Sunday, August 19, 2007

Doodle dates his friends/Whoretastic '07

Friday Darladiva and I thought it would be a GREAT idea to get wasted on the UES. Why? Why not? Mad River has a $7 cover and then $1 drinks. Yes, $1 drinks. That's $1. We had some appetizers at Arriba Arriba (who knew they had one in suburbia?), and then headed over to Nerdy Scientist Frat Fest '07. "Can we open a tab?" "Sure, but it's a $20 minimum." Um, it takes 20 drinks to get to that min. Well, we did it, somehow. Then headed over to the piano bar Brandy's. We had a gay old time. Then we poured each other into cabs to head home. On the way home, my taxi took me right by THAT BAR and so I had him drop me off there. I ended up chatting with this one guy who knew The BF back when he was Tommy. It was the first time I had spoken to him post-BF and it was quite interesting. Then I fell asleep for a moment. When I awoke there was an Adorable boy next to me. As I recall, we instantly starting making out and then I...whore. I might actually like someone that I've...whore. I'll let ya'll know.

Saturday was spent with Adorable in my bat cave, with anticipations of meeting Cricket for Sicko and convermesations. Adorable went on his way and I got ready for my second date of the weekend. Cricket and I met in Union Square and headed over to the movie. It was fantastic. It was maddening. It was eye-opening. Go see it. As someone who doesn't have health insurance right now, it made my stomach churn to know that in Canada, or the UK or (gasp!) France, people just go to the doctor when they need to. There is NO bill at the end. There is no, "how much am I going to have to put on my credit card this time." That doesn't exist. YIKES SIGH KILL ME. After the movie, we had drinks at that cute little outdoor place in Union Square. We shared some watery sangria, but it was lovely. Cricket had to run off to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to teach the masses how to bend it like Gumby. I decided to walk from Union Square through Chelsea and maybe have a drink at Splash or the like. Splash was terrifying so I kept walking. After being heckled by some stupid LI teens (been a LONG time since I've been heckled, I must say), I ended up at View. It was pretty fun. I met Big Eyes Big Lips and made out with him for a while and then walked him to the train. Headed toward home I saw a particular kind of club that I had been before with The BF. "Hmm, might be fun by myself." It was terrifying, but Cutie McCoif showed up and it got better...until I left at 6:30am (erohw) WHAT?

Sunday FINALLY means brunch again. I met Madame Renea Knight at our old haunting ground (that's fun to say) FC Cafe. The conversation was great, the service, not so much. But, as always, great to hang out with the MRK. Girl, you got such a f'ing great head on your shoulders and you're not afraid to fill it with booze. LOVE YOU.

And that was my weekend of dating my friends/((you))know))))

More gay cartoons to come.


GMEyster said...

You are the biggest Rockstar I know.

And I do love it when you say whore.

Darla said...

I may still be hungover. I do love you. We managed to network after you cut me off at Brandy's, did you realize that? We were networking. Drunk.

p.s. everyone thinks it's funny that YOU cut ME off.

Jackie said...


Macoosh said...

posts like this make me fall in love with you more.'s not really the post that does it, it's the fucking amazing life you lead.

Melissa said...

whore is all I have to say. Oh, and can I live vacariously through you?

Carly said...

Love you doodle! That's funny, I was saying the same stuff about you Sunday night. After my brunch nap.