Friday, March 30, 2007

Bloggety Friday Blog

I AM SO GLAD THAT IT IS FRIDAY. It has been a very long week. I can’t take much more of this working all day and then working all night. It’s crazy. I am really looking forward to when this show is up and running and I have Sunday-Wednesday nights off. I can go to the gym, I can cook, I can watch reality tv. AND I can get to work on the Parodivas next cabaret. I’m excited about the brunch show we’re seeing on Sunday. I’m going to try to link it. One moment. Youngblood is had be is good is had is. Okay, I’m back. Woot. Then after brunch, I think I will go grocery shopping so I can make food for the week. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m so glad that Darladiva is in 9 shows and Gwenners is a budding online video star (not porn) and Niwa is a sugar mama, and Noodle only has ONE MORE MONTH, and Madame RK is okay, and Sir Willio is my co-whort. :)

Rehearsal is trucking along. I am very close to being memorized for Act 1. I have less to say in Act 2, so I hope that will move faster. We shall see. We tried some costumes last night. Nothing really fit me because I’m a giant woman. Soooo, I’m hopeful that the designer will come up with something lovely. Woot woot.

Wouldn’t it be loverly if we woke up Monday morning and ALL episodes of every sitcom like “The Office” or “Lazy Lizard” or “Too Close for Financial Discomfort” or “Advertisin’ Queens” or "The (gay) Accountant" WERE CANCELED? I heard it was possible from the fairy I met after dropping acid in my eye. Let’s all take five minutes today, turn our heads away from our monitors and our telephones and pretend that it REALLY COULD HAPPEN because some day soon it will happen and we'll be interviewed by Babwa Waltews. She'll ask, "so tell me about these bwunches." We'll all giggle, pause, and say, "who remembers?"

Enjoy the pauses.

D o o d l e


Carly said...

I'm taking that five minutes today. Beautiful idea.

Darla said...

I LOVE that Fridays are your crack.

Seriously, I cannot stop laughing when I look at the kangaroo pic. It has to be THAT kangaroo. lol. Can't you just see him in a velvet maroon smoking jacket with a cosmo in one hand and a condom in the other?

...or is that just me?


Brunch? We brunch? We are doing that like a million weeks in a row, right?

Niwa said...

Supermodels are giant women, too. And everybody loves supermodels.

GMEyster said...

I am still laughing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you drop acid in your eye and come up with all of us getting to cancel our stints on our respective 'put bread and sushi and chocolate on the table' gigs. Bring on Babwa. I'm ready to talk about the fact that I don't remember our bwunches!

Macoosh said...

keep enjoying the pauses my friend. i can't wait to tune into that interview. maybe you can cry at a weird moment. people always seem to do that...

HobartTyco said...

I MISS BWUNCHES. I had so much fun two weeks ago; I wish that my life couldl always be like that. Why can't we bwunch at 8am on Mondays after I've taught my early yoga class?
You're supposed to put LSD on your tongue, not in your eye.