Saturday, June 23, 2007



Tomorrow will mark the 10 year anniversary of my very first gay pride parade. I can't believe it. My best friend and I had come out to each other and so decided to go to the parade. My parents were out of town so I didn't have to come up with any story; I could just go to the parade. What a wonderfully exciting time. I remember crusing boys in my too tight tank top and shorts. We met a group of really cute gays. But they were older (in their 20's OMG). One of them really took a liking to my friend and I really took a liking to the "intellectual" of the group, imagine. Anyhoo, it's fun to remember those times, but I would never go back. I don't remember how I explained to my mom about my sun burn. Hangin' out in the park with friends, or something. Not very long after that she and I had the talk. She was so wonderful. We went for a long walk around the neighborhood and talked everything out. As a kid we would always go for walks together or go bike riding. I cherish those times and it just made sense that that would be the way I would come out to her. She joined PFLAG and really wanted to be as supportive as possible, and she truly was and still is. She recently gave my email address to a "very cute" guy who came into her bar in Austin. He hasn't contacted me, but I love that she's setting me up all the way from Texas. Oh Mother. Anyhoo, tomorrow is the gayest of days. I'm going to try to have my 10 years of perspective in the back of my brain. Fun to look back and then imagine what the future holds. I think I would make a great to find the guy. Maybe I'll meet a new group of really cute gays who are older (in their 30's OMG).

Doodle Gay Doodle


Darla said...


Have uber-fun loveypants!

p.s. you really would make a great husband :)

Macoosh said...

i love you. i would totally be your husband.

if i were a gay man. didle didle didle didle didle didle didle dum...

happy gay pride day; the happiest day of all!

GMEyster said...

Oh dear Jason, you would make the most fantastic husband. I was bawling reading your entry today to Yelnats. We both wish you the very happiest of prides!

I am full of pride, in that I am your friend.

Love to you.

Carly said...

Happy Pride!
I spent the day drinking white wine from a box in the park with my lesbian friends a tiny dog and boyfriend? It was so gay. Hope you had a great time at the parade!!! xo

Andrea said...

hahahaha...awww. i miss those days. Have a great time at your parade. surprisingly enough...there isnt such a huge party down here for gay pride. effin mormons.