Monday, August 13, 2007

My Mom’s 50th Birthday or D10 LaGuardia’s first Gay Bar

So I left work around 11:50 am on Friday and it was POURING. I managed to get to JFK by about 1:15 pm or so. I checked the board and everything looked okay, except that the flight before mine had been canceled. So I went and had a drink. Then I got a message on my phone from American with flight status, saying that it would be departing at 4:50 instead of 3:15. YIKES! I got about 10 more calls that kept changing the departure time, 4:50, 3:30, 4:30, on time, nope 4:50. So I finally went and spoke to someone and they said the flight had not taken off from where it was coming from; it had been on the runway since 1:20. Ugh. So it turns out that if the plane ever actually did show up I would definitely miss my connection to Austin and be stuck in Raleigh-Durham N.C. (ew). So they rerouted me to LGA, so I could connect through Dallas (at least I'd be in the right state if I was stuck). So I hopped on the shuttle and made my way to LGA. This flight was supposed to leave at 6 but was delayed to 6:30. It was then delayed to 7:25 and then delayed to 7:40. So I was stuck in LGA with a million other people with nothing to do but wait. I went over to this drink cart, not a bar, a cart, but they were serving booze. On my way over I see this very cute boy sitting on the ground, we smile. I get a drink and then ask him if I can sit with him. His name is JR. He's waiting for a flight to Chicago because he's going to Market Days (which is like gay-palooza Chicago style or something). He wanted me to come with him, but I told him I couldn't ditch my mom. Then after a while two other gays were near us, and I invited them to come and chat with us. I made a gay bar on the floor of LGA at Gate D10. What can I say? Anyhoo, they hung out with me, and insisted that we all call my mother to wish her happy birthday, until I FINALLY got on the plane which left a little after 8pm. There was very little chance that I was going to make my connection in Dallas which was to leave at 10:45. It turns out that my connection was delayed to 11:08 and I made it about 2 minutes before boarding. I got in at midnight. Lord.

So Friday night my mom, grandma and I stayed up ‘til about 2 talking, then went to bed. Woke up and got ready and tried to help my brother with the digital picture frame he got my mom. We could not make it work. Then Shane and I took Madison over to Nathan's where everyone was gathering before heading to the catering location wedding place where the party was. There were 900 children and they were all blonde. Umm, the party was really fun. It was so hot outside and humid and I was basically soaking wet the whole time, but yeah, my mom had a great time. And as a surprise my best friend from my childhood, Ronda Ray was there. Neither of us knew the other was coming so it was really fun to see her and hang out with her. And nice to have someone not related to me to chat with. There were so many relatives. Then yesterday I got up and had breakfast and then my mom brought me to the airport. All these flights went perfectly. AND on each flight the attendant bought me a drink. Weird. I actually got in early. I was on the shuttle back to Manhattan around 7:25. and now I'm ready for a weekend.

I have two weekends free and then I am off to reunite with my best friend from high school for her wedding!!! And then I’m not traveling for a while, unless the Parodivas get asked to guest star on some Hollywood show, then I might be up on a plane again.

“Planet Unicorn, Heyyy!”


GMEyster said...

I felt so sure there was going to be a label on this post that said 'airport booze whore'.

Sounds like you had a FANTASTIC weekend and saw your family in droves.

Sounds like your kinda party at the airport, too! Sorry there were such delays. Stupid Mother...nature.

I am now obsessed with Planet Unicorn. I keep watching them to hear 'Give it up for Feathers....oooh, Cadillac....' and all of their ridiculously witty remarks. Thanks.

JasonBSchmidt said...


I went to bed late last night because I had to rewatch the unicorns. I just hope they keep makin' them. Apparently a few networks have looked at them for syndication. I would be thrilled.

GMEyster said...

'whore on the floor' - brilliant

Oh, I would totally watch. Your voice needs to be Guest Spot Unicorn. Or better yet, New Unicorn That Joins The Series.

Macoosh said...

oooh sounds like a good trip, even with all the delays. what's with delayed planes everywhere lately? suck.

i bet your d10 gay bar was the best ever.