economics.

For Andrew Massarro, a future in science, probably in medicine, is in the master plan. Massarro is class valedictorian at Shawnee, attended the Governor's School of the Sciences program last summer, and is a member of an organization that helps families dealing with Down syndrome.

Massarro, who will be on a full-tuition science honor scholarship at the University of Richmond, already feels the pressure of time moving too fast. “High school went by in a flash, and I guess college will, too,” said the future veterinarian.

Also graduating from Shawnee High School is Lauren Zarillo, who hopes to become an elementary school teacher after the College of New Jersey. A proponent of old-fashioned family values and a sense of caring, Zarillo is a volunteer for children and spent a part of a recent summer working with her family in a Chinese orphanage.

Addressing the students, parents, teachers and other guests was keynote speaker Darlene Heller, a 1998 graduate of Willingboro High School who has gone on to become a New York-based poet, actress, writer and advocate for the disenfranchised.

Her message: Try to do what makes you happy in your life's work, trust your instincts, and know that while the road may be bumpy, success is within reach of those who strive for it.

Judges for Teen Excellence were Richard J. Pokrass, dean of institutional advancement at Burlington County College, Barbara Wallace, a retired educator who serves as state director of the Office of Constituent Relations for Gov. Jon S. Corzine, and John Worley, CEO of the YMCA of Burlington County.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hey, I have a bunch of things to mention, but am feeling a little o’erwhelmed by The Office today so I’m just going to jot down a few thougts.

Friday, Farrah’s show at NDG, “Holy S@!!@!@@@@!” was quite enjoyable. It had a lot of very funny moments and some hot dancing. I gotsta get me one of them dancer boys…maybe.

Saturday we saw the very very brave Darladiva and her fellow funny folks in their improv graduation show. Some, like Dar, were very funny, and some, like frizzy haired girl, were not so funny. It got me to thinking if I could actually do that. I don’t know. I mean I am capable, but terrified. I suppose that’s reason enough, but I JUST DON’T KNOW. Good work Dar. Happy Graduation.

After the improv, we gawked at some circus freaks who were busy shopping at the outdoor flea circus, I mean market, I mean circus, that was on 26th Street. Verry interesting. Then we made our way to Central Park for Madame Renea Knight’s birthday shin-dig. It was a lot of fun. Drinking and people watching and flirting with a freckle. Weird Brendan Frasier Moon Shine Guy, etc. We ended up having dinner at the Boat Basin, which I never even knew existed. Pretty cool. Reminiscent of the Beer Garden in Queens, but in Manhattan. Woot. Then we walked MRK home to her new apartment. It is in a great location. Really great. She passed out and when she awoke her stuff had been moved into her closet and her bed was all set up. We don’t know how it happened, but it did. Then we went home and passed out.

Sunday we had brunch at our new favorite brunch place Maracas. It was Noodle, Doodle, and MRKoodle. It was really great and we all have to go back ASAP. I mean all you can drink margaritas and you can order fajitas or taco salads or or or or for less than $20. AMAZING.

THEN…it was home for a quick rest before heading to see Niwa’s one act. It was very funny and really REALLY stood out from the other pieces that we saw. Everyone involved should feel really proud of what was accomplished.

It was a very full weekend and I had a great time. Now I sit here wishing that next weekend had the same fun in store. Who knows? Oh at some point I was a whore. Yay.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I want to fast forward my life

I want to zoom ahead past this hurdle.

I want the money-flow to feel less tainted.

I want to hop out of bed with pep not droop in my step.

I want to hone in on voiceover potential.

I want to say goodbye to paying interest on purchases long forgotten.

I want Corporation Corporate to KISS MY TALENTED ASS!

I want to take pride in my crispy red skin achieved after a week in the sun.

I want to listen to music outdoors sans walls sans limitations sans burden.

I want to hear my voice on an mp3.

I want to sing for Scar and be taken seriously.

I want to feel elated when someone takes my hand unexpectedly (and I'd like him to be hot).

I want to fast forward my life.

Get me out of now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where IS that Doodle from? Wasp-town. I KNEW it.

What American accent do you have?
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What American accent do you have?
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hooray for Tuesday! (or something like that)

Friday night Darladiva and I had a lovely date. We went for sushi at a cute little place called Aoki. For some reason they kept taking the drink menu from us. So I had to keep asking, “Could I see the drink menu?” It was funny at the time. Let’s just pretend I didn’t bring it up. After our lovely dinner by a fountain, we walked next door to the Longacre Theatre where Talk Radio is playing. Oooh Daddy, Liev Schreiber is hot and good and hot. And good. (and hot). It’s a really great play and I really enjoyed the voices. I enjoyed Liev’s “radio” voice and I also really enjoyed all of the voices of the people who would call into his talk show. I’m a fan of the vo, as you know. There was a talk back afterwards that we had no idea was happening, so we decided to stay. There was a guest who was an actual talk radio host who talked about that bigot guy in NJ, etc. The most interesting thing he said is that talk radio is going to get bigger and bigger in the age of iPods when you can get any song you want when you want it, you don’t need a dj and commercials getting in your way. So radio of the future will be all talk. Innnteresting. Also, Liev was hot. Hott.

