Monday, December 04, 2006

Curse, a rant

Fuck me on all four-letter words come screeching out of tight-white lips pursed in angry hatred for your quiet comments combatted by those little words held down deep inside my core, the pit of hell holding the soul searching burns like the wind, crisp like the air I refuse to exhale because the boiling bile bubbles into nothingness where the loneliness aches for something more and more I find you find yourself much stronger than you aren't. Take a step back because these tiny tiny words of ire will ignite a fire that scorches like acid rain drops on roses that melt like my now stifled anger.


A Day in the Life of a Touring Ed. Theater Actress said...

If they fire you or say something that makes you quit I want you to walk up to whomever it is and say 'Doodle!'and walk away.

Darla said...

they're so not even worth it.

Andrea said...

don't they know you have a black belt, ties to the mafia, and 6'5' 250lbs boytoy named Bruno(who has a temper like a woman with pms and no chocolate)???

GMEyster said...

Kill the beast, kill the beast!

I will cut them.

If the people that employed us in crap jobs could truly understand what we are capable of....they'd be in awe.

Sending xoxo your way, in spades.