Friday, February 15, 2008

A week of...doodle

This is weird/fascinating/scary: NEW CRAZE

I am really (gayly) looking forward to this: FUNPLEX

On Tuesday I attended a reading of a new(ish) play on behalf of my boss' production company. They are seeking additional backers aiming toward an Off-Broadway production this Spring. It was very interesting to be on the "other" side. They gave us wine and cheese before and after the reading. And upon exiting, they gave me a producer's kit which has the breakdown of the investments side of the show (i.e. how much to recoup in a 199 seat vs 249 seat), etc. Very interesting indeed. Well, he asked me to write him a review and upon reading it (thanks darladiva for editing/making it better), he "is not jumping at the chance to write a check." YIKES. I have power? Well, anyhoo, I'm not going to name the play here because Shirley, Kenny Melman is involved in SOME WAY and it will get OUT. So doodle's the word on this dish.

No shows this weekend, but I have that voiceover call back. They didn't ask me to prepare the Laughing Cloud again. They want me for Sir Frumious, the villain. w00t. Think good thoughts on Sunday.

What're ya'll doin' on Monday??? I have 0 plans and am FINE with that.

Doodleedoo to you , you and you!


Knight said...

You make an excellent villain. The new craze is a little creepy. Is Kenny Mellmann God or maybe some sort of super hero?

Darla said...

I heart you Sirfrumious-ly.

I am not drunk.

GMEyster said...

Fingers crossed.

Uhm, can I get a ride 3 blocks?