Thursday, March 01, 2007

He works hard for the...fame?

Somebody post already! Oh wait, I guess I mean me. Woops. I AM TIRED. The coffee tries it's best but it is just lightly attacking the tired. Up at 8, work at 9, out at 6, rehearsal at 7 out at 10 dinner at 10:30 sleep by 11:30. Yikes! Who's life is this? Oh well, not too much longer. There are much worse things to complain about, but I wouldn't be human if I didn't complain, right? RIGHT?? I'm yelling. Rehearsals are going quite well. I have no concept of the timeline of the show, because we haven't done anything in order, but I suppose that will come...soon...I hope. Last night we finished up all the blocking and I had a great time fleshing out my juicier scenes. Does that sound naughty? Speaking of naughty, Superman changed clothes in the middle of the room. My goodness, he's super. Ummm, there's really nothing else to report. Just workin' and rehearsin' then rinse and repeat. What are YOU doing today?


GMEyster said...

I cannot WAIT to see you. I wish I could beam you more hours in the night to sleep in.

My day: nothing too interesting. Trying to not think about housing. Eek. Good news: I am seeing Avenue Q tonight, AGAIN. I had love that show.

xo G

Darla said...

taxes. woo.

Darla said...

*chops off her head*

A chuisle said...

i really, really, really really really.....really really miss you.

auntie sash said...

Doodle MUST be sleepy.

"The coffee tries it's best"????

"Who's life is this?"?????

perhaps weekend = naps???

I hope so!


GMEyster said...

Yea - it's Friday...all you gotta do is make it to 6pm. xoxo

HobartTyco said...

Jucier Scenes? Flesh it. Fleeeeeehhhhhhh-sh it! So, tell me a little bit more about Superman. And when I say Superman, I mean his costume. Is he wearing blue and red?