Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Middle of the week...

Last night I went to New Dance Group for an artists gathering, where new works and such are read (I’m told). Well, it turned out that all the usual attendees were otherwise engaged. You know how busy everyone is RIGHT NOW. It’s crazy. So it ended up being just Farrah, a lovely girl (and cheese) Brie, and doodle's truly. We read The Dead Guy by Eric Coble. It was quite a lot of fun. I got to play the main guy Eldon, who is a dead beat John Cusack type. I said shit a lot. It was hott. The play is about this fellow (me) who gets propositioned by a TV exec (Brie). She says she will give him 1 million dollars, to spend in 7 days, as he chooses. It all has to be filmed by Dougie (Farrah). And he has to die on the 7th day. The audience is going to vote on how. It’s a funny little play and an enjoyable commentary on reality television (which I never watch every day). Anyhoo, it’s worth a read, and I have a copy if you had be is want to read it.

Idol was okay last night. They kicked it into mega-cheese mode and turned it into a children’s charity. Whatever. Yay kids. Woo. My favorite is Jordin. The quality of the stupid tape wasn’t great, but she sang You’ll Never Walk Alone from Carousel and it was great. She or Melinda should win. DO IT RIGHT AMERICA.

Anything else? I have an audition for the host of a cooking competition show today. The character is a bitchy butler/assistant to a billionaire and his Chihuahua Pico. Yes, and yes please. I just hope my facial acrobatics don’t explode the camera lens. Woops! Think good thoughts.

Cloud 9 closes this weekend. Wow. Then what?



GMEyster said...

Oh my gotto! You GO on your audition. How perfect is that?! LOL

Glad the play reading at NDG was good. Sorry I missed the action.

Cloud 9 closes....and then you resume sleep so you can get the next show!

Macoosh said...

um, you're so gonna nab that audition. and then i'm gonna haunt you because you'll be my famous friend.

break legs!

something will happen post cloud 9...i'm sure people are really taking a notice to you. how could they not?!

Jackie said...

this is a very reality-tv centered post. in no way is that a bad thing.

break a leg on your audition!

Darla said...

...then the cooking show along with the voiceover career.

Carly said...

How come nobody said more Parodivas? More Parodivas!