Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One Year Blog-iversary Post 3

Oh Noodle, you are almost finished with tour, I can’t believe it. What will you blog about this summer?? I don’t recommend blogging about Kenny Melmann’s singing abilities. If worded improperly, it can turn into something it oughtn’t. However, if The Parodivas, get their schmidt together and put up their new cabaret this summer, you will actually GET TO SEE IT.

This always gives me perspective. Perspective? That’s my mantra for year 27, but you already knew that. Remember when that plane crashed into that building on the UES? That was crazy. And now these days there is something just as crazy plastered all over the TV. Crazy that we spent so much time on and around that campus when we were in Virginia. Crazy that I performed on that campus in Singin’ in the Rain. It all seems so distant from us, but really we’re all connected to it. Whoa serious.

He writes
He sings,
He pauses
He is DOODLE!!

If you were bird-like, which kind of bird would you be? I’m going to say I’m an emu.

Someday we’re going to have a theatre company and we’re going to push each other to create wonderful theatre that provokes thought. Soon.

Second to purple, what is Doodle’s favorite color?
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Darla said...'ll never know much I lurve you...

(there is no second to purple. or vodka.)

Darla said...
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GMEyster said...

In this poll, I guess "vodka" for Jason's answer. Wait a MINUTE, wouldn't that be ANY poll regarding Jason?

Macoosh said...


and i hope i get to be part of that theatre company...maybe i'll be the 2nd branch that's located wherever the hell i'll be then...

if i were a bird, i dunno what bird i'd be. any ideas???

maybe a rooster b/c i'm cocky.