Sunday, July 29, 2007

Doot do do

SO, I recorded my voiceover demo on Thursday. I am so excited about it. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. I just wish I could fast forward three weeks, so that I could forward it to everyone I know ever. Congrats to Darladiva on getting hers as well. It sounds fantastic. The divas are gonna ROCK the voiceover world.

Speaking of divas, we are performing this week. We were asked to perform in Tip My Cup Productions fund raiser on Thursday at Don't Tell Mama. FUN TIMES. We are singing two numbers and have no idea who else is in the show or even what the format is, but we thrive when we're faking it, so BRING IT ON.

Last week was spent filming new episodes of The Temp. It's going quite well. So far, it's a much easier role than my role on The Office. MUCH EASIER. And the environment is very quiet, chill, cool. It's in the West Village, which is a nice change from Midtown. I'm still getting used to the commute and the earlier hours, but I'll be glad when that first paycheck hits my account on Friday. All will feel a little bit better when August rent is paid.

My mom is turning 50 on August 6th. They are having a surprise party for her that she knows about. I can't afford to go because I just spent money and will have to spend some more to go to Boise for my best friend from high school, Andrea's wedding. YAYYYYY. Congratulations Drea, I'm so excited to see you and perhaps meet an Idaho gay. Do they have those? Shirley they must.

Tonight I'm going to attempt to make Thai Green Curry Chicken. I just got back from the grocerey store and am looking at recipes. We shall see.

Bye Noodle, good luck hangin' with your Dad and break a leg in rehearsal.


PS. No response to my proposal to Mika. Guess I'm going to have to come up with a better tactic. Hmm. He MUST read blogs though, right? RIGHT? Gawd.


GMEyster said...

Congrats on your vo demo! And have fun doing your thing this week for Tin Cup. Was good to see you last evening.

Darla said...

Shirley they do. I wanna go to the wedding! I've never been to Idaho, but heard good things about their potatoes.
You know I'm a carb.

Good luck Noodle.

We're singing this week?
How was the curry? I'm busting at the seams waiting to hear your demo!

Carly said...

I went to Idaho with you! They didn't have a damn potato anywhere.
Congrats on the Demo!

Macoosh said...

ooooh i can't wait to hear your demo too!!! dar's was so good. you two are going to rule the world. so long as, when you do, you hire me. i'm multi-talented; i'm sure you can fit me in somewhere...

Andrea said...

i can't wait to see you in 4 weeks!
omg i cant believe its only in FOUR WEEKS! ACK!