Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Email to Sir Willio or Jim Nastycs

So. I hopped onto the stupid elliptical after work and the gdamn tv was not working. The cute boy that I was casing on Monday night was right next to me and having the same problem. He was all, "sucks, right?" "Insert hilariously witty comment here about the fact that we're going to have to talk to each other for the next half hour." So. We talked for the half hour. He's an actor (I KNOW you're surprised seeing as it was the NYSC on 41st). It was a nice talk. He even admitted to being a porn-gay when he asked if I knew who Arpad Miklos was. Apparently Arpad works out at NYSC too. ANYWHORE. He finished his 30 mins 2 mins before I did, and sat down in front of me to stretch. When I finished, I said, "thanks for chatting." He said, "see you later." Then I showered/changed/injected botox as fast as humanly possible so that he could see me in my cute EA outfit (meaning I look hot in a blazer). Luckily, as I exited, he was still on the mat "stretching" and saw me as I was leaving. He flashed a peace sign. The question for you is: Hillary or Obama?


should i put a post on clist?

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GMEyster said...

Hell's yeah!