Friday, June 08, 2007


Dear Doodle’s Diary,

I haven’t written in a while...well I’ve only written twice. NOW IT’S TIME FOR THE THIRD. Something is up in the world DD. One of the most talented, funny, put-together people I know is SOMEHOW not being appreciated at work. I DON’T understand this…really. Except I kinda do. Remember a while back, and sort of continuing to today, how I was not appreciated? Well it’s kind of like that. The difference is that I give about 60%. This person gives much more. MUCH. MUCHO. MAS. How did this, nay, how COULD this happen DD? I suppose that it means that God or Garland or whomever just has something bigger better and uncut in store for her. That’s just what I have to believe. I believe it for myself as well. Until then, we’ll just have to laugh all the way to the bank, I suppose.

DD, have you ever heard of the magazine Dwell? I want to live in it. They sent me a mailer because they think I should love them. And they were right. CHECK IT OUT dd.

Hey DD, guess what? Tonight I’m seeing Journey’s End with Gwenners. I know how you love her. You’re always gushing about her curly hair and quick wit. “THAT GIRL BE IS HAD IS HAD HAD IS FUNNY.” Isn’t that what you’re always saying? Yes, yes it is. Well, anywhore, I am very excited to see the play. I’ve heard it is really great. Also, DD, ahead for the weekend, is spending time with Sir Willio cuz it’s NOT his birthday. And then there’s brunch and of course THE TONY’S. Though I have not seen Audra in 110 in the Shade (I’m going on the 22nd), I think it will be a travesty if Christine Ebersole does not win the Tony. She will though. She has to. I also want Spring Awakening to win 25 or so. Blah de blue. I’ll update you DD on what has have had happened on Monday (or realistically Tuesday).

I guess that’s all for now DD. Wish me luck this weekend in getting to post on Monday my favorite label: You’re the one that I want…(just kidding: whore)!
Bye DD,


Carly said...

1) Thank you for introducing me to Dwell. We get along very well and have begun a loverly courtship.
2)You must be right about something bigger better and uncut for Dar. It's an amazing life she leads so I'm excited to see what is in store.
3) Enjoy the show with Sexy Hair!

GMEyster said...

Wow. I hate it when people don't hire people that THINK to help ease their lives. Said girlie is far too savvy for her said job. And apparently, far too intelligent as well!

Journey's End was AMAZING. I is had be loved it. Need to talk about it though. I keep seeing that lone candle on the table, that never went out. I loved that.

Dwell is cool...very modern. I can see why you love it!

You like my hair? That's so nice of you (and Carly) to say. I shouldn't say I hate it so much. You guys are so sweet. I'm all warm and gooey inside now.

Looking forward to brunch!

JasonBSchmidt said...

G- Journey's End really was AMAZING. Thanks for reminding me about that candle. I thought the design team did a fantastic job. We really were there with them. I loved the lighting. I had read some grumblings that the lighting was too dark, not good, blah blah, but it was a highlight (ha) for me. Oh and the fantastic acting of a funny poingnant piece was good too. I feel very separated from "our" war, but took a moment during those horrific sounds to imagine what it must have been like for my Grandpa in WWII and how much worse it must be for those kids fighting a war in this technilogically savvy (and scary) "forward thinking" world. Terrifying.

James Whale directed a 21 year old Laurence Olivier in the first reading. Would that I were. Wow.