Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tired. Ready for 5pm.

Last night The Parodivas had done our best. I am hoping the new parodies/jokes hit the audience at On The Rocks a bit better. That's my hope. I'm pretty sure they will.

I just received from Amazon: August Rush (my favorite movie of last year that pretty much EVERYONE hated) and Enchanted. I am excited to watch them this weekend. I ain't got no plans. I guess take it easy, since we will have had two gigs this week.

Several peeps from A Whole New Job attended last night. It was a very nice gesture, but...I don't know what the but is, but there definitely is a butt.

Speaking of butts, are sex jokes REALLY the only things comedy audiences want to hear? Yes.

I think I am seeing the Fabulous Entourage's reunion/maybe last show on Friday. That's plans. That's fun. YAY.

Peace. I got nuthin' else.


Knight said...

I'll be in the audience making a ruckus on Thursday. At least, I hope I will be. I didn't get my confirmation e-mail. I'm going to call them right now. I love me some Parodivas. I'll sit alone at my apartment and think about you sitting alone at your apartment this weekend :)

GMEyster said...

I got a ticket a few weeks back for tonight's show, but my head is not doing so well. I hope I can make it :o)

Darla said...

Can I borrow both of those movies at some point? I have seen neither and was going to pay for them both on cable.

Jason's Blogging Assistant said...

knight - w00t!

eyster - w00t!

gore (alol) - yes!

GMEyster said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't make it out last night. I hope you had a great show at Le Duplex ;o)