Monday, January 08, 2007

Newdle Year Here I Come!! Happiness WILL BE FOUND!!!

So many exclamation points had to be killed to provide this post. Alas!!

Last week was one of the most challenging of my life. I almost said worst, but I don’t think that’s what I mean. Challenging. It’s time to start calling things what they are. Just because I burst into tears periodically throughout the day does not mean I am sad. As Noodle advised, figure out what triggered those sporadic tears, address that issue, and suddenly you’ll feel better…until two hours later I suddenly remember dreaming that my Granny (93 year old great grandmother) gave me a kiss. She was comforting me. (bursts into tears that damage his keyboard). 93;mngm lelea’ el3 o90 nmmcl htle dla e godoo dle. I am tremendously grateful for my friends. Thank you all so much for this weekend!

But, prior to the weekend, there was the event that happened. You know. Then I practically cut the tip of my finger off with one of my fancy new knives. It was so disgusting. I honestly prepared myself to die from blood loss or Tetanus as I put myself to bed. That was Wednesday night. Luckily I didn’t die, but my finger is hideous. Now I’ll never be a hand model. Boo! Then on Thursday I heard tell that Darladiva had been struck ill with heinous stomach flu. The poor dear. As I wept and drank and cooked on Thursday night I realized that throughout the entire day I had had no appetite whatsoever. I mean this isn’t all that odd, but it was even more pronounced than usual. Oh well. I had some food and went to sleep. At about 1:50 am I awoke and realized it was going to be a long night…in the bathroom. I finally stopped my visits around 7 am when I called in to The Office to let them know I was on the verge of death and could not administrate. I spent the whole day trying to get some freakin’ water down and watching tv and trying to fall into a sweet sweet coma. The coma never came, but I did sleep for a bit and I think I murdered the fever at least. Around 4:30 or so, I ventured out into the world to get some ginger ale and to find something that might be edible. I got some chicken soup and hoped for the best. The best was not to be had. Oh well. I don’t remember Friday night too well, but I guess that’s good.

Saturday I was feeling better and glad about it. I was able to have a bit of the chicken soup and I made some jell-o that seemed to be okay. I made a shopping date with Madame Renea Knight and we went to Macy’s. I honestly don’t know why. Well yes, I do know why. I sat in front of the television for 90 hours (I sleep with it on). And in those 90 hours I must have heard the “Macy’s One Day Sale all day Saturday” commercial at least 86.5 times. NO WONDER! Madame and I wandered around horrified at the clothes, the people, and the (shudders) children. WHY OH WHY OH WHY??!! Then we headed back to my place for a little drink and some Best of Eartha Kitt. Listening to songs for her cabaret in the works: Oooh la la! Then Madame dropped me off at Chevy’s where I was to meet Darladiva for some chips and a drink before meeting Crickpot and his sister to see Dreamgirls (2nd time for me). Darladiva and I ate five nachos and then realized we should head over to the theatre to ensure some good seats. We succeeded. The movie was great (again). Although some of the kids and such around us laughed during the points when the recitative was sung, IT’S A MUSICAL!!! Oh well. Whatever. Nothing will compare to my experience seeing it at the Ziegfeld, but it was fun nonetheless. Thennnnn, Darladiva, Crickpot, and I headed over to an Irish pub for a drink. We sat and had a lovely therapy session. Four drinks is cheaper than any NY therapist I know. Darladiva had to head back to Queens to take care of a soon to be ailing Smoosh and then Crickpot had to head back to his dream palace on the LES. So I text Sir Willio to come and meet me for a drink as I was not ready to go home and be alone. Oy. He met me at a nearby bar and we chatted a bit about the angry stomach flu that had attacked us. His was so bad that he had to check himself into the ER. They gave him some fluid and some anti-barfing meds…lucky. Of course as we’re sitting there, I see The BF walk by with one of his friends. He looked very happy.

I got home around 3:30 and tried to get to sleep. Sunday was the hardest for me. I just couldn’t keep the tears from flowing. It was like a Lifetime movie up in that apartment. Unfortunately my mother (played by Jill Eikenberry or Judith Light) was not there to comfort me and tell me it would all be okay. I realized I needed more friend time. I called up Crickpot and he invited me to see is new palace. We had a lovely day just chatting and pretending to work on his moving-in projects and we had some lovely pita and hummus and some ginger cookies and some beers. Then I forced him to not take yoga and watch You’re the One That I Want. Oh my. I just don’t know if I have words for this show. I mean…I guess it’s okay, but it’s also frightening. They have to do a reality show about casting a Broadway production and all they will realize is that the best talent for such things is IN NEW YORK??!!!! Ugh. I don’t know. I guess I’ll keep watching to see. Train wreck. You know. Then I hopped in a cab and headed home.

The needing of friends was not over though. Oh no. I called Noodle, but she didn’t answer. I figured she had gone to bed because she ALSO is sick. UGH! Then I called Darladiva to see if she watched the show. She didn’t. Hmm. So chatting with Darladiva got me to my front door. Then I chatted with her online once inside. Then, chatted with Noodle when she called me back. Then I headed off to bed where I cuddled up with one final friend, my stuffed Eeyore. Oh my. You gotta have friends.



GMEyster said...

I ended up holing up this weekend. So sorry we didn't get the chance to go out on Friday. I am glad you are feeling better...sounds like a cathartic weekend.

TOTIW - oy.

Love you.

Darla said...


i got nuthin but love for you homie.

nat is sick too? what is wrong with the world?

Carly said...

My cold is gone! I think you have magic Vodka. I'm going to see Notes on a Scandal this week. Want to come?

JasonBSchmidt said...

Yes Carly, I doodle!

GMEyster said...

I just re-read your post. You are strong. I hear you roaring and slaying them all like a vaudevillan in 1916. Glorious! 2007 holds wonderful bundles for you, Jason. Oodles.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Thanks GME! You and I would have ROCKED the circuit...and we probably would have had sex with a lot of the same men. At least in inuendo. "Details!"

GMEyster said...

In 10 years, when they are casting another revival of CABARET, you will play the MC, I'll be FS ('So Vat!') and all will be right in the world.

Until then, we pay our dues. But with style!

Darla said...

its pathetic how often i check this for an update

A chuisle said...

hahaha. darla's comment made me giggle. that's exactly how I am when back in ireland time.

i don't actually know what the event was but can assume. suck.

sounds like a fantastic way to get through though, and hey, now you can join me in the fucked up hand club. at least yours was just one finger. i have 4 that barely work! at least it gives me something to do when i'm bored; ya know, bend my fingers. i'm worried tho; did you need stitches and not get them?

p.s. i want to be sally in you and GME's cabaret. Or, random girl #6. I just want to be in it.

A Day in the Life of a Touring Ed. Theater Actress said...

Who would play me in your lifetime movie? Jennifer Hudson? Holla!