Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Doodle? Doodle.

Tired? Coffee comforts, coddles.
Gym? Image....Gymage?
Ugh? Smile. Smile. Smile.
Cold? Cashmere comforts.
Work? Bank Account benefits
Lonely? The burn of stifled tears.

Questions? Diversions.


Darla said...

indoodle. all the questions are just distractions from the ultimate goal. :)

GMEyster said...

The ultimate goal? More cowbell.

A chuisle said...

pah hahahahahahaha. gme hit it right on the head!

auntie sash said...

Stifled tears??

That's it. I'm gonna kill someone.

(It's gonna get better. Really.)


Darla said...

Auntie Sash to the rescue!

Carly said...

Vodka also helps with the cold. Sometimes it even helps kill the burn.... though sometimes it just makes it worse.