Saturday, Noodle and I decided to see a movie. Pirates of Doodle? Nope. Shrek the Doodle? Nope. Doodleman 3? Nope. We saw Bug. Oh my lordy. I still don’t really know what happened or why. Apparently the play that it is based on is very good and had a very successful run Off-Broadway a few years ago. I’m going to have to do some research and get the damned play, because the movie was baffling. It wasn’t good. Please don’t see it. BLAH. After that we went for dinner at a cute Mexican place in the West Village called Maracas. They have Mexican brunch, so we should check that out SOON. Maybe not this weekend since everyone and their dog has something going on this weekend, except me, I just have to attend everyone’s dog’s events. Holla! After dinner we went to Marie’s. Noodle’s new roomie ended up meeting us there and we sang our faces off all night. So much so that my voice was totally shot Sunday morning and Noodle’s diaphragm was sore. For some reason when I’m at a divey piano bar I think I’m a baritenor. I ain’t. Sigh.

Sunday, we went out to Queens for Niwa’s birthday. It was a hoot as always. Such a fun crowd to sit around and make fun of Czechs with. Czech please! Then Sunday night I met Cricket for sangria at Maryann’s before we went to Mr. Black. It was a fun night, but at some point I fell down a flight of stairs, rolled my ankle, busted my head on something and made out with a cute young Dominican. I then got paranoid that he was going to steal my wallet, so I just left (Cricket had already left as he had a full day of yoga and grocery selling ahead).

Monday, I did my best to hide from the world. I ended up watching all of Angels in America, which I had not seen yet. I want to marry it. I wept, I laughed, I had dread, I had hope. It’s a masterpiece.

And here I sit at The Office, wondering if I really want to check my bank account to see how much money I really spent this weekend. Woops.


Thursday, May 24, 2007


It’s quiet here on set at The Office, which kind of makes me a bit on edge that at any give moment some e-fire is going to e-rupt and I’ll e-die. But maybe that’s just my paranoia. MAYBE! Tonight Noodle and I are going to see Show Business, which the lovely Miss Gmeyster has chatted about over on her blog. Check it out or die. I’m excited to see the film. Of the four shows discussed (Avenue Q, Caroline or Change, Wicked, and Taboo) I just missed Caroline. I was p-iz-oor back then, so it’s a wonder I got to see any shows at all. I remember Darladiva and I having a very entertaining time at Taboo, but also knowing it would be closing moments from opening. Sadly. I enjoy both the London cast recording as well as the Broadway. But I’m a fan of camp which this show epitomizes. Darladiva (and Smoosh?), Noodle, and maybe Cricket(?), and I were at the Tony party for Avenue Q so I’m hoping that maybe if we look closely, we’ll see one of our ears or something, as we reluctantly made friends with Jai Rodriguez, my self-proclaimed nemesis. I'll get you Culture Guy! Anyhoodle, that’s tonight.

Last night, after 195 minutes of build up, Jordin won American Idol. I’m glad. Good work. Now record an album (whatever that is) so I can buy it, thanks. Kelly Clarkson sang her new single Never Again. It was hott (she was nott so much…who’s her stylist?). I always pine for my one true love Clay Aiken to make an appearance on such fluffy filler-y finale shows, but alas, he did not. Probably because he was attending some sort of Un-gay event. Sigh. Someday Clay, someday. On your own terms. In my room. Thanks.

The weather in NYC has been lovely/bearable. Tomorrow the angry humidity begins and I have to figure a way of doodling to work without becoming a heaping mess of sweat. Fun times. I need an air conditioned bubble, like the ones hamsters hang out in. You know. You know.

I want to tell you what’s up this weekend, but then I’ll have nothing to post tomorrow. So, you’ll just have to wait. I’m seeing another straight play. Guess which one.

O o d l d e

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Return of the Jedi (I mean Doodle-i), I mean Popeye, I mean SHUT UP AND GET TO WRITING DOODLE.


Macoosh wants to know 5 reasons why I blog. 1. Because I want to write everyday. I don’t do that, but I want to and that's what this little site allows. It’s as simple as that. 2. The stories that make up my life and those of other bloggers out there are perfect material for sketch comedy shows, for Parodivas Variey Hours, for audition monologues that casting directors really HAVEN’T heard, etc. 3. That’s why I’m here 4. I’m queer get used to 5. doodle.

Kevin Spacey was absolutely amazing in A Moon for the Misbegotten. Eve Best was also great, but I found myself so drawn to the tiny nuances he gave to this very interesting drunkard. Lovely. Lovely.

I went with one of my mostest favoritest people to see Deuce. Granted, I was not feeling well, but it was boring. It was great to see them in person on stage doing stuff, but my goodness I don’t care about tennis. I don’t know if you know that. I mean, do you know that? Anyhoo, lovely to see Cricket.

The Office is sort of weird at the moment. While playing my role, I’ve also been going on for the role that I understudy this week. I guess that’s fun. I guess I really don’t care.

I’ve scheduled all of my voiceover coachings, demo prep, and demo recording. As of July 25th all of those sessions will be complete. It’s very exciting, but I wish it didn’t seem so far away.


Thursday, May 17, 2007


I got nothin’ new. I think my cold turned into a flu type thing because after the gym, I didn’t change out of my sweatiness and doodled home in the rain. Woops! Now I’m all feverish. Ain’t right. I need to get me a vitamin (or 90).

I am surprised that Melinda Doolittle (of course I love this name) was voted off American Idol. I really thought she would win, though all along I have been rooting for Jordin. I love her voice and her look and I think she will record a very interesting album. The guy Blake, is kinda cute and I kinda like his style, but I think Jordin has much much more appeal. Anyhoo, I look forward to downloading their songs once their albums come out. WOOOT.

