Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Currents, a tag

Current book: Cloud Nine

Current sounds: Squeaky mouse and typety type type

Current guilty pleasure: Imaginary wedding & googling to find articles on Superman.

Current colors: beige

Current food: maybe mexican across the street, maybe

Current drink: half english breakfast, half lemon zinger tea

Current outfit: taupe-ish shirt and black pin-stripe pants, woo

Current fragrance: Guess.

Current wish-list: An agent, voiceover demo, lose 10 lbs, kissing, more hours in the day

Current film:... Pan's Labarinth, a hundred years ago

Current anticipation: Table read of Cloud Nine tonight

Current triumph: Dr. Sedgwick in Superman

Current bane(s) of my existence: trying to balance my real job with my fake job and being honest about which is which

Current indulgence: Being online at work, rather than working.

Current #1 blessing: Balance between humility and confidence, it's tricky

Current mantra: It's all about perspective, in short, Doodle


Darla said...

This list is good. I think you are naturally humble (unless you decide all your friends suck or something terrible like that), I'm glad your confidence is back in place where it should be, actually. SOMEONE was dragging you down previously.
Things are so very much so looking up.

Melissa said...

Humility and confidence is a good combination.

GMEyster said...

Hope you have a good table read tonight. Yay for confidence!

Perspective. Indeed.