Friday, November 17, 2006

Fri-doodle: Faux Velvet Track Suits are NOT okay.

Uh uh. You better get back on the train that takes you to Penn Station. You better get off that train and walk to NJ Transit. You better get on that train that takes you to Weehawken. You better ride that train to NJ. You better get off at the station that says Weehawken. You better get in your burnt orange Plymouth Horizon and drive to your house on Busted Avenue. You better go in your house and find something else to put on because faux velvet track suits are NOT okay. Maybe then, your close-talking self will be bearable. Until then, to quote Gwen quoting a big black lady, "ooh, you better don't!"

rant fin.

Um, a different co-worker just came up and this was on the screen. She said, "I can't believe she's trying to get away with that. Jeans are one thing but..." I'm not alone.

Track Suit Fridays? Methinks doodle.


Darla said... guess I should take mine off well as my matching bamboo hoop gold earrings and Phillies Cap. Maybe while i'm at it i'll pop off my airbrushed nails and remove my dark brown lip liner. I'll retouch my blonde on black highlights and put away last years baby pink uggs too. I will not, however, give up my Parliament lights. NEVER! *cough*

dreALu said...

but my pink track suit (with "so hot" stenciled on the butt) matches my pink pleather gucci knock off purse, my baby Chihuahua's pink nails and collar, and her pink pleather carrying case....

A chuisle said...

you're just jealous b/c you want a faux velvet track suit.

don't lie.

GMEyster said...

Oh my gotto! We never get interesting fashion faux pas here - I work with accountants...and they're boring. They only wear casual wear from Macy's.

I push the limit here, wearing jeans with flowers down the side. And tennis shoes, on occasion. But that's ok, I'm the "creative" one in the office.

This morning I made a smart comment and everyone laughed. And my boss said to me, "how do you think of retorts so quickly?" And I said "you may have an MBA, but dis girl gots a BFA!"

It hurt a little, Doodle...and I thought of you.

Darla said...

um, hello? i miss your writing already and there is only so many times i can vote for tofurkey.

p.s i updated

pps vote on my poll too!