Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sick/weekend recap

Stupid cold.

Anyhoo, the Dayquil is kind of working, but it’s also kind of making me sleepy. A nap under the desk is justified if you’re sick? I say so. Alas.

Noodle and I saw Radio Golf on Friday night. The seat to my right was empty at the beginning of the show. About 5 or ten minutes into the show a girl came in and took the seat. In her purse was a brown paper bag. She reached into the brown paper bag rustling it for all the world to hear and took out a container of guacamole. She then opened the container of guacamole and the aroma of spicy avocadoes invaded the noses of all ‘round her. She then reached back into the loudest paper bag on earth and grabbed a crunchy tortilla chip to dip into the aforementioned guacamole. She began eating. Loudly. Mind you, the play had begun. Actors were acting. I have no idea what they were saying because I was busy watching this ridiculous spectacle. Finally I leaned over to Guacamole Susan and said, “You’re not really going to eat that right now, right?” She wiped a green blob from her rude ass face and sassily nodded yes. “You know this isn’t a movie, right?” Another sassy nod and she reached her nasty claw back into the bag of loudness as an angry angry woman in front of her hurled her head around with the “look of shush.” Guacamole Susan got the hint and put her bombastic appetizer away. Cunt. Anyhoo, the play was pretty good, but unfortunately the lead man wasn’t great. Here’s what Brantley had to say:
But the tickets were free, so who cares? Yay free! After that we met Sir Willio somewhere and did something, but who remembers?

Saturday I woke up sick so I stayed in bed as long as possible. Then I got up and cleaned and made the apartment look decent. Then we got ready to go out to Brooklyn to see Darladiva in Orphans at the Impact Theatre. She delivered a thoughtful performance. Each gesture embodied the character of a woman who defines herself first as a mother. That was amazing. You could see the woman’s connection to her children, adopted or natural. The other actresses did an okay job with the material given. I can’t believe there is a little black box in Prospect Heights. It doesn’t seem to fit into the neighborhood at all, but it’s there. Interesting. Anyhoo, good work Darladiva. Now, let’s do some comedy…damnit!

Sunday was brunch. The Fred, Madame Renea Knight, and Noodle and I met at the BBQ place to celebrate in our mother’s honors. A highlight was chatting with my mother who said, “Have a bloody mary for me. Take a drink of it while I’m on the phone.” I of course obliged. She hadn’t yet received the gift I had sent, so I was a bit upset, but it turns out that it had been delivered and my step dad was brining it to her. She called back crying from the card I wrote. SCORE! After, we went back to the apartment and sunbathed on the roof. I fell soundly asleep for quite some time. Madame RK had to head up to the UWS for some somethin’ somethin’. So, Noodle and spiffed up and went to Therapy Lounge to hang out with The Fred some more. He’s the bouncer there. We had a nice time. Yay for free drinks. Holla.

Then I woke up yesterday and the cold had fully attacked my chest. Coughing like a mo fo mo, I called in. I couldn’t make it to work. I rested all day and then Noodle and I went to the gym for over 2 hours and then made a really fun dinner which we ate during the second to last episode of Heroes.

All right. All caught up. Doodle.


Macoosh said...

feel better my love. at least it sounds like you still had a fab. weekend.

miss you my dear.

GMEyster said...

Glad you stayed home from work.

Guacamole Susan is a horror. Ctupid bitch-face!

Why, oh why, did Spacey not get a nomination for Moon?!?!

Darla said...

That part about Darladiva made her cry a little, in that good "someone hasn't taken her pink and purple pill" kind of way.

Feel better loveypants!

Carly said...

Mmm hmmm somthin' somthin' is in the cards for us all I hope!
No wonder Ma cried. That floral basket is beautifuloodle.