Tuesday, November 07, 2006

36th Post Tuesdle

Woot woot. Workin' out the new layout. I was tired of scrolling through Mexican blogs and seeing the EXACT same template as mine. Sooooo, changed and changed. I'm not quite used to it and if I knew more about html it would look a little better, but at least it's not conformative or whatever. Damn the man and stuff. Friday Night Lights is about to start, so I can't write for long. Hottie football guys and the skanks who love them (like me). Oooooh election results are on. Will the Democrats take over the world? We shall see. Oooh, first black governor in Massachusetts. You go MA, go. The twirls can get married in MA and it's governed by a black man. Holllah! Okay, they're going a bit crazy with the not showing me my football soap opera. Ummm, politics are neat and all, but ain't none of them heading for the showers. Ooh, I'm so naughty. And such a fan of ooooooh ing. Okay, just saw a hottie. Yay! It's on. So dramatical. So masculinical. So doodlical. Anyhoo, I'm off to make some burritos and drink some vodka while watching the boob tube. Hmmm boobs? I guess.



GMEyster said...

I love the new look :o) You go watch your mens! Woot woot is right, MA!

Satellite said...

oooooooooooooh doodle. i dont even know what to commentoodle youoodle.

however, i would like a burrito. please?

A chuisle said...

i love the new look as well. and yay for MA and yay for parodivas...and yay for....

you're NOT going to believe this, but there's a woman who comes into the shop every day and gets a green tea. so we always chat while i make it for her. and today she asked my name, and gave me hers.

her REAL name, no lies, totally serious, parents named her and all...


how fantastic. i told her that that was your nickname (didn't need to go all bloggydescription on her) and that i thought it was so fun!

anyway, made me think of you...and i had to share the story of some coked out parents.


p.s i'm missing your show by 14 days. do a revival.