Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Hey, I have a bunch of things to mention, but am feeling a little o’erwhelmed by The Office today so I’m just going to jot down a few thougts.

Friday, Farrah’s show at NDG, “Holy S@!!@!@@@@!” was quite enjoyable. It had a lot of very funny moments and some hot dancing. I gotsta get me one of them dancer boys…maybe.

Saturday we saw the very very brave Darladiva and her fellow funny folks in their improv graduation show. Some, like Dar, were very funny, and some, like frizzy haired girl, were not so funny. It got me to thinking if I could actually do that. I don’t know. I mean I am capable, but terrified. I suppose that’s reason enough, but I JUST DON’T KNOW. Good work Dar. Happy Graduation.

After the improv, we gawked at some circus freaks who were busy shopping at the outdoor flea circus, I mean market, I mean circus, that was on 26th Street. Verry interesting. Then we made our way to Central Park for Madame Renea Knight’s birthday shin-dig. It was a lot of fun. Drinking and people watching and flirting with a freckle. Weird Brendan Frasier Moon Shine Guy, etc. We ended up having dinner at the Boat Basin, which I never even knew existed. Pretty cool. Reminiscent of the Beer Garden in Queens, but in Manhattan. Woot. Then we walked MRK home to her new apartment. It is in a great location. Really great. She passed out and when she awoke her stuff had been moved into her closet and her bed was all set up. We don’t know how it happened, but it did. Then we went home and passed out.

Sunday we had brunch at our new favorite brunch place Maracas. It was Noodle, Doodle, and MRKoodle. It was really great and we all have to go back ASAP. I mean all you can drink margaritas and you can order fajitas or taco salads or or or or for less than $20. AMAZING.

THEN…it was home for a quick rest before heading to see Niwa’s one act. It was very funny and really REALLY stood out from the other pieces that we saw. Everyone involved should feel really proud of what was accomplished.

It was a very full weekend and I had a great time. Now I sit here wishing that next weekend had the same fun in store. Who knows? Oh at some point I was a whore. Yay.


GMEyster said...

A busy weekend, indeed.

I want to brunch with you on Sunday.

I want to go see Journey's End with you. Did you end up getting tkts? Is it too late?

Darla said...

Oh dahlink! Sounds s'wonderful. I wish I was there. Well, I kinda was...but not really. Everytime you saw me I was either hopped up on nervous emotion or excedrin because of migraines. Thanks for saying I was funny though. Woot!

When can I brunch? I wanna brunch.

Macoosh said...

oooh glad for whoreiness....keep that going b/c i live vicariously through your whoredom.

my word verification is "onmylumo." i only wish someone was on my lumo. again, why i live through your whoredom. :)

glad it was a good weekend!

Carly said...

My birthday was amazing! Thanks for everything DOODLE!! More brunching as soon as possible. I'm sure you are already out of hot sauce and we need to add to the animal orgy. whore.