Saturday, March 01, 2008

Todays obsession: FILLER

Watch out Peggle, FILLER'S IN TOWN.

Instructions from auntiesash:

The directions are minimal. The little balls bouncing around are bad. You click (and hold down) somewhere and start to inflate a ball. If one of the bad balls hit it while you are still inflating, it pops and you lose a life. If you stop, the ball stops growing and can't be popped. You can make a bunch of balls. Some will be big and many will be little. There is a counter telling you how much time, how many balls, and how many lives remain. You have to claim a certain percentage. That should get you started. Truly addicting.



Darla said...

Uh oh, did Auntie Sash just become our dealer?!

GMEyster said...

This cracked me up. You said balls.

Knight said...

This is just mean. I got to lever 46 and had to commit suicide 27 times.

Darla said...

I got in the 40's too! I'm losing sleep! IT'S BECOMING A PROBLEM.