Thursday, May 03, 2007

Equity: To be or NON to be

I am NON. I tried three times throughout the course of the day yesterday to get seen for the York Theatre Company’s production of It’s a Bird It’s a Plane It’s Superman. It was my first time “crashing” an Equity Principal audition. It wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the stories I’ve heard of open calls at the AEA audition place (where I’ve never dared go being a NON). Anyhoo, the monitor took all the NON’s headshots/resumes into the director who then typed us out by our pictures. I brought in a photo of me as Dr. Sedg (thanks Darladiva for the advice). I sent that in with my headshot and I was one of the few NONs that the director was interested in seeing…time permitting. Well, from 12-1 time did not permit, I was instructed to come back around 3-3:30 because there were some open slot then. I ran ran RAN back to The Office and asked if it would be okay if I went back out for a bit around 3. Luckily they said yes. Unluckily, when I got back to the audition spot all the space that was originally available had been taken by EQUITY people not on the list. Oy. I asked if it would behoove me to come back at 5 and the monitor said yes. I ran ran RAN back to The Office. Worked a little longer, left work early, and then ran ran RAN back to the audition. The monitor had just released all the NONs because they were not going to get seen. I sat there, trying to cool off from all the running and listened to the last people audition. Some were good, some were bad, but no one was phenomenal. The VERY last EQUITY guy sang my song. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t moving; it just was. Anyhoo, the director has my headshot and a picture of me doing acrobatics with my face. Is this what we call the WORK part of trying to be a working actor? I left disappointed and TIRED. I trudged off to the gym to let out some aggression. However, as I trod to the dressing room, a charming smile greeted me from the depths of a contraption that makes your delts deltier or your lats latier or your quads quadra-please stop me. (My aggression quickly flitted by the crunching meatheads and out the steamy windows across the way). We chatted about possibly seeing Coram Boy because he heard it was the worst thing ever and we both enjoy a good flop. Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to hanging out with him on Saturday. We shall call him Charming.

Tonight is my voiceover evaluation. Wish me luck. I’m really looking forward to getting behind a mic with some copy. Woo hoo.



Darla said...

Isn't it (not) a coincidence that when you were feeling discouraged you bumped into Charming at yourstressrelieverplace aka the gym?

If you get called in and book that gig, I want 10%.

JasonBSchmidt said...

It would come to about $40 and it's absolutely yours (to be used for rehearsal space for the divas).

GMEyster said...

DAMN them. When you finally DO get into an AEA call, they will ask 'why haven't we seen you before' to which you can snort and say 'idiots!'

Yay for Charming :oP

Carly said...

My god that's commitment! Sorry you didn't get in there. Hopefully they didn't see anyone even remotely fitting the role that is so obviously yours.
I'm likin' this new bloke you tend to run into everywhere.

Macoosh said...

so far i think it's boding well for you; that photo is freaking fantastic. who wouldn't cast you?!

and, this guy is really impressing me. i can't wait for doodle to become mr. doodle charming, esquire. :)

GMEyster said...

Thinking about you today...especially over your lunchtime.