Thursday, July 09, 2009


After all these years, knowing deep down that I could NOT be from Texas, my mother confesses the TRUTH of where I came from.

A letter from my Mama:

I flew over there [France] and adopted you from Jean-Marc and Margarette. They loved me, by the way. They thought I had the cutest accent and I was sooo friendly, something they were totally unaccustomed to. They let me stay in their villa in Cannes. Did I ever tell you about the place? I'm sure I did not. It was breathtaking with all the flowers on the countryside. I could see the ocean from the veranda. I waited there in anticipation of your arrival, nibbling on biscuits and brie, sipping a cool glass of champagne. Ah it was a lovely , happy time. I thank them daily for sparing me the hours of intense labor and I am so thankful I was able to keep my fantastic figure. I thought you might like to make fun of your family, that is from Texas. Have fun with it. I adore you my darling.



Darla said...

I cam from there too.

JasonBSchmidt said...

i am going to edit it now, so you'll have to com up with a better commnt.

Knight said...

We should go visit your birth family!

GMEyster said...

That TOTES sounds more realistic than the "Texas story."

William said...

Does this mean you're not gay?