Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hmmm. Happy Weekend.

There's a bunch of peeps on the East side of Manhattan not having a happy weekend due to the craxy crane collapse. Whoa. Scary. There is a giant highrise going up next to my apartment (hooray for loud construction) and so this scariness could happen to anyone.

Tonight is hangin' with the Darladiva and Niwa to see The Odd Couple at The Secret Theatre out in Long Island City (tres chic). w00t.

I'm honestly looking forward to a lovely Sunday spent on the couch watching some sorta movie. Yay! Sometimes doing "nothing" is just the best "something," right?

LuPone (gypsy) was pretty darned amazing. YOU GO Grilll.

I REALLY want to see A Catered Affair. I LOVE Bucchino's music and of course worship Harvey Fierstein. I also think that Leslie Kritzer has the potential to follow in Carol Burnett's shoes as a brilliant young actress, adept at comedy. I am excited to see her tackle something not so over the top. And Faith Prince is in it too! Okay. I need to get tickets. Watch out Xanadu!



GMEyster said...

I gotta see ACA, too. Love me some Faith!

Here's to Sundays spent doing nothing!

Darla said...

I wish I could post the pic of Faith and Tom hugging on your comments. That show looks fantasmical. I heart Harvey.

You neglected to mention Friday night. I wonder why....(alol!)

GMEyster said...

Did you see ACA? If so, what did you think? I just got some comps and am giddy at the prospect of seeing it!