Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Bunnay

Sooooooo, Friday Cricket and I caught the Fabulous Entourage, who were indeed fabulous. I heart them.

Saturday was spent doing nothingish until Willio came over and we chatted about the tiny tiny tiny one bedroom and studio apartments that are in our (his) price range. Sad. He may have to move to the UES and I may have to miss him. Then we saw Jumper, which we both thought was going to be the hottest comic-bookiest movie we'd ever seen. It wasn't. It was bad. And Hayden Christiansen wasn't EVER naked. GAWD!

Sunday was brunch with a crew of NYC orphans and then post-brunch drinks/convo about comedy, politics and ______. Then I passed out on my face at 8pm on the couch. When I awoke to get ready for work, my jaw felt like I'd been giving..."speeches" for hours. Luckily today, it is much better and I don't want to die.

TONIGHT IS Idol. Something to live for. w00t.



Knight said...

Ha, nice links.

GMEyster said...

Lovin' the links. Zombie Eyster Brunch II; it was fun. I claimed my $2 from William today at the lotto place next to where I work. That felt good.

Darla said...