Friday, December 22, 2006


In this episode of The Office, Mr. Doodle got a substantial bonus!! Wooo hooo! What a great episode. Mr. Doodle took his list that his friend Marla Mae Meller More had told him to make but he didn't even need it. It was a very very fast meeting that Mr. Doodle had with the owner of the company MinuteFront Poodle. Although I did hear a preview of upcoming episodes this morning and I think there is still a distinct possibility that Mr. Doodle will be asked to leave, so I hope that his correspondence with Ms. Head does in fact provide Mr. Doodle with another viable option. I read in an online chat room for The Office that Ms. Head could possibly find Mr. Doodle a position at Goldman Sachs. Hmmm. I hope those chatters are correct. Anyhoodle, enough about TV. I am leaving work early today. I'm not sure when, but early. I'm going to finish up my shopping. Thanks to Darladiva I was able to buy something for each member of my family on amazon and get it shipped. Some of it will arrive on Tuesday which is good. Who knows when the rest will be there, but I will give them a call and let them know that some stuff had be coming even if it is after Santa's Birthday. I am seeing a magic-y show tonight called Esoterica. When I was in Back to the Fabulous, the 80's pop version of 12th Night, our Malvolio was this hottie with a shaved head. He's apparently a magician as well, because Esoterica stars him! Woot woot woodle. After that I'll be headed to Jerry Scott's Christmas Sing a Long at Dannys. I've been going over the words to Your're a Mean One Mister Grinch so I can sing it. Tomorrow matinee I am seeing Butley starring Nathan Lane. I hope he acts. I mean during the holidoodles, I enjoy a good ham. I'm not gonna lie. But come on Nathan, you should at least earn your Tony for Best Actor in a Play. We shall see. Tomorrow night, I think, I'll be headed across the street from Butley to see Julianne Moore who will probably be earning her Tony for Best Actress in a Play in The Vertical Hour. Then there'll be brunch on Sunday and then another sing a long at The BF's apartment for Christmas Eve. Then we are opening presents at his place, mostly because he has a fireplace for Xmas Eve which will be romantic a;sou0q203n, sorry I just threw up a little in my mouth. Breakfast and gifts on Monday morning then off to my apartment to make Christmas dinner. I got a turkey and a ham from my company so we're going to eat those and make some stuffing and maybe Gwen's corn-y goodness. I think The BF's Crazy Libra Friend will be joining for the sing a long and for the dinner because he is in NY all by his lonesome because his boyfriend is off visiting his family (who have no idea Crazy Libra Friend is even his boyfriend). Oy.

Have a Mary ChrismaHannuKwanzica! Doodle!


Darla said...

All gay folks who live in NY should just come out to their families already! THERE I said it.

Hell, I did. My marriage was my coming out to the world that I AM IN FACT straight. Who knew?!

Anywho... You got a McBonus, a McHam AND a McTurkey from your McCompany?! DAMMMoodle!

You are going to be singing at singalongs quite a lot. Good luck. I love singing, but hate singing badly...and hate listening to tone-deffers try their best. I just do. I am a Scrooge.

I love you and will call you on Xmas. Lets plan a date to exchage doodles so your xmas gift doesn't sit in my house until Easter.

longest comment ever.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Marla, I mean, Darla, I didn't get a mcbonus, it was Mr. Doodle! Shhhhh.

GMEyster said...

Oh my gotto. McJason Had Be Back! I am so very glad. I had be missed him.

Sounds like you have a busy next few days - I hope you have a WONDERFUL McChristmas, Doodle.

You know what I think is swell? Your post for Christmas was posted at 12.25 - the date of McSanty's alleged birthday! How cool is THAT?

Ho ho ho smooches!

A chuisle said...

yay for a bonus!!!

you are soooo back to the fabulous.

ooooooh anton...