Thursday, May 31, 2007

I want to fast forward my life

I want to zoom ahead past this hurdle.

I want the money-flow to feel less tainted.

I want to hop out of bed with pep not droop in my step.

I want to hone in on voiceover potential.

I want to say goodbye to paying interest on purchases long forgotten.

I want Corporation Corporate to KISS MY TALENTED ASS!

I want to take pride in my crispy red skin achieved after a week in the sun.

I want to listen to music outdoors sans walls sans limitations sans burden.

I want to hear my voice on an mp3.

I want to sing for Scar and be taken seriously.

I want to feel elated when someone takes my hand unexpectedly (and I'd like him to be hot).

I want to fast forward my life.

Get me out of now.


Darla said...

I know. I really and truly know. Soon ma' dear...

GMEyster said...

I so know what you mean, dear friend.

I want all this for you, too.

'When is it my turn, don't I get a dream for myself?!'

The older I get, the more clear those words ring true.

Persistance. You have it. You will get there.

Darla said...

um...i want you to fast forward your blog!

Carly said...

But if you fast forward you miss all the fun of getting there. I think you would regret not having lived the memories.