Tomorrow night Madame Renea Knight and I are seeing A Moon for the Misbegotten starring Kevin Spacey and recently Tony nominated Eve Best. According to GME it’s wonderful. I can’t wait! Then on Saturday Cricket and I are going to see Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes in Terrence McNally’s new play Deuce. Rock on! And I’ll leave it up to Noodle and Sir Willio to fill in the blanks of the rest of the weekend. Holla! I think maybe a new brunch spot is in order, or maybe force Sir W to make us brunch at his place. That might be great. It’s only Thursday and I’m already dreaming about the weekend. Sigh.

What are YOU doodling this weekend?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sick/weekend recap

Stupid cold.

Anyhoo, the Dayquil is kind of working, but it’s also kind of making me sleepy. A nap under the desk is justified if you’re sick? I say so. Alas.

Noodle and I saw Radio Golf on Friday night. The seat to my right was empty at the beginning of the show. About 5 or ten minutes into the show a girl came in and took the seat. In her purse was a brown paper bag. She reached into the brown paper bag rustling it for all the world to hear and took out a container of guacamole. She then opened the container of guacamole and the aroma of spicy avocadoes invaded the noses of all ‘round her. She then reached back into the loudest paper bag on earth and grabbed a crunchy tortilla chip to dip into the aforementioned guacamole. She began eating. Loudly. Mind you, the play had begun. Actors were acting. I have no idea what they were saying because I was busy watching this ridiculous spectacle. Finally I leaned over to Guacamole Susan and said, “You’re not really going to eat that right now, right?” She wiped a green blob from her rude ass face and sassily nodded yes. “You know this isn’t a movie, right?” Another sassy nod and she reached her nasty claw back into the bag of loudness as an angry angry woman in front of her hurled her head around with the “look of shush.” Guacamole Susan got the hint and put her bombastic appetizer away. Cunt. Anyhoo, the play was pretty good, but unfortunately the lead man wasn’t great. Here’s what Brantley had to say:
But the tickets were free, so who cares? Yay free! After that we met Sir Willio somewhere and did something, but who remembers?

Saturday I woke up sick so I stayed in bed as long as possible. Then I got up and cleaned and made the apartment look decent. Then we got ready to go out to Brooklyn to see Darladiva in Orphans at the Impact Theatre. She delivered a thoughtful performance. Each gesture embodied the character of a woman who defines herself first as a mother. That was amazing. You could see the woman’s connection to her children, adopted or natural. The other actresses did an okay job with the material given. I can’t believe there is a little black box in Prospect Heights. It doesn’t seem to fit into the neighborhood at all, but it’s there. Interesting. Anyhoo, good work Darladiva. Now, let’s do some comedy…damnit!

Sunday was brunch. The Fred, Madame Renea Knight, and Noodle and I met at the BBQ place to celebrate in our mother’s honors. A highlight was chatting with my mother who said, “Have a bloody mary for me. Take a drink of it while I’m on the phone.” I of course obliged. She hadn’t yet received the gift I had sent, so I was a bit upset, but it turns out that it had been delivered and my step dad was brining it to her. She called back crying from the card I wrote. SCORE! After, we went back to the apartment and sunbathed on the roof. I fell soundly asleep for quite some time. Madame RK had to head up to the UWS for some somethin’ somethin’. So, Noodle and spiffed up and went to Therapy Lounge to hang out with The Fred some more. He’s the bouncer there. We had a nice time. Yay for free drinks. Holla.

Then I woke up yesterday and the cold had fully attacked my chest. Coughing like a mo fo mo, I called in. I couldn’t make it to work. I rested all day and then Noodle and I went to the gym for over 2 hours and then made a really fun dinner which we ate during the second to last episode of Heroes.

All right. All caught up. Doodle.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I had a great weekend, but I came down with a nasty chest cold. I promise to post tomorrow about everything.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blah blah blah blah blah

I have nothing better to say. I've been a regular gym bunny these past two weeks. That's good. RIGHT? Meeting Gwenners tonight at her fancy gym on Park Avenue. Fancy fancy fancy. And after that? Nuthin'. Home to watch whatever it is that comes on TV on Thursdays. I never got into Grey's Anatomy so that limits my choices, but I'm sure some something will be on to occupy my evening. Again Blah blah blah blah blah.

Tomorrow Noodle and I are seeing Radio Golf, the new (and final) play by August Wilson. I've heard some good things and I'm really looking forward to it. Then on Saturday we're seeing Darladiva in Orphans out in Brooklyn. I'm really really looking forward to seeing her serious side. Ooooh. Aaaahhhh. And then, on Sunday is brunch (which may end up being a boozefest on the sidewalk if we can't wrestle a table away from the mommies). We shall see.



Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Steadily doodling forward

Heyyyyy. So I met with The Agent yesterday and we chatted for quite a while about what I do and what she thinks I’m right for and what I should do over the summer to get ready for the fall, etc. She was very informative and excited to begin helping me move forward with my career. WHICH F’ING ROCKS! We should talk further in person. Does anyone want to have brunch on Mom’s Day? Let’s do it.

The voiceover evaluation went well, they definitely think I should train a little and then record a demo. Just need to assess how much money I have right now to put toward that. Holla!
How are YOU doing?

