Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I bought this post at the 99 cent store-oodle

Frog to Toad:

Sometimes the days they can be very busy
So I like to stop and think now and then
I think of the reasons I have to be happy
And that makes me happy all over again

What made you think that I was unhappy
What were you thinking was making me blue
I only come out here to sit and remember
I love being a frog in the warm sunny summer
On days such as this one that's what I do

This morning I woke up and thought
I am happy. It's been since April since I have been sad
I'll go be alone to think how I'm happy.
For all that I have and all that I've had

What made you think that I was unhappy
What were thinking was making me blue
I only came out here to think how I'm happy.
I love being a frog in the warm sunny summer
But mostly I'm happy because I have you.

Without knowing that I have amazing amazing friends who will always be there to support me no matter what happens in my life, not matter what silly song about butt sex that I want you to sing, without you I would just drift away in the wind. And although sometimes, like now, I feel like letting go and letting that wind just take me away, I know that it would take me away from all of you and I can't let that happen. If anyone wants to go get some drinks or see a show or something, I'd like to go with you. I have a lot more time to myself now. You are a few of my favorite doodles.



GMEyster said...

I love you. Let's go fly a kite.


Carly said...

I do! You are not drifing anywhere. You are too strong for that.
(I like that you put "some drinks" rather than the ususal "a drink". I mean, why lie?)

Darla said...

i'm always here, except today, the only thing we can do is go find a doctor together.
kill me together?

A chuisle said...

i'm here...although i'm HERE and not THERE. what the hell is going on?!

visit me in boston.

i'm still hoping for a day or two in the ny, but it's looking like no. sad.

A Day in the Life of a Touring Ed. Theater Actress said...

You jump I jump right? :-)