Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Post

Happy post, happy post, this is a happy post.
Buttered toast, buttered toast, I'm eating buttered toast.
Take some pills, happy pills, taking some happy pills.
All the frills, no more chills, taking some happy pills.
It's cold out there, but I don't care, I don't care it's cold out there.
Why? Because this is a...
Happy post, happy post, this is a happy post!!!

I suggest everyone take some Vitamin B-12.

This blog makes it quite apparent that I am bi-polar.

I am going to bundle up and brave the hideous cold to get to the gym where I will make myself unnecessarily hot then cool down to bundle up to brave the hideous cold to get home where I will make myself warm as I huddle next to the radiator. I think tonight might be the night for ordering in (poor delivery man) and watching meaningless television. Yes, me thinks. Oooh, and I have some wine too. That is hott. I mean coldd. Who(m) am I kidding? I don't know what the hell I'm(m) saying. I'd better go before I...



Carly said...

What are you taking? Vitamin B-12 you say?

GMEyster said...

I want a Jamba Juice...with a shot of whatever you have taken, in it.

Brava for braving the gym on a night as cold as tonight. I am achy and stuffy and huddled under a blanket.

Yea weekend.

Darla said...

did you really take your b's? i love them. and my girly colored crazy pills.
and baileys/kahlua/vodka on ice with a dash of skim
yu,mmmkent fwegtn2kt


A chuisle said...


i better get me some B's as well!!! And even in ireland, tonight is definitely a night for the delivery man, meaningless tele, and wine. mmmm wine. ;)

auntie sash said...

Why does your happy post scare me? I have a burning image of Pee Wee Herman singing this post to his chair.

Yay for the gym.
And the wine.
And staying warm.
And the delivery man.
And mindless TV.

Those are happy doodles....