Thursday, May 24, 2007


It’s quiet here on set at The Office, which kind of makes me a bit on edge that at any give moment some e-fire is going to e-rupt and I’ll e-die. But maybe that’s just my paranoia. MAYBE! Tonight Noodle and I are going to see Show Business, which the lovely Miss Gmeyster has chatted about over on her blog. Check it out or die. I’m excited to see the film. Of the four shows discussed (Avenue Q, Caroline or Change, Wicked, and Taboo) I just missed Caroline. I was p-iz-oor back then, so it’s a wonder I got to see any shows at all. I remember Darladiva and I having a very entertaining time at Taboo, but also knowing it would be closing moments from opening. Sadly. I enjoy both the London cast recording as well as the Broadway. But I’m a fan of camp which this show epitomizes. Darladiva (and Smoosh?), Noodle, and maybe Cricket(?), and I were at the Tony party for Avenue Q so I’m hoping that maybe if we look closely, we’ll see one of our ears or something, as we reluctantly made friends with Jai Rodriguez, my self-proclaimed nemesis. I'll get you Culture Guy! Anyhoodle, that’s tonight.

Last night, after 195 minutes of build up, Jordin won American Idol. I’m glad. Good work. Now record an album (whatever that is) so I can buy it, thanks. Kelly Clarkson sang her new single Never Again. It was hott (she was nott so much…who’s her stylist?). I always pine for my one true love Clay Aiken to make an appearance on such fluffy filler-y finale shows, but alas, he did not. Probably because he was attending some sort of Un-gay event. Sigh. Someday Clay, someday. On your own terms. In my room. Thanks.

The weather in NYC has been lovely/bearable. Tomorrow the angry humidity begins and I have to figure a way of doodling to work without becoming a heaping mess of sweat. Fun times. I need an air conditioned bubble, like the ones hamsters hang out in. You know. You know.

I want to tell you what’s up this weekend, but then I’ll have nothing to post tomorrow. So, you’ll just have to wait. I’m seeing another straight play. Guess which one.

O o d l d e


Darla said...

Ahhhhhhhhh memories. WEIRD the only one I missed was Caroline also, probably because I didn't go with you.

Smoosh was at said Tony party. Someone came up to us asking if we were a famous producing couple. Well, YES. Duh. Peons.

I remember wondering why Sir Rodriguez was hanging around us all night.

The word "poo" is in my word verification.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Dar, I totally remember that about being producers. Hot.

Now you know I'm more of a "Pooh" joke person rather than a "poo" joke person, but that just made me (ass) crack up!

Carly said...

I want to comment but I have no idea what you are talking about. Except for the hamsters of course. Bubbles.

GMEyster said...

In the film, there is a spot where they show Marvin Laird walking out of the stage door of the Shubert, when gypsy was playing there. Gypsy has nothing to do with the documentary itself, but for a moment, I gasped, seeing him onscreen.

I wonder, does he get royalties for an under 5 walk-on role? I didn't think so.

Hope you have fun!