Monday, May 07, 2007

Tra la la la Weekend

Hey blog hey. Hmm. Okay, so Noodle is back in town. Yay! We had a good weekend. On Friday we went out with Madame Renea Knight. It was pretty fun. On Saturday we went out with Roommate K and shopped at the Manhattan Mall and the area. I got a very cute shirt at Jimmyz. I’d never been there before. It’s cute. Then, I met charming for coffee and walking. It was fun. He’s adorable and quite smart and I look forward to our next thingy. Noodle was having drinks with some former tour people and I went and met up with them. One of her friends who directed one of her tours had auditioned for Cloud 9, so I mentioned to her that I had seen her at the auditions. She asked if I got cast and I told her yes. “Oh, then you know my brother.” Her brother played Harry Bagley. Annnd, he also performed in a production of Aunt Dan and Lemon at University of Denver that both Noodle and I saw. CRAZY! The world is so small. THEN, yesterday morning, Noodle and I got up to go see a sublet for her up in Washington Heights. We got there and she told the guy, “This is my friend he’s just tagging along.” He looked at me like I was the weirdest homosexual alien he had ever seen. He kept looking at me so strangely that Noodle and I got really uncomfortable. Finally he spoke up, “were you in Cloud 9? I love that play and saw you in it.” CRAZY! We were on our way after that to the Cloud 9 barbecue in Brooklyn. It had be is a crazy small world, ya’ll. We had a great time with the Whirled Peas. They’re a really fun bunch, and so is the cast. It turned out to be a great great experience. YAY! Today at lunch, I am meeting with someone who might be able to get my career kicked into high gear, and I may get seen for that production of Superman with her help. Wish me luck!!
AND at some point Noodle and I found ourselve standing outside the loading area at Trader Joe's calling out to our favorite Trader Cricket. It was lovely to see him. Hey Cricket hey!

Alrighty, the Office calls. TTFN and don’t forget DOODLE!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Equity: To be or NON to be

I am NON. I tried three times throughout the course of the day yesterday to get seen for the York Theatre Company’s production of It’s a Bird It’s a Plane It’s Superman. It was my first time “crashing” an Equity Principal audition. It wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the stories I’ve heard of open calls at the AEA audition place (where I’ve never dared go being a NON). Anyhoo, the monitor took all the NON’s headshots/resumes into the director who then typed us out by our pictures. I brought in a photo of me as Dr. Sedg (thanks Darladiva for the advice). I sent that in with my headshot and I was one of the few NONs that the director was interested in seeing…time permitting. Well, from 12-1 time did not permit, I was instructed to come back around 3-3:30 because there were some open slot then. I ran ran RAN back to The Office and asked if it would be okay if I went back out for a bit around 3. Luckily they said yes. Unluckily, when I got back to the audition spot all the space that was originally available had been taken by EQUITY people not on the list. Oy. I asked if it would behoove me to come back at 5 and the monitor said yes. I ran ran RAN back to The Office. Worked a little longer, left work early, and then ran ran RAN back to the audition. The monitor had just released all the NONs because they were not going to get seen. I sat there, trying to cool off from all the running and listened to the last people audition. Some were good, some were bad, but no one was phenomenal. The VERY last EQUITY guy sang my song. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t moving; it just was. Anyhoo, the director has my headshot and a picture of me doing acrobatics with my face. Is this what we call the WORK part of trying to be a working actor? I left disappointed and TIRED. I trudged off to the gym to let out some aggression. However, as I trod to the dressing room, a charming smile greeted me from the depths of a contraption that makes your delts deltier or your lats latier or your quads quadra-please stop me. (My aggression quickly flitted by the crunching meatheads and out the steamy windows across the way). We chatted about possibly seeing Coram Boy because he heard it was the worst thing ever and we both enjoy a good flop. Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to hanging out with him on Saturday. We shall call him Charming.

Tonight is my voiceover evaluation. Wish me luck. I’m really looking forward to getting behind a mic with some copy. Woo hoo.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Macoosh tagged...

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Finally the gym pays off!

Well, I have lost about 12 pounds since embarking on this whole gym thing. I no longer cringe when I pass the mirror. I still throw up, but I don't cringe.

But seriously, I re-met a very charming fellow at the gym yesterday. We've seen each other around (at Marie's the first time), a random party in Brooklyn that Cricket took me to, etc. Well, it turns out he lives down the block at that fancy pants building on the corner (you know).

(hums Some Enchanted Evening to self)


d o o d l e eeeeeeeeee.

Monday, April 30, 2007

F R e e D O M ?

Darladiva and Cricket asked how it feels to be free/have nights free. It feels scary. Now I have time to think about my life. Who wants to do that? Honestly, these past two projects have kept my mind completely off of (throws up) healing from Carter. Blah. I just want to go on pretending it didn’t even exist. I don’t know. Sometimes I long to see him on a street corner so I can smile and say hello. I don’t hate him and I hate that he probably hates me. Ugh.

What’s next? I’m going to work on a voiceover demo. I have my evaluation this week. I’m really interested to see what they think of my crazy voice and what direction they think I should go. I’m also going to work on writing the next Parodivas show. Not sure when we’ll DO it, but if it’s written, that’s at least a starting point. We shall see.

Noodle will be back in town tomorrow (I think), so we need to find her a sublet and a temp job or something.

Beyond that, who knows? I’d like to go on a date. I haven’t done that in lord knows how long.

Thanks again to everyone for coming to the show. It meant the world to me.

And thanks to my two favorite geminis for helping me pick up the cute boy in the green shirt. That went well.

And thanks for my feathers Mr. Man, I love them.

And just for good measure: dead babies


Saturday, April 28, 2007

I can cook too

I made myself this spicy cheesy jalapeno omelet with a side of roasted peppers. Isn't it pretty?

