Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hooray for Tuesday! (or something like that)

Friday night Darladiva and I had a lovely date. We went for sushi at a cute little place called Aoki. For some reason they kept taking the drink menu from us. So I had to keep asking, “Could I see the drink menu?” It was funny at the time. Let’s just pretend I didn’t bring it up. After our lovely dinner by a fountain, we walked next door to the Longacre Theatre where Talk Radio is playing. Oooh Daddy, Liev Schreiber is hot and good and hot. And good. (and hot). It’s a really great play and I really enjoyed the voices. I enjoyed Liev’s “radio” voice and I also really enjoyed all of the voices of the people who would call into his talk show. I’m a fan of the vo, as you know. There was a talk back afterwards that we had no idea was happening, so we decided to stay. There was a guest who was an actual talk radio host who talked about that bigot guy in NJ, etc. The most interesting thing he said is that talk radio is going to get bigger and bigger in the age of iPods when you can get any song you want when you want it, you don’t need a dj and commercials getting in your way. So radio of the future will be all talk. Innnteresting. Also, Liev was hot. Hott.

Saturday, Noodle and I decided to see a movie. Pirates of Doodle? Nope. Shrek the Doodle? Nope. Doodleman 3? Nope. We saw Bug. Oh my lordy. I still don’t really know what happened or why. Apparently the play that it is based on is very good and had a very successful run Off-Broadway a few years ago. I’m going to have to do some research and get the damned play, because the movie was baffling. It wasn’t good. Please don’t see it. BLAH. After that we went for dinner at a cute Mexican place in the West Village called Maracas. They have Mexican brunch, so we should check that out SOON. Maybe not this weekend since everyone and their dog has something going on this weekend, except me, I just have to attend everyone’s dog’s events. Holla! After dinner we went to Marie’s. Noodle’s new roomie ended up meeting us there and we sang our faces off all night. So much so that my voice was totally shot Sunday morning and Noodle’s diaphragm was sore. For some reason when I’m at a divey piano bar I think I’m a baritenor. I ain’t. Sigh.

Sunday, we went out to Queens for Niwa’s birthday. It was a hoot as always. Such a fun crowd to sit around and make fun of Czechs with. Czech please! Then Sunday night I met Cricket for sangria at Maryann’s before we went to Mr. Black. It was a fun night, but at some point I fell down a flight of stairs, rolled my ankle, busted my head on something and made out with a cute young Dominican. I then got paranoid that he was going to steal my wallet, so I just left (Cricket had already left as he had a full day of yoga and grocery selling ahead).

Monday, I did my best to hide from the world. I ended up watching all of Angels in America, which I had not seen yet. I want to marry it. I wept, I laughed, I had dread, I had hope. It’s a masterpiece.

And here I sit at The Office, wondering if I really want to check my bank account to see how much money I really spent this weekend. Woops.



GMEyster said...

It really makes me laugh when I read your labels for your posts. "Whore" is funny.

Yay for Hott Liev. I love his voice, too.

Let's see something soon. I always love the theatre with you. Especially when there are drunks nearby in the top balcony and someone is making out with Alan Cumming in orange neon (see-in-the-dark) pumps. That should have been you.

The day after a holiday sucks.

Darla said...

The day after a holiday DOES suck.

I'm so grumpy! I should comment when I'm not grumpypants.

Um, are you OK?! Did you really fall and almost die?

JasonBSchmidt said...

Thanks Gwen. After I walked Darladiva to the train I went to That Bar and made out with the "special" boy for a while and then took home some other guy. I have no idea what his name is, but he's from Cleveland. Or that WAS his name and he's from NY. Who knows? Whore.

D-I'm fine. My ankle and head are sore, but you should see the other guy (the flight of stairs).

Carly said...

Glad you didn't lose any teeth. That is my biggest fear with stairs.
I heart Angels in America. It is one of the few DVDs that I watch over and over.
Don't look at the bank account. Just don't.

Macoosh said...

liev schreiber smacked into me before he was in the 9/11 one year anniversary evening of plays, and i was on my way to see them!!! he was running and it was raining and i was running and WHAM! and then i was like, wait, you're cotton weary! lol.

angels in america is just. fantastic.

and, i hope your body feels better; when i get back to NY, those stairs won't know what hit 'em! haha