Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doodle gets real.

Okay, I admit it. I’m not being proactive about finding a role on a sitcom I’ll like. Honestly, in the not-so-back of my mind I am dreaming of having a voice over career supplemented by my part time day job as a personal assistant to a (gay) fashionista or something. Is that so wrong? I mean I have the money set aside to get my demo. I’m going to get that marked off my list in the next month or so. I’ve been given a “second chance” in my role on the sitcom The Office, so I feel I’ve got a little time to sort of see what’s out there. I don’t know. The idea of putting on my (only) suit and interviewing 7 times at 5 companies is daunting and I am avoiding it. I am. You can slap me on the hand but it won’t do any good. I do that to myself every day. Alas, that’s where I stand on the sitcom front. Trying is difficult. Right? Ugh. Maybe it’s my super-indecision and the fear that I will have to make a decision at some point? Stupid Libra. Meanwhile the casting directors of The Office are still seeing other actors. It’s not like that has ceased. BLAH!

As to my healing, sexual or otherwise, I would say it is going fairly well. I joined the gym, so for at least an hour a day I can obsess over pedaling the stupid bike a little harder, or goading myself into getting on the stupid treadmill and pretending I’m running from a serial killer or that homophobe from Grey’s Anatomy. What is up with that guy? Man. Shut your angry hole and just do your job, jerk face. Gawd. Darladiva and I are going to see Little Children some time in the near future. We haven’t finalized our plans, but I say we doin’ it. I shall let you know how it is. Since Gwentastic had be loved it, I imagine it’s gonna be goodly. There are a few of those fantasy movies I’d like to see. Arthur and the Invisibles, that one that Darladiva’s Smoosh was talking about (what was that called?), and then another one that looks like it is trying to be Narnia (Shemarnia or something?). I am like a bank on Sunday, don't make no cents. Maybe I should do some research before I start rambling on and on (see previous post) for no reason.

Tonight I am going to stare into the face of my past. Yes, that’s right ya’ll (throws up). I’m goin’ ta a rodeo barr! Yee and or Haw! It’s Gwentastic’s b-day festival. I am soo looking forward to it, but feel that with this sudden will to live the work day shall never end. It’s been between 2-3pm for at least 3 hours already. GEEZ. Can I get a can of Coors already? No love. No love at all.



Darla said...

Dood, I just laughed so hard it hurts. I may have pee'd a lil'. Don't tell anyone, ok? Can I borrow some undies? Wait, you don't wear any...I won't tell anyone.

I knew you weren't hunting for a! I could tell. It's ok. I just dont want bad things to happen. Call me your safety net.

Anywhoodle. YAY! Can we go see that movie like, yesterday please? PLEASE?!

Coors is so gross.

GMEyster said...

Thank you for the idea of running from a homophobe on the treadmill. Though I do not want to get on that machine (ack) I will in fact use that mindset when I step on the stair-thingy. It's good to have visuals. And though I am not gay, I am just as scared by homophobes. They are had be scary.

Yay - let me know what you think of Little Children. I still haven't seen the Will Smith one. I should do that.

And lastly, YAY for celebrations. I am so lucky to have my friends. I'm even going to take a shower before I go!

auntie sash said...

Go for the treadmill boyo. That was the magic machine for me and you saw last Christmas that it did work wonders. Over 75 wonders.


Make a playlist for the treadmill. I obsessed about the work out playlist. I mean, I knew what tempo went with the paces I wanted to hit at different times. I had to have music to which I could walk - in rhythm. If I couldn't sing along - at least a little bit - then I was pushing it too hard. (Taking my pulse was too depressing and who really wants to do math while sweating? Besides, once you start counting something like your heartbeat, how do you stop???)

Mama Mia was one of my fastest song. (I don't RUN on the treadmill, by the way. Gravity is bad enough without adding jumpin up and down when I'm not EVEN happy) Chain of Fools is good. Respect. 9to5. Hooked on a Feeling. You get the idea.

Gives you something to fixate on besides the clock or the damnable calorie counter.

Lovin' on you, p'tit chou!!

GMEyster said...

Auntie Sash, I love you.

And thank GOD for the tv sets attached to the bikes! Jason, Dar and I are workin' out fools lately. Love it.

You rock.

Carly said...

Where are you going with TV's attached to bikes? I need to go to the gym but nothing anywhere near me works around my 12 hour work day.
Auntie Sash is my idol.

A chuisle said...

um i totally commented on this post like, last week. where did that comment go!?

i don't remember what it was, but it was something about waiting to be on a sitcom for me...the perfect crazy overweight next-door-neighbor type. who might have a pet. or 6.