Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween? Whence did thee become LAME?

I am so over Halloween. The BF made orange cocktails, carved a pumpkin (last weekend), and played scary music while we got ready to go to the human traffic jam/true nightmare that is the Halloween Parade in the Village. All we (although not so much me) wanted to do was to show off our Grey Gardens costumes at Maries, sing a showtune or two and go on our merry way. Easier said than done. It was an absolute jumble-fuck trying to get there. The BF decided we had to walk the 30 blocks or so, and even if he hadn't decided that, a cab was impossible. I was in heels that I bought for $1. Not so comfy. I took them off and sacrificed the feet of my three pairs of stockings. What the fuck ever, I WAS IN PAIN. Once in the Village we made it across the street to Maries but could not actually GET there because of angry angry hippos, I mean police, who wanted us to die. We had to walk (some more) around the very full (I'm talking body to body wall to wall annoying pretty pretty princesses elbowing me in the side to get by) block to get there. We get there and there are no regulars. Who are all these people and who told them about this gem of a dive piano bar? Whoever it is should die. To top it off, some other queen was wearing almost exactly what I was wearing. Keep in mind I had to make most of my costume, so this was most annoying. Stupid fag has the same damn idea I had. Stupd McStupid. So, we left. We tried Rose's Turn, but it was even worse. So we decided we would try to get a cab. We were not successful for a long long time. By this point my feet are DYING. I had a quick grievance ceremony for them once we finally got into a cab. I thought FOR SURE, the night was through, but The BF insisted on going to one more bar. Fine. It was still pretty early. We got drinks and I sat in a corner watching a Bat and Dorothy dance. He went out to smoke and was gone forever. He was gone for 30 minutes. I finally got pissed and paranoid and went to find him. As I was walking out he was on his way back in. "Oh, I'm glad you came out here, I want you to meet my new friend, he loves Grey Gardens!" I will cut this new "friend" who's young and cute. Mm mm no. Whatever, I got mad at The BF and told him I was leaving. He gave in and thank god, I rushed to the corner with my now bare feet and grabbed a cab home. All in all it was a mish mash jumble of mish mosh and puh puh, no thank you.

Please someone, can you have a party next year? I simply CANNOT do this again.


Tonight I'm going to relax and watch tv and try not to think about work or Halloween or anything. Yay!

I should have gone as a Magna-Doodle.


A chuisle said...

hahaha, hahahaha HAHAHAHA you SHOULD'VE gone as a magna doodle!!

and, the sentence "i watched a bat and dorothy dance" is the best ever. i think you should throw that into conversation. out of halloween context, it's so great. :)

i am sorry about your feet; i can relate. i have some horror stories...ask adam lenderdoodle.

i'll TOTALLY throw a party next year if it means you'll fly over to be there. i might be in london with andrea harder, so that might be an added bonus!

p.s. remember our halloween in the village? that was thrilling! lol. my stupid costume fell apart like, 5 seconds into the night. crap.

Satellite said...

Um, where the heck was I when u and macoosh hung out for like a million years?

i really wanted to have a party, but its so much work and no one volunteered to help. :(

GMEyster said...

Oh my Doodle-ness! I want to smack the BF. SMACK, I say!

Halloween has never been my thing....I couldn't even be convinced to come out to EVIL DEAD with you all, even though I had LOVE you all.

Sorry about your feet. I HATE uncomfortable shoes. Oy-doodle-dee. I worry about you walking on NYC streets in bare feet!

A chuisle said...

i dunno where you were satellite, but you certainly should've been there!!! were you on tour or something? have you been on tour? i forget.

we will make up for this time. i promise. there's a strong chance of my moving back to NYC once my international time is up. i'll be around so much you'll want me to doodle off!!! (ooh, that sounds dirty...)


Satellite said...

have i told you lately, that i love you?

Serena said...

yikes! that sounds like a brutal night!

A Day in the Life of a Touring Ed. Theater Actress said...

Assuming I'm not on tour teaching children not to bully mama bear while doing drugs on the monkey bars we should have a party...