Tonight's the night! Cloud 9 closes and most of the posse will be there to see it. Holla! See ya'll tonight.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Cricket! I heart you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Middle of the week...

Last night I went to New Dance Group for an artists gathering, where new works and such are read (I’m told). Well, it turned out that all the usual attendees were otherwise engaged. You know how busy everyone is RIGHT NOW. It’s crazy. So it ended up being just Farrah, a lovely girl (and cheese) Brie, and doodle's truly. We read The Dead Guy by Eric Coble. It was quite a lot of fun. I got to play the main guy Eldon, who is a dead beat John Cusack type. I said shit a lot. It was hott. The play is about this fellow (me) who gets propositioned by a TV exec (Brie). She says she will give him 1 million dollars, to spend in 7 days, as he chooses. It all has to be filmed by Dougie (Farrah). And he has to die on the 7th day. The audience is going to vote on how. It’s a funny little play and an enjoyable commentary on reality television (which I never watch every day). Anyhoo, it’s worth a read, and I have a copy if you had be is want to read it.

Idol was okay last night. They kicked it into mega-cheese mode and turned it into a children’s charity. Whatever. Yay kids. Woo. My favorite is Jordin. The quality of the stupid tape wasn’t great, but she sang You’ll Never Walk Alone from Carousel and it was great. She or Melinda should win. DO IT RIGHT AMERICA.

Anything else? I have an audition for the host of a cooking competition show today. The character is a bitchy butler/assistant to a billionaire and his Chihuahua Pico. Yes, and yes please. I just hope my facial acrobatics don’t explode the camera lens. Woops! Think good thoughts.

Cloud 9 closes this weekend. Wow. Then what?


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I bought this post at

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.
Mae West

Heroes was good last night. I'm glad it's back in my life. I'm also glad that American Idol is back in my life. I have to run home and put a tape in because I am going to a reading of a new play tonight at Farrah's NDG. Holla Farrah, holla. I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, April 23, 2007


On Friday I ran home and rested briefly before heading to the show. The show went very well. Actually the audience on Thursday night was the laughiest (at me) of all so I hearted them. We had good audiences all weekend thanks to Kaitlyn. She always has at least 5 people in the audience. Holla! Her mom came down from Montreal. She’s adorable. The show on Saturday night was SO WARM because of the sudden weather change. I thought I might melt and die, but I made it. THANK GAWD.

After the show on Friday I zoomed over to the Duplex to meet Darladiva who was finishing up her quickie show. Apparently she ROCKED THE CAZBAUGH. I polled audience members to confirm. We all headed over to get some Mexican McDrinks and Chips which was quite lovely. Sir Willio joined for that. He’s in tax hell, so we didn’t stay too long. We popped back up to midtown and had a final drink at 10th Avenue Something or Other. Woo. I slept in as long as possible before getting up and getting ready, getting my gym stuff (for between shows) and headed off to the matinee. Another good show. Yay! I haven’t done a matinee in AGES. I’m not a fan. I tried out the gym in Soho. It was lovely (surprise surprise) and empty (yay!). I did some circuit training (because Men’s Health Online told me to). I am determined to be hot(er?) this summer. My first summer single in two years is CRAZY. Watch out boys he’ll chew you up. Umm. Ow.

Shows shows shows hooray. After the show on Saturday night I went out with the peas and crew to Lucky Strike. They basically have two for one martinis so I f’ing love them. As we were finishing up one of the peas Quats (sp?) invited me to go with her to Lasagna in Chelsea. “There’ll be lots of mos there. You’ll be my wing man.” “Okay.” It was interesting and quite fun at Lasagna. Quats is a celebrity to the crowd there, so that made me a pseudo-celeb. There was a very cute but VERY wasted (and for me to say so means he was WWYWYWYWSSAASSSTIIIID) boy who took an instant liking to me. He asked one of the girls I was with my name so that when he walked up he approached and said "Hi Jason." Crazy. At 4am when we were leaving the bar I opted to walk Drunky to the train. 4am?? Yes. I didn’t get home until after 5 because Drunky had become extremely enamored with me. He couldn’t tell how, but he knew that he knew me from somewhere. That’s the second time this has happened in a few weeks. Am I on some billboard somewhere and I’m not getting residuals?? Ain’t right. Anyhoo, he decided that I was a “normal” guy and that I didn’t have “issues” and that we should go on a date. Sure Drunky. Sure. We exchanged numbers and after some smooching I sent him on his way. Oh, he wanted me to come home with him, but he lives in Jersey. Uh uh. I hopped in a cab and went home.

I was supposed to meet this lesbian clown Sunday at 12, so I went to sleep as fast as possible. Oy. Ten seconds went by and it was time to get up. I called the LC and reconfirmed that we were to meet (desperately hoping she’d say nevermind). She didn’t say nevermind. Oh well. I made it to the village somehow and met with this crazy crazy woman. We went over the stuff that she wanted me to do. I’ll have to tell you in an email the details (if I can piece them together) because I’m sure that she googles “lesbian clown.” Love you LC, LOVE YOU. (Un)fortunately I have to call her tonight and tell her I now have to be out of town the weekend of the performance because of a personal matter (Darladiva’s show). I just CANNOT do it. That’s the way it goes.

