Monday, January 22, 2007

Why must there be Mondoodles? I object.

Last night I made pork chops, collard greens, and black-eyed peas for dinner while watching You’re the One That I Want. It was fine. I like the Gay Danny. He toured with Hairspray, was on a soap, blah. I’m just glad that it is at least possible that someone with credits might get the role. Blah.

On Saturday night I met Crickpot downtown and we saw Gutenberg the Musical. Thanks to Darladiva’s Smoosh for the cheap tickets! It is so so so so so good. If you have a chance, I really think it is not to be missed. It was just so much fun. And Darladiva, I totally felt the way that you did. Why didn’t we think of it first? Or something like it? We should brainstorm a show with this type of concept. Totally our cup of doodle. Anyhoo, these two character actors are quintessential character actors, playing a million roles so specifically. Christopher Fitzgerald did a Boss Hog-type as the villain Monk. I mean, do you know who Boss Hog is? I want to be Jeremy Shamos. When I saw him in Reckless I wanted to be him, now even more so. Such wonderful physical work combined with great voice work. Yummy. It was just a lovely experience. Soooo, I totally intend to buy the cast album (hopefully they will produce it) and obsess over this for at least 2 months. Wootle.

What else did I do? I met Sir Willio for drinks after the show at That Bar. It was eh. I chatted with this couple who want to be my “friends.” Hmm.

On Friday, Darladiva and I went for drinks and then hopped in a cab back to Queens to um…drink some more. It was crazy, but fun. We watched Cry Baby with Johnny Dep, which I’d never seen, for some reason. Camp. Love it.

C’est ca. Doodle.


Darla said...

naughty, naughty divas.

move to queens and invite me to sunday dinner? i'll invite you over to....drink.



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A Day in the Life of a Touring Ed. Theatre Actress said...

Are we moving to Queens?

GMEyster said...

Oh, Doodle...I also watched ITOTIW. I don't know why I have been watching it. But I had to laugh last night when they kept talking about how the Ashley girl (from Canton, OH, LOL) and the short dark-haired girl who looked like she'd make an awesome Little Sally were BFF...and then little dark-haired girl didn't go through, and I started laughing.

I want to cut ML Henner. She is an idiot and cannot act, sing, or dance. And she hates people who drink milk. I hate her!

Darla said...

um, YEA! everyone moves to queens and we all see movies on tuesday nights. (thats the free popcorn night)

A chuisle said...

i saw crybaby on tv like, 10 years ago or something and was completely unsure of how i was supposed to feel about it. i'm still not positive.