Thursday, August 24, 2006


My dear friend Macoosh has brought it to my attention that I have been M.I.A., and she's right. Where have you been Jason B? Well, I've been torturing myself at the gym everyday this week. I have my tux fitting for my fellow Parodiva Darlene's wedding coming up next week (the fitting, not the wedding). It seems the winter months packed more pounds onto my formerly lithe frame than I had first surmised. Soooo, I've decided to look pretty by my birthday on September 26th. Woo freaking hoo. Then once I'm gorgeous again I will continue with the gym and cut back on the low carb dieting which does show results but I'm told kills. Woo. What else is up? I have a nice tan from a few weekends at various beaches as well as my new moisturizer which has a self tanner in it.

I'm getting anxious about my next artistic endeavor, as I don't have anything lined up. I got a call yesterday from music director I worked with on a show I ended up backing out of. It seems he is working on a new musical and they are having a workshop/backer's audition kind of thing in September and they are (as usual) short on guys. I haven't heard from the casting director yet and the auditions are tomorrow, so we'll see. "Bring something pop-y and then something more traditional." Pop-y? Oh dear. I guess I'm going to have to re-memorize my 16 bars from Songs for a New World, which I've never actually used at an audition but for some reason remains in my book. I don't remember the last time I auditioned. It may have been the open call for the tour of The Producers. What a nightmare that was! Sometimes I forget how awful those calls are. Oy.

Anything else?

I'm seeing Christine Ebersol at the Metropolitan Room tonight. She's the star of the upcoming Broadway show Grey Gardens with which Parker and I are currently a tad obsessed. And the Metropolitan Room is the new cabaret space in Chelsea that has all of the cabaret world abuzz. I'll see what the buzz is all about and get back to you on that. The Parodivas do the Metropolitan Room, sounds good to me, though. We're thinking of doing our next show sometime in November after the Darlo-diva gets back from her honeymoon cruise in Europe. Jealous. However, I do get to attend her bachelorette party which is coming up on Labor Day Weekend. It's a surprise to her where we are going, but I did have to get my passport renewed... Ooh la la. Okay, that's it for now. I'll be back sooner than last time, I promise. I'm going to go find a quotation to end this right back...

Okay, I'm back.

"I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each other's dreams, we can play together all night. " Bill Watterson

I had some crazy dreams last night. I usually remember dreaming from about 4am until I wake up around 8. These definitely started around 1 or 2. I'll have to concentrate and try to remember some of the topics, signs, and symbols so I can plug them into an online interpreter that can tell me the meaning of life, or whatever. TTFN!

Jason B, who almost forgot the most important thing of all: Doodle.

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A chuisle said...

yay for doodles!!! I'm sorry it's taken ME so long to read up! Have fun in Canada, and while you're being international, jump over the pond and get shitfaced with me. We get shitfaced so well together!!!

Happoodle the doodle's are back!

And tell fellow parodiva to let me know where she's going in Europe, maybe I can meet up w/ her when she's not banging the crap outta her man :)