After that I popped over to Barbecue to make sure that no one showed up unexpectedly for brunch. They didn’t, so I decided I would walk around and do some shopping, etc. Yay. I bought Old Navy. Then I walked over to View Bar to have some cheap brunchy drinks=food. This little fellow ended up chatting at (with) me for a while. Then he invited himself to come with me. I told him I wasn’t going anywhere and he said he didn’t care, he still wanted to tag along. Weird. It became very awkward at this point. He was WASTISITED. As we got closer to my apartment I told him I was just going to head home, but that it was lovely becoming new friends. He used the loo, we exchanged numbers with his promise of attractive single friends, and then went on his way. Bye weird new friend (who lives in Jersey…weird).

Then I walked up to the outdoor market and looked at schmidt. I continued on up 9th avenue and went into That Bar for a drink. I ended up chatting with yet ANOTHER fellow who is a teacher on the UES. He teaches 4th grade. Wow. He asked if we could get a drink or dinner sometime and I agreed. His favorite bar is the piano bar Brandys (you had me at piano). Then I did some grocery shopping and went home. I made some spicy Mexican-y goodness while watching tv and then went to sleep by 11. Even still, I woke up SO TIRED. Mondays are so blech. BUT, THIS MONDAY IS ALMOST OVER. That’s all for now. Heroes is back on tonight! Holla!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One Year Blog-iversary Post 4 (SCROLL DOWN AND READ IN ORDER please?)

I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH (yes, even you Sir Willio. Now get back to those taxes). Aren’t you all excited for the Spring weather that will soon be upon us? I can smell the pedicures. What? I think ew. But stars always get pedicures, and so must I. It just better not rain on my newly clipped and polished toes because that will make me MAD (scientist).

Thanksgiving is all about the big turkey (Carter).

I’m glad that my new role in The Office is permitting me to write the LONGEST BLOG POST IN THE HISTORY OF BLOGGING! Thanks office, thanks. And thanks for also paying me enough so that I can do occasional showcases for free. That’s good.

Man am I a whore.

But back to The Office for a second. That’s it. One second.

My dear readers/friends, the end of this long long long…long post is almost here. I just want you all to know that you’re the one(s) that I want to suck my youngblood. What? What does that mean? You can’t end like that!

One Year Blog-iversary Post 3

Oh Noodle, you are almost finished with tour, I can’t believe it. What will you blog about this summer?? I don’t recommend blogging about Kenny Melmann’s singing abilities. If worded improperly, it can turn into something it oughtn’t. However, if The Parodivas, get their schmidt together and put up their new cabaret this summer, you will actually GET TO SEE IT.

This always gives me perspective. Perspective? That’s my mantra for year 27, but you already knew that. Remember when that plane crashed into that building on the UES? That was crazy. And now these days there is something just as crazy plastered all over the TV. Crazy that we spent so much time on and around that campus when we were in Virginia. Crazy that I performed on that campus in Singin’ in the Rain. It all seems so distant from us, but really we’re all connected to it. Whoa serious.

He writes
He sings,
He pauses
He is DOODLE!!

If you were bird-like, which kind of bird would you be? I’m going to say I’m an emu.

Someday we’re going to have a theatre company and we’re going to push each other to create wonderful theatre that provokes thought. Soon.

Second to purple, what is Doodle’s favorite color?
Post 4...

One Year Blog-iversary Post 2(dle)

FIRE! Just kidding. Ha. I haven’t gotten a chance to see Friday Night Lights as of late because of all the rehearsals and such, but maybe I’ll try to watch it when it comes on next week. I don’t think my Grandma Schmidt would have liked a “program” about football in Texas, but maybe. She might have enjoyed a musical about recluses on Long Island though. That’s a little more certain. Gwenners, when are we going to see Grey Gardens? Let’s go soon. You have to watch the documentary first. Dooo iiiiit. Oh, and Gwenners, am I going to be your new gym date on Tuesdays now that Darladiva is never free and now I AM? Let’s work that out (ha). If we stick to it, perhaps we can fit into those cat suits we plan on wearing this Halloween. Perhaps. It’s a goal, anyway. And if we DON’T fit into the cat suits, we can just go as characters from Heroes (cuz that won’t be passé by October). Pshaw! Do you know what the stars say for me today? DO YOU? I’m speaking to all of you now, not just Gwenners.

“Things could be up and down for you today, dear Libra. You might experience some confusion as a result of communications snafus or computer glitches that affect financial issues you are trying to solve. Persevere and you will succeed. Don't be surprised if you are recruited to join a project that is totally new to you. You may be apprehensive at first, but you will do just fine. Go ahead and say yes.”

I hope this means I’m going to be in a threeway or fourgie soon. Do you think that’s what it means? It could also mean that I look like a kangaroo. One never really knows. Do kangaroos have strong livers, because that would be f’ing cool? Macoosh (who first inspired me to be a blogger) don’t you think that would be cool? You know who’s cool? Madame Renea Knight. And why? Because thanks to Macoosh inspiring me, and me inspiring her (she was also inspired by others, but I am taking the credit HERE) MRK now has her own blog. YAYYYYYY.

The last time I went to Marie’s was a lovely time indeed. It provided for a very eventful Sunday morning that was well spent. I don’t think that Joseph Gordon Levitt is Mr. Moodle, but he was a decent Mr. Moodle for right noodle (not Noodle, she will be mentioned in a bit). Also, not Mr. Moodle, it would seem, is Myster Ian. What up with that? Oh well. Can’t say I didn’t try, sort of. Well, I just have to hope that Mr. Moodle is here in the best city in the world, New York City. I think that is feasible. Niwa, do you think that is feasible? I mean, you met your Mr. Moodle here. He’s freaking hott. So hott I have to end this post for now...

