Saturday, February 23, 2008

What up last week yo?

Hey doods. Soooooooooo, today was/is a productive! I woke up and made myself breakfast, cleaned the dishes, went to the gym, met with my accountant (thanks darladiva and husband cuz they gonna GET ME SOME CASH), then saw Atonement (it was good but not THE best), am having some salad, and then heading over to see Sunday in the Park with George with Cricket. No, it's not a sequel, I'm seeing it with Cricket. YAY! I am excited. I think it might be my favorite Sondheim.

Last night Cricket and I saw Justin Bond's new cabaret-ish show Lustre at PS122. It was GREAT fun. GO GO GO GO GO GO BOYS. He's amazing. W00t.

Ummmmm, I tried to crash the Lion King audition on Friday (b00t to my agent for not gettin' me an appointment), but IT WAS CANCELED. So meh. NEXT TIME?

I went out for drinks with some peeps from work on Tuesday. It was A LOT of fun, but the day after I was hurtin'. This why I don't go OUT during the week. I gotsta cut myself off early next time. The job is still going well. I've almost been there a month. WOW.

I'm off to google the Oscars so I can formulate some predictions. PERHAPS I'LL POST THEM HERE and we can see how good I AM.

whachya'll doin?


GMEyster said...

I love gettin' cash back from IRSish. This is when I love working with accountants - I already got my return back! Glad you gettin' a lot back, too!

Darla said...

How did I miss these entries?? At least my job no longer blocks your blog and categorizes it as "SEX."