Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Doodle

Chrismoodle is over. Yay. Boo. Cry. Smile. Doodle.

So I am very excited about being able to pay off some credit card debt in the near future! Freedom...almost!

Chrismoodle went well. I got a very nice knife set with block from The BF that I am very excited to begin using. Unfortunately I cannot begin using it because it is missing a piece so I have to go to Bed Bath and Boodle to get a new one that is not missing a piece. He also gave me a lovely grill pan. Funny, sort of, because I got him a grill pan which was to live at my apartment because we cook there on the weekends. So, we both have grill pans now. Gay. I also got some lovely kitchen utensils. I guess I am becoming a foodie or foodle as I call them. Whatevs. Domestic goddess that I'm not. What else? I got some cash from my Daddy which is nice. "For a night out in NYC." Yay! Not so indirectly I am getting to see Company because I got a pair of tickets for The BF and I for January 2nd. Woodle Hoodle! What did ya'll get???

The "shows" I saw:

Esoterica: Although I was tiiiiiiiiired from shopping and running around and stuff and stuff, this show was very very entertaining. He did a lot of "the oldest tricks in the book" and his patter was very well done. I would describe this as a very well crafted cabaret that uses standard magic tricks instead of songs, woven together by story-telling and such. He's a hottie.

Jerry Scott's Christmas Sing a Long: Danny's was completely packed to the hilt which is great. He asked Parker and I to perform You're a Mean One Mister Grinch and it went over very very well. Yay!

Butley: What a great play this is. I can't wait to pop over to Drama Book Shop to pick this one up. Nathan Lane did quite a good job, especially in the first act, to not be himself and to actually perform the role. Bravo Mr. Ham. I think he is a good contender for Best Actor, but not sure if he will actually get it. We'll see...

Vertical Hour: Also a good play, very verbose, and I definitely need to read this one before I can formulate my real opinion. All in all a seemingly smart piece, that needs some editing. Julianne Moore will not be walking away with the Tony even though she is a brilliant film actress. She is less than brilliant on the stage, I must say. Bill Nighy was quite good. Very odd. Very creepy. Will probably get nominated, but end up living on a comet or something. What?

White Christmas: We watched this movie Sunday night and finished it Monday morning. My goodness I love love love this film. It's magical to me. I still laugh at every joke and silly Danny Kaye nuance. I still get misty when General Waverly walks into the performance hall and sees all of his soldiers from days gone by. Single Tear. Love it! Want to live it.

Wizard of Oz: We watched this during breakfast. I'm torn between being the Scarecrow or the Tinman. What do you think?

Sound of Music: This we watched while cooking Christmas dinner and during the beginning of dinner. Good. Gay.

The Oblongs: I got this series on dvd for Sir Willio. What a f*cked up show. Funnny. Will Ferrel and Jean Smart are the main voices. Fun times/wrong laughter was had/heard by all. Woot.

That's all for now. Sitting at work waiting for the day to end so I can get home and grill something...anything...everything...doodle!



Darla said...

didn't you watch Ghost and cry at the pottery scene?

let's go to happy hour at that irish place and sit in the couch by the fire and drink 2for1 cosmos soon. i dunno why.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Want to go tomorrow after work and exchange gifts??

Darla said...

YES I do.

JasonBSchmidt said...


Jason, who just figured out how to get lot's of comments on his blog...

Darla said...

How? By having a conversation in the comment section?

JasonBSchmidt said...

Yes. That's one way to do it!

GMEyster said...

I am soooo glad you got a substatial bonus...woot woot indeed.

I love that you watched Wiz Of Oz and Sound Of Music.

And for the record, I think you are more the Tin Man. You'd look lovely all silvery. Hope you're not allergic like Buddy Ebsen.

auntie sash said...

Yay to less debt! Yay to grill pans!

Your xmas package is still not wrapped or mailed. We are having ISSUES here, but Christmas was nice and non dramatic. WooHoo, as you would say.

Smooches for the New Year!


Carly said...

I would say Tin Man. I think you could really work the physical humor of the Tin Man. I think of the scarecrow as sloppy and clumsy. That's not your style. Really though, you would be great in both roles. Maybe you should do a one man version and just play everyone.