Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ain't right

Well, I really don't want this blog to turn into a rant about my job, but it seems that it is. I haven't written in a while because for the past twodle days I've had to wake up at butt crack of dawn to get to The New York Palace Hotel for our Turkish Conference 2006. Oy. I busily signed people in, told them where their meetings were and when and where lunch would occur. Monday, I did that from 7-3 and then had to come back to the office from 3-6! Then, Monday night I went with a group of people to see Evil Dead the Musical. It was a fun crazy weird show. I've never seen the movies, so I missed a lot of inside stuff, but didn't care. Fun times. I'd love for my job to be playing a singing zombie instead of pretending that office work doesn't turn me into a non-singing zombie corporate droid sell out. Oooh, angry doodle. Today, I awoke again at negative am and hopped in a cab to the NYPH. Woo. I was finished earlier today, back at the office around 11 to do all the work that my boss and I have been neglecting do to said conference. I got a request from Darladiva to make a return to my blog and so here we are. I didn't get a chance to see Heroes last night because of the show, but I taped it and watched about 30 seconds of it before passing out. Tonight, The BF and I are going to the parade dressed as the real life characters from the documentary Grey Gardens, now a broadway show. I'm too tired to imagine how tired I'll be after tonight, I'm in denial. Anyhoo, I'm REALLY looking forward to tomorrow night because I DON'T HAVE PLANS and I will have (hopefully) slept until at least 8am. We shall see. Daylight Stupid Savings Time RUINED. RUINED I SAY!!!!

Angry McDoodle


Satellite said...

UGH. My desk has turned into a nightmare do to how busy it is here as well. ah well. Thank goodness you wrote though. I was getting worried.

A chuisle said...

yay, i've missed your blog, but i'm glad darladoodle is requesting you write, because i think i was starting to get annoying. :)

i'm sorry things are sucky right now, but yay for halloween in the village (miss that) and yay for no plans!!!! sit in front of the tv and veg.

best. thing. ever.


Satellite said...

p.s. boo-dle.

GMEyster said...

Terribly poo-poo-dle I say! Blah to that, BLAH!

Anonymous said...

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