Thursday, May 17, 2007


I got nothin’ new. I think my cold turned into a flu type thing because after the gym, I didn’t change out of my sweatiness and doodled home in the rain. Woops! Now I’m all feverish. Ain’t right. I need to get me a vitamin (or 90).

I am surprised that Melinda Doolittle (of course I love this name) was voted off American Idol. I really thought she would win, though all along I have been rooting for Jordin. I love her voice and her look and I think she will record a very interesting album. The guy Blake, is kinda cute and I kinda like his style, but I think Jordin has much much more appeal. Anyhoo, I look forward to downloading their songs once their albums come out. WOOOT.

Tomorrow night Madame Renea Knight and I are seeing A Moon for the Misbegotten starring Kevin Spacey and recently Tony nominated Eve Best. According to GME it’s wonderful. I can’t wait! Then on Saturday Cricket and I are going to see Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes in Terrence McNally’s new play Deuce. Rock on! And I’ll leave it up to Noodle and Sir Willio to fill in the blanks of the rest of the weekend. Holla! I think maybe a new brunch spot is in order, or maybe force Sir W to make us brunch at his place. That might be great. It’s only Thursday and I’m already dreaming about the weekend. Sigh.

What are YOU doodling this weekend?


Darla said...

I just have one rehearsal Saturday afternoon, 2:30-5:30.


I heart Moon, enjoy the show, it was just so dammmmm good.

Macoosh said...

not thinking about the paper i should be writing and going out to get drunk because i have been so strained. i wish i was getting drunk with you; there's just no comparison to a drunken night out w/ jbs!!!!

GMEyster said...

YEA! ENJOY MOON!!!!!!!!! See if you are as much in despair as I that he was not nominated!

I am is had be getting my haircut this weekend. Also, I think I am going to go see that Show Biz documentary that I was telling you about.

Jackie said...

Melinda definitely was the pro out of the group, but I have thought since week 3 or 4 that Jordin will be the winner. She's adorable, young, and the girl can sing.

I hope she doesn't win and then like, become a size 2 or something. I think she's gorgeous the way she is.

A good friend of mine saw "A Moon..." and loved it. Let us know what you think!