Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hello all. Today is so much better than yesterday. I'm not feeling icky, work is pretty slow, I had a chance to update the script. Yay. We had a lovely rehearsal last night which gave us some great new ideas, some ideas about things that aren't quite working, etc. Hooray! I think we're going to just have a blast. I hope we pack the room to the hilt and have to book 5 additional dates and then take it on tour. Here's to hoping.

Heroes was pretty good last night, but I have to be honest, I was working on the show so I didn't pay too close attention. So, I don't have much to report. On Monday two of the members of the cast of Heroes are going to be signing merchandise at the NBC Experience store. I considered going, but I'm not ready to step up my geek status just yet. I'm okay with pseudo-geek. Geek-lite.

Tonight I'm seeing Mary Poppins! Yay! I'm in the balcony, but I'm going to bring Noodle's opera glasses, so it should be fine. I'm told she (Mary P, not Noodle) flies up there, so that could be cool. I hope there aren't too many children near by. Ugh. Ahh well. I'll report back on how the show is, but I'm very excited.

One of the chicas from work came by and said a bunch of the guys on the trading floor were getting manicures. Whah? It turns out a bunch of them were clipping their nails at their desks. Ew. We chatted a bit about what it must have been like 10 years ago for women on the trading floor. I mean it must be a little better, but the attitude would be hard to endure every day. I mean what the hell do I know? I ain't no chica, but I can only imagine. Oy.

Ahh to hear, "Five minutes to places."


Mr. Doodle


GMEyster said...

Ah my gotto! You have to let me know how Miss Brill is.

Have fun! xoG

GMEyster said...

Oh snap - I just responded to your response of my response to your response on my blog. Que pasa?

Darla said...

Can I come? FINE go with the BF, but have fun, ok, and come dish all about it!

"Parodivas and Pals, 10 minutes...5 minutes....places."

aahhhh *happy smile*

JasonBSchmidt said...

Dar, his rich friend actually bought his ticket. We were supposed to go together but then his friend did that. I ended up getting a single seat in the balcony (that I could afford) for $40. Then, The BF bought his Crazy Libran Friend a ticket next to mine for CLF's birthday. Weird. I bet there are still seats, maybe even next to us. Come!

A chuisle said...

hope you had fun at the show!!! you'll get that call for places soon, and then soon after that, it'll be heard every night (cept mondays) and you'll be happy happy happy. i can totally see it.


William said...

Monday I felt so blarfy I didn't go to work. Tuesday feels like Monday, two Mondays in a row, and now it's the middle of the week and I'm only on Tuesday. I can't wait for the show. I hope you find some ways to incorporate a lot of audience humiliation and homoerotica.

Julie said...

I'm curious about Mary Poppins - my favoritest live-action Disney film. I hope you post a review soon! Not like I'll be able to afford to visit NYC anytime soon. But one can dream...