Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm BUSY being jobless

Last Friday Noodle and I saw Xanadu. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. It was hilarious. We were laughing the whole time. Douglas Carter Beane bascially took the idea of the movie and then created his own wonderful campy delightfulness. James Carpinello broke his foot and so one of his understudies went on. He was okay, but you could tell he was struggling, but he was on freaking skates. Anyhoo, turns out that Noodle knows the choreographer, Dan Knechtges, so we chatted with him a bit after. His choreography really was a highlight. SO MUCH FUN. Anyhoo, I would be interested to see Cheyenne Jackson's take on the lead. I believe he goes in this week and will play the role until James Carpinello comes back. This could totally take off with a cult following, if only people would go and see it. I wonder if they actually will. Kerry Butler rocked my world and Mary Testa made me pee myself and Noodle a couple times. I want to be Mary Testa. Sometimes, I think I am. I plan on going 9 more times if anyone is interested.

The Office is over. I was informed on Friday that I was being killed off the show. How did my character die? An angry executive was so livid that his sandwich arrived 20 minutes late that he spontaneously combusted. One of his angry executive arms torpedoed from his body directly into my jugular and I died immediately. Such drama. Now I have to find a new role. I'm considering this new episodic entitled, "Over-paid temp." I'll let ya'll know.

My first voiceover coaching was such fun. I really had a great time and learned so much in my jam-packed hour. It turns out that I am "very high energy." Which makes me well-suited to "kids stuff." I worked on a really fun spot for Discovery Kids which was all about fungi and toe cheese, etc. Ew. And my challenge as the vo talent was to make sure that "Ew" was in my voice. FUN TIMES. I can't wait until my next session. Holla!

That's that for now. Have to get back to my rigorous schedule of watching daytime television.


GMEyster said...

Glad X was fun. Oh my gotto!

I sometimes think I am Mary Tests, too. *sigh* If only.

Yay for vo sessions!

Daytime TV. LOL Have fun!

GMEyster said...

Mary Tests? LOL

Sheesh, I am not awake or something!

Jackie said...

you? high energy? the hell you say!

i mean, i could have told you that. just reading your blog makes me tired. ;)

Carly said...

High energy hmmm? Are these TV scripts or Radio?

Macoosh said...

i love that it made you pee yourself and Noodle. That's my favorite sentence ever.

and is that REALLY why you got killed off the office? gross. just gross. use the grossness of that to find your voice-over ew. :)

Darla said...

I was told I sound really young and friendly, and have a great "laugh" to my voice.

Then I brought in a vodka promo...and they said, "wow, your lower register...I like that you can do sexy."

HELL'S YES. IF DOODLE CAN SELL KIDS TOE EW THEN I CAN MAKE MEN DROOL. (why wouldn't we switch? I mean really)

I'm excited to see what's next for you on the paychecks to live front. You are so likeable to jobs and uber smart, so honestly, the possibilities are endless.

ok ok ok ok damn i'll freakin go GAWD the pressure.

A Day in the Life of a Touring Ed. Theatre Actress said...

We HAVE to believe we are Magick!

Jess said...

crazyness. crazy o crazyness...

it's amazing how you and dar-bar fall in sync...

it's also amazing how I feel the need to use uber silly language when responding to your bloggyness.

see what I mean?

Good luck on the job front. I hope you never have to deliver anymore sandwiches. You be better than that. You be mo better.


auntie said...

Good lord, boy. I go off into the desert for a few days and you get killed off? And I find out because your gmail picture changes?


I'm guessing that Ew is one of your most easily accessed vocal colors. Picture sawdust. In the shower. Ew.

Keep me posted. You know how I get. (Hey - are you gonna get unemployment??? Chouette!!)