One Year Blog-iversary- Post 1

One year ago, I decided it would be a good idea to create a blog. I don’t really remember why exactly. I know that I was really enjoying Macoosh’s blog. I know that I wanted to commit to writing a lot more. But I think all of that was secondary to just thinking it was a cute idea. Woodle.

Okay, I thought that reviewing my early posts would inspire me, but IT DIDN’T. So, I found inspiration elsewhere. In my LABELS. Many many many of them have only been mentioned once. So, I am going to CHANGE THAT RIGHT NOW.

Once up a time:
Though, she’s never been to brunch with us, nor had the opportunity to see one of our cabarets, she knows that both are as dear to me as Christmas (in Oregon with her). I’m in a little play called Cloud 9. My nsbf Cricket will be attending it on or around his upcoming birthday on Friday the 27th. My dear friend Darladiva reviewed it over on her site…check it.

Hang on one second, I need to write a letter. Brb. Here’s the letter I wrote:

Dear Doodle’s Diary,

I am writing to let you know that while your frequent mention of dead babies is funny, it is also quite…hilarious. Occasionally, dd, the mention of dead babies makes me REALLY EXCITED, SO EXCITED THAT IT FEELS LIKE IT’S FRIDAY AND I’M ON CRACK, but I’m not. I’m not on crack. Does smack count as crack? DD, I wanted to let you know that I am going to follow the advice of the ever-so-wise Darladiva and begin to gently search for my new beau. She’s a great life coach, dd, I highly recommend her. When I think of how much she’s helped me, I can’t help but sing,

“Every man has his own special dream, and your dreams' just about to come true.
Life's not as bad as it may seem if you
open your eyes to what's in front of you.”

That’s all for now, dd, I must go. Someone in a powder blue jumpsuit just walked by and I must go and arrest them.

Ttfn DD,

Okay, glad that letter is finished; now I can continue with this post (in the next post)...

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm just a Broadway Baby

I was sitting in a dive bar in Hell's Kitchen on Friday night, after the show and a familiar face walked in. I knew him from Martin Short Fame Becomes Me, and Songs for a New World. I really wanted to connect with this fellow because we share something quite unique in common. So I leaned over and said "Excuse me, is Brooks your real first name?" "Yes, yes it is. Why?" "Well it's my middle name and I was just wondering if your parents named you that or if you or an agent chose it. I'm glad it's your name. My father says I was named after the baseball player Brooks Robinson and my mom says I was named after a character on Young and the Restless." "I'm Brooks Ashmankas." "I know. Nice to meet you."

I also chatted with a very handsome fellow who is currently in Chicago with Bebe. It was amazing. I'll tell you in person since apparently people read this here blog. He was the most positive person I have met in a long long time.

Moments later, I was at another bar and Billy Porter was there. I didn't talk to him, but found it interesting I had such a Broadway-y night.
Then, I think the very straight-seeming bartender hit on me. I'm not sure. I'm really not. But, he said he's going to try to come and see Cloud 9. He also told me he smoked up earlier and watched Blades of Glory. What? Me too.

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You've Experienced 68% of Life

You have all of the life experience that most adults will ever get.
And unless you're already in your 40s, you're probably wise beyond your years.

Friday, April 13, 2007

For Auntie: A Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. died on Wednesday. He was very important to Auntie Sash and so I am posting this for her. She forwarded a little excerpt from his book Cat’s Cradle that goes so well with my little blog:

(Bokonon is the religion discussed in Cat's Cradle. I haven’t read it, but will be doing so ASAP)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doubting Doodle is WET

Last night was….okay. No real issues with costumes or anything, but it seems with the addition of all this new stuff, my characters have suffered. I suppose it makes sense and it’s okay, but by the time notes were finished after 11 last night, I was feeling obliterated. I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the train ride home. I’m honestly not sure how good this show is. I can’t tell. I know that the actors are all very good and I know the play is good, but I don’t know…

Just being doubt-y I guess. Hopefully in 12 hours when it’s all said and done and I’m sipping champagne with the cast, all of these doubts will be distant distant after-thoughts.

I hate the rain. I hate it mostly because I prefer to walk to work because it is faster than taking the bus. By the time I got to work I was completely soaked. My socks, shoes, and pants are still wet and I’ve been here for two hours now. What am I to do? I guess I have to get my ass out of bed early enough to take the bus. It seems silly. Would that I could use the car service I book for everyone else here. Would that I could. Would that I could.

What are YOUR thoughts on the rain?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1 week since last post= bad blogger

Okay, okay, I’m back. I’ve been so tired and busy and busy making up tired excuses as to why I haven’t blogged.

The morning of Eyster deserves to make it to blog-land. Don’t you think Joseph Gordon Levitt is hott? Me too.

Eyster brunch and festivities beyond were WONDERFUL.

Monday, I took a half day because I was exhausted. I’m glad I did because our first night of tech was challenging. We made it about ¾ of the way through the first act. We picked up from there and finished teching the show last night. I found that now that I’ve got my Act 2 character down, it’s a breeze. So, that’s nice. Annnnd, I don’t end up sweating buckets (in the 2nd act). YAY. Tonight we have an invited dress which I am quite excited about. I’m honestly so tired I don’t know how I’ll do it, but adrenaline is a wonderful thing. I’m ready to get this show opened and on it’s way. I really can’t believe that it’s here and will be gone in a little over two weeks. That had be is crazy. I’m very excited that the summer time slowy-ness of corporate America is on it’s way. Leaving around 5 every day sounds like a dream. HOLLA!!! Ms. Noodle is coming back as of May 1st, so if you know anyone who needs a sublettor, let me know. She is not opposed to boroughs as she wants to live cheaply for the next three months before she heads out on ANOTHER tour. Good for her. I don’t know how she does it.

Well, that’s that for now. I shall return to my normal sleeping patterns for a few days a week, starting next week, which will be nice. Annd I can cook again! Yay!

Exclamation point.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My homo-logical clock is ticking and other schmidt

Maybe it’s this play. Maybe. Maybe it’s that my lease is up for renewal, and I may have missed the opportunity. Maybe my girlish figure is pumping too much estrogen these days, but Doodle wants to find Mr. Moodle and move into a giant one bedroom and make babies. Well, maybe martinis instead of babies. I don’t know. I’m feeling the need for (ew!) romance. Ugh. All this sexual politics and blah blah blah that I’m around every night in rehearsal is getting to me? Somehow a play written by a feminist regarding women’s roles has put a domestic bug in my ear. How is this possible? Get out of there you silly domestic gay bug! I’ll cut you buggy. OW! I’M DEAF I’M DEAF! What? I have no idea, I’m deaf.

Today is my one year anniversary of being cast in my first role in The Office. I don’t know what that means. It’s amazing considering the ups and downs of performing this role. Sometimes I feel like I should just give up all this acting and work in an office. Like an Equity children’s theatre tour. UGH.

Where is Moodle?

When’s it going to happen?

Can I get some booze poured in my face? GAWD.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just write something down, anything at all.

I haven’t felt the urge to bloggety blog so I’m simply forcing myself. I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I look over my calendar for April I see several nights OFF. Once the show is up and running I will have Sunday-Wednesday nights off. That is wonderful. AND I get Friday off because it’s Good Friday. I still have rehearsal that night, but THAT IS OKAY WITH ME. I just want to sleep in. I’m ready for true Spring weather and the first pedicure of the year and wearing lots and lots of flip flops. I’m ready for that. Bring it. What else is going on? Cloud Nine is ever-challenging, but good. We’re all off book and really working on our characters and their relationships, and now adding musical elements into the show. WOO HOO. We’ve moved into the rehearsal space next to the theatre. The theatre is very cute. It’s a small black box, seating 70 people. It should be fun to work in that space. I’m anxious to begin adding the other elements, like sets, costumes, wigs, lights, etc. Nothing else too exciting, other than Eyster Brunch on Sunday at our favorite barbecue place. Holla!!!

Next time I’ll write something better, until then, D O O D L E.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Saturday's Post: Helen York Schmidt

I love you Grandma Schmidt. I remember sitting with you listening to NPR as I tried to figure out my Honors Geometry homework, wondering if it would all be okay.

It will all be okay.


Bloggety Friday Blog

I AM SO GLAD THAT IT IS FRIDAY. It has been a very long week. I can’t take much more of this working all day and then working all night. It’s crazy. I am really looking forward to when this show is up and running and I have Sunday-Wednesday nights off. I can go to the gym, I can cook, I can watch reality tv. AND I can get to work on the Parodivas next cabaret. I’m excited about the brunch show we’re seeing on Sunday. I’m going to try to link it. One moment. Youngblood is had be is good is had is. Okay, I’m back. Woot. Then after brunch, I think I will go grocery shopping so I can make food for the week. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m so glad that Darladiva is in 9 shows and Gwenners is a budding online video star (not porn) and Niwa is a sugar mama, and Noodle only has ONE MORE MONTH, and Madame RK is okay, and Sir Willio is my co-whort. :)

Rehearsal is trucking along. I am very close to being memorized for Act 1. I have less to say in Act 2, so I hope that will move faster. We shall see. We tried some costumes last night. Nothing really fit me because I’m a giant woman. Soooo, I’m hopeful that the designer will come up with something lovely. Woot woot.

Wouldn’t it be loverly if we woke up Monday morning and ALL episodes of every sitcom like “The Office” or “Lazy Lizard” or “Too Close for Financial Discomfort” or “Advertisin’ Queens” or "The (gay) Accountant" WERE CANCELED? I heard it was possible from the fairy I met after dropping acid in my eye. Let’s all take five minutes today, turn our heads away from our monitors and our telephones and pretend that it REALLY COULD HAPPEN because some day soon it will happen and we'll be interviewed by Babwa Waltews. She'll ask, "so tell me about these bwunches." We'll all giggle, pause, and say, "who remembers?"

Enjoy the pauses.

D o o d l e

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I’m at a plateau with the stupid losing weight thing. It’s annoying. I just can’t seem to get over this hump. I know it’s because I don’t have time for the gym, because of rehearsal, but I have managed to squeeze it in a few times a week, somehow, because I’m crazy. Anyhoo, I wanted to lose weight to squeeze into the dress, but it doesn’t seem that’s going to happen. Maybe by the time the show closes, since I’ll have more time to workout I’ll be svelte again. Blahg.

Ummm, what else? The Office is weird. I really don’t know what my role is, but it seems to be going better than it has, ever, so I’m just going to keep on truckin’.

C9 is going okay. I’m getting closer to the characters. I just need to get off book so I can stop thinking about the lines and think about the intentions. Blahg.

The weather yesterday was glorious (I’m told).

As Darladiva pointed out, I look like this kangaroo.