Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Up-doodle (not the hair style)

Hello all (three) of you. Update mcupdatetron. Ummmm:
I’m tired.
Okay bye.
Just kidding.
Last night I went to the Handel’s Messiah Sing A Long at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center. It was okay. I wish I had my own copy of the music because sharing did not work out. I couldn’t see the conductors. I also am not familiar enough with the bass part to be able to sight read well enough to not sound like a low-voiced drowned cat. There was a blind lady sitting in front of me and I felt bad for her overly sensitive ears. She had a very cute doggie though. He only howled a few times during the Hallelujah chorus, as should be expected. All in all, I wish I had had a voice lesson before going which doesn’t make it seem like a very entertaining evening. Anyhoo, it was a fun idea at least. Tonight I am seeing Kiki & Herb’s Christmas show at the Bowery Ballroom. I’ve never been there. Woo. It should be quite a different experience. In keeping with the holidoodle theme, I also saw the Grinch on Thursday. It was very cute and fun and cute. Did I say cute? I want to be the Grinch. They should hire me next year. I’ll work for scale. I WILL. I’m looking forward to the long weekends ahead. I am taking off January 2nd and 3rd, so I will only have to work 2 days that week. That had be is goodly. In this week’s episode of The Office, Mr. Doodle has “reached out” to his head hunter for some help for the new year. We shall had be see. Hopefully Ms. Head can help Mr. Doodle find some sort of bearable joy in a work place. Who knows? Also in this episode of The Office, the owners of the company where Mr. Doodle works, MinuteFront Poodle, have been calling people into their office one by one for the year end review/bonus talks. Mr. Doodle is nervous, but thanks to advice from his friend Marlene Mae Meller More he has assembled a list to help him with the chat. Wish Mr. Doodle luck. He is expecting a decrease in pay and to owe them some sort of fee for allowing him to work at MinuteFront Poodle. Hopefully, he’ll be wrong. One never knows. Enough about television. Tomorrow night I don’t have plans and I am quite excited about that. I can just go home after work and boil myself in a tub and go to bed at 8pm. Woot woot. Well, my faithful (three) readers, I hope you are pleased to have this update mcupdatetron. I shall try to be better about such things but honestly, my search for that ever elusive Will to Live keeps me quite bus-ay.


dreALu said...

am I one of the three?

Oh let me tell you about our year reviews/bonuses. my boss told me that she wants to give me a raise, but wasn't sure I wanted it bad enough. yep. that is what she said. stupid abuse of power.

i gave her husband a bj doesnt that show how much I wanted it?

apparently I was sucking the wrong dick.

Darla said... had a fantabuloserrocks review. i made up that word for you, cause it was good and lame at they same time.

the parodivas is our drug, thank you for keeping me off the crack.

GMEyster said...

I had love me some Will To Live. Have you found it yet?

I hope you got a huge bonus....and I am glad you're taking time off in the new year. You had deserve it, yo.

A chuisle said...

oooh hope for the bonus!!! i lost the will to live as well...have you found it yet? send it back...

posting w/o the will to live is tre hard.