Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Practically doodle in every woodle: a reviewdle

"Practically perfect in every way." It really was a great show. A quintessential Broadway production, with all actors singing, dancing, and acting their hearts out. Earning their Equity minimum from 8 until moments before 11, still performing to a house full of standing o's. I wasn't so sure as of intermission, but by the time they did Steppin' Time, I was sold. What an amazing production number.
  • Ashley Brown was simply wonderful as Mary Poppins.
  • Gavin Lee was AMAZING. A true song and dance man. Jealous.
  • Wonderful music, including new songs
  • Dancing, dancing, dancing. Made me want to sign up for a dance class tomorrow
  • New characters and scenes that must be based on the book (which I haven't read)
  • There is a funny butler role that I want to play in the national tour. Gotta sign up for that class asap!
  • Beautiful, wonderful, perfect set
  • The Banks children were far less annoying than their exact counterparts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • My seat was horribly uncomfortable and not suitable for anyone over 6ft. It was a few miles away from the stage, but I had the opera glasses so I could occasionally check in to see what their faces were doing.
  • There were 5 kagillion children.
  • The first act was too long; a few numbers should be snipped.
  • Gwen's role Mrs. Brill(which I'm pretty sure you (Gwen) read for a few times) was played by an actual British woman, so maybe that's why they chose her? She did that really high pitched voice immediately into the low pitched voice, lilty thing. Does that make sense? She was actually great and at one point received exit applause (love that) but I hate her because I love Gwen. Stupid Brit. Ps, the funny butler is in every scene with your character, so let's do the national tour together!!
  • Porno Lipped Marie's guy is in the show as the gayest statue ever! Ugh.

I paid $40 for an aisle seat in the balcony. It was worth it. Yes, I was uncomfortable, but I forgot about that. There were a few other wonderfully amazing terrific things that happened, but I don't want to spoil anything. Go see it. Yay!

Next week is High Fidelity which I'm nervous I might hate and then the following week is The Apple Tree with Kristen Chenoweth. THEN on Dec 1st is my Gotta get back to work at work so I can work on the show!



Darla said...

I love your reviews. You should quit and write these for a living, your opinion is so much more important then Tommy Tunes.

hey. um. love ya.

GMEyster said...

Whoa! I gotta see this. And yes, let's do the nat'l tour together. I've always wanted to do a nat'l tour, haven't you? Uhm, wait. Didn't you do one....and didn't I?

BUT NOT TOGETHER! Never had a reason, never had a rhyme!

Darla said...

Can I come? I'll carry luggage.

JasonBSchmidt said...

You'll be the Jamaican Lady who sells words.

A chuisle said...

hahahaha. the comments on your posts are usually just as good as the posts themselves. tee hee.

anyway, i agree, write reviews. i waited on tommy tune once at the restaurant i got fired from b/c i wasn't a gay boy in ny...and he was no where near as amazing as you are. so, do it.

i wanna go see broadway shows!!! they have no musicals here!!!! sigh...what i'd give for a fan kick!


JasonBSchmidt said...

Darlene and I promise to put some fan kicks in the new show. Well, maybe some fin kicks. Those are fan kicks that reach shin level.

Darla said...

I can't promise I'll be able to reach shin level. I'm just sayin.

Julie said...

5 kagillion children? In the play or in the audience?

Now I REALLY want to see this. Can I be in the Nat'l Tour with you guys??? Ideal role (besides Mary, a'course) would be a featured chorus member who gets to play one of the nannies standing in line who gets blown away, one of the penguins, and one of the hoity-toity ladies that watch the fox hunt. Ah-byou halloo?

GMEyster said...

And yes, Jason, I forgot to mention that I know EXACTLY what you mean about the high to low voice. Love it.

I'll just be practicing for the tour auditions...

A chuisle said...

fin kicks work too...only, i won't get to see them!!! wahhh!!!!

do something in memory of me and then send me the video tape lol

HobartTyco said...

The British lilty's like Mary Sunshine; I know. TOUCH IT. You say that EVERYTHING makes you want to take a dance class the next morning. I have yet to see it. I guess I won't be able to see it until I join you in dance class...or at least move back to New York. I think they have Broadway shows here in Baltimore, but I'm not really